36Mount Prospect, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a caring, fun, individual who enjoys the company of others just as much I like being alone. I'm confident and believe in myself and my ability to accomplish what I want in life. I tend not to care what people think of me, but that doesn't mean i don't have morals. I'm friendly to all and can make conversation with just about anyone. I enjoy talking to strangers and making them not so "strange" anymore. You'll here some of the craziest stuff if you just shut up and listen.

These are a few things that i enjoy: Concerts, whisky, friends, skiing, movies, dancing, golf, family, craft beer, bowling, food, festivals, good conversation, travel, & dogs
What I’m doing with my life
I pretty much talk about beer all day; every now and again whisky, rum, or vodka will be the question. I'm either working towards furthering my career in my current field (i.e.distributor, producer) or pursueing something completely different. Working towards and keeping both options open til the choice has to be made.
I’m really good at
Like all, I have my talents. However, I don't like to talk about them, I've never been a good self promoter. Guess you'll have to find out................
The first things people usually notice about me
My Laugh, you could find me in a crowd, no problem.

Depending on length, my beard can draw some attention. I can get pretty lazy about it and it grows fast.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lately been doing the Game of Thrones series, but that's my first in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. On book 5 now(11/12), after that debating either "The Hobbit" or "The Art of War". I always love a good thinker, but really want to read "The Hobbit" before the movies, though that leaves a lot of time.

Well I'm definitely a movie person. If you read earlier than I think it wouldn't be a surprise that I like Comedies. You might be surprised though that a majority of my favorite comedies, either came out before I was born or when I could have never gotten the humor. In my adult life I've found some greats from the past, not that I don't like what is coming out these days; it's just as funny but the humor is crass. Also, like my books, I love a good thinker. Basically, I like anything that is worth watching.

As for TV shows I'm a lot pickier. If I'm going to donate that much time to something, it better be great; that is if your not just watching from behind on netflix. I kind of like the suspense of having to wait a week, or a dreaded year for a new story/season. My shows are dominated by HBO and Showime, best programming ever. AMC is kicking out some hits right now and NBC always has a decent Thursday. Comedy Central has me for a few shows.

Music is the hardest for me to answer. I have my genres, but I can find talent in most of them. Not big into screamers or overly popped out d-bags. My genres range from Bluegrass to Techno/Dance, oddly my 2 favorites that I feel are on opposite sides of the spectrum. As to not freak anyone out, I still like Rock, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, World Music, etc. I used to have a radio show in college and you would probably hear several different genres each show. "Almost Famous" lame line - "I dig music."

Food is an easy one, Mexican. I probably have been Mexican in a past life; just love the food. After that I'm pretty Americanized, nothing to ethnic. I am willing to try things, but I'll admit I may have to like it. For example, I predominately eat seafood by the sea, where they catch it; Chicago can't be furthur from a sea.
Six things I could never do without
1. Life
2. Water
3. Air
4. Food
5. Family
6. Friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, Love, and Happiness
On a typical Friday night I am
Out, w friends, either at a concert, a bar or a friend's house; I'm extremely social.
You should message me if
You want to hang out with a genuinely fun person.
You tend to think of others before yourself.
You can find humor in most situations.
You like meeting new people.
The two of us