39Leipzig, Germany
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My self-summary
Fuck! What a stupid username I got. – Well, that happens when you don’t care anymore after the 10th try to find an unused one.

My personality page says I’m experienced in love and sex-driven. ;-) That is okay. But I’m “more arrogant”, too?? – Well, find out yourself! (edit: yep, a friend confirmed... :-)

Otherwise I’m a funny, intelligent and realistic person. – The thing is, I’m really funny and intelligent. You can count on that! With a you-get-your-time-back guarantee.

I’m a relationship anarchist (includes polyamory). What does that mean? – If my head comes across “(romantic) relationship” or “significant other” they get replaced with “friendship” and “best friend”. Would you still understand the following: “I’m looking for a serious [friendship].” or “How long do you want your next [friendship] to last?” or “Would you quit your [friendship] if your [best friend] had sex with someone else?” or “Your [best friend’s] ex-[best friend] comes to town and they want to have dinner together. How do you feel”?

I don’t.

Actually this game works even better if you replace “having sex” with “playing badminton” (or any other sport/activity you love). I do that: “[playing badminton] is sacred”, “you shouldn’t [play badminton] before you get married”, “I want a girl who never [played badminton] before...” Hilarious, hm?

If you do these replacements, you can probably answer any sex/relationship related question you may ask me yourself. ;-)
What I’m doing with my life
Learning languages. Working softly.
I’m really good at
Thinking and

A friend told me I’m really good in talking. ;-) And I’m good in “street biking”. I.e. I can cross a junction on red faster than anyone else without dying... ;-)

And I’m really good in digging out these funny profiles. I‘ve some white friends who don’t believe me they exist: yongqing, liyufang, sundefang, liangchunling – The staff robot keeps telling me my search criteria is “too tight”. I put it to “age: 18–99”, what else should I do? Turn gay??
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes. And I’m very direct. – I say what I think and people are scared by that. I’m an open book.

I sometimes get asked, why I say this and why that. – If you want to know what I’m thinking, just listen to what I say. No hidden message.

I ask a lot as well, but it is rare to get useful answers.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don’t read novels. Give me an arthouse movie instead. – If it _is_ a nice story, make a website out of it. I might read it.

I’m a movie fan. My taste is non-standard, nevertheless. Most Hollywood movies are out of question (with some exceptions).

Movies I like: the Danish Dogme movies, like Brothers. Arizona Dream, Brazil, Snatch, La ardilla roja, Hable con ella, Nightwatch, Solaris, The Gray Zone, ...
Some documentaries (or similar): The Age of Stupid, Darwin’s Nightmare, We Feed the World, Sicko, Zeitgeist (the second is the best so far, I think), ...
I’m not so much into shows, but some I like are these: Firefly, Friends, Six Feet under, ...

Food: no 香菜 and not spicy. No, not spicy at all, not even a little. I tried it, for years, and still eat spicy about once a week (I can’t eat 西红柿炒鸡蛋 every day, can I?), but I don’t like it anymore! – On the other hand, that Japanese green paste (wasabi, right?) is fine. I like it. It has that 5 seconds strong fresh-mint effect, and then: GONE.
Six things I could never do without
Apart from the basics (food, shelter, sex, ...) it is my bike I can hardly do without. When I’m on the street I miss it the second I don’t have it...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, environment, humanity, war, endless stupidity, inter-human relationships, badminton, traffic lights
On a typical Friday night I am
doing the same stuff as I do on Thursday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like sex. – Everyone likes sex. But I admit it! ;-)
You should message me if
The “I’m looking for...” line should be like this:
For new friends+sex, long-term friends+sex, short-term friends+sex, friends no sex, sex no friends

Sounds blunt this way, but makes it more precise. (I got asked too often “what are you looking for?”...!?!) Let me add one thing: I don’t do slavery “relationships” (referring to the society concept). Maybe later again, shortly before I die maybe. – This does not mean I’m emotionally unavailable. The opposite is true!

You should message me if believe our world is sick and needs treatment
or would like a conversation where you don’t need to watch what you say, never ever
or know that 99.9% of human sex happens for mutual enjoyment, and that sex doesn’t turn from bad to good with a marriage certificate or by other esotheric requirements
or like to get philosophical over Free Software, programming or such
or like a bunch of non-Hollywood movies and want to recommend me some
or know any other topic or activity that might not bore me to death (you can try as often as you like, until I’m dead... :-)
or have a job for me that requires intelligence, “Internet skills”, my language abilities or is real fun and has a payment worth it
or’re good with the camera: I want a photo of me with my bike in an adventurous situation, like crossing a junction and almost ran over or something... ;-) na... anything is fine. ;-)
or’re still laughing.
The two of us