39Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Who am I? I'm an odd duck. I love the world and want it to be better. Usually I contribute, sometimes maybe not enough. I am an 8th grade math teacher which I love, but may not do forever. I have been teaching for ten years, working with kids for 15, and it may be time in a couple years to find a slightly different path.

I'm a dreamer. I believe our world has the ability to achieve peace. I'm not confident it will happen in our lifetimes, but I do think it is possible, so I'm gonna do what I can.

I'm a pragmatic optimist. I think that's the only way to be a teacher.

I'm a little boring sometimes. I'm at times extroverted, but when not at work, mostly a homebody.

I believe in honesty, patience, kindness, truth and learning. Always learning, always evolving.
What I’m doing with my life
Collecting quarters for laundry. I get very excited when something costs a dollar amount and under 25 cents, knowing I am getting 3 quarters back.

I am a math teacher. I like to learn and attempt to do so at all times.
I am also working on my physical self right now, getting in better shape and enjoying the outdoors that Los Angeles affords us.

I play music usually about once a week with some buddies. We have a ton of fun and it is a great release of energy. I am a drummer. I mess around with guitar, bass, harmonica and piano but am not very good.

I’m really good at
Really good? Procrastination? I play the drums and write as hobbies, but I wouldn't say I am really good at either. I think I am a good teacher and am good at telling people they suck at things without hurting their feelings.
The first things people usually notice about me
Right now, my beard. It is kind of bushy. I am enjoying not shaving. We'll see how long it lasts.

I have recently shaved above mentioned beard. I am a little scruffy right now, but that often changes. Now I am not really answering this question. Oh well.

beard update: while trimming last night, slipped and had to shave it all off, even my chops. pretty clean cut right now, but that won't last. oh well.

update: I have a beard again. And my hair is kind of long. Don't let anyone ever tell you not to start a sentence with the word "and." Grammatical fascism annoys me. Rules are made to be broken as long as the message is not muddled. As a high school teacher, I must admit I really do not like double negatives. They just do not make sense and I believe logic is an important part of communication. What was the question?

I have a beard but it is pretty short and clean. I don't think it is the first thing people notice about me anymore but have no idea what is.

My softball team I coach now calls me jesus.

Summer 2014. Rockin Jesus continued

Winter. I shaved lightening bolts into the sides of my beard. Ok, I didn't really do that.

February 2016: nothing too interesting about my beard. I have however been wearing a bun. Not sure why people call it a man bun. Mid life clinging to youth? I don't know. I like it though and it's easier to manage my hair by just putting it up than when it's short.

This section is a little odd in that it documents how long I've been on this thing. It's an off and on kinda thing. I've met some very cool women on here and developed some nice friendships, so I'm a fan. Still looking I guess for that one, or another good person to get to know. My bun has become more of a carrot top kinda thing. I like it, but I think a lot of people think differently. Win some, ya lose some.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I usually read non fiction, either about history, politics or sports, or the history or politics of sports. The last great non fiction I read was about the history of the banana. It was really fascinating and depressing.

Some books I enjoyed: welcome to the terrordome by dave zirin, math: facing an american phobia, siddhartha, the bfg and other roald dahl books, War and Peace, another roadside attraction, clemente: passion and grace of baseball's last hero, active liberty by steven breyer

I have a very eclectic taste in music and good music of any genre pretty much, makes me happy.

I love watching movies. The only tv I watch is usually either movies and shows on netflix or old episodes of the simpsons and flight of the conchords. Recently I have been watching a lot of nature docs on Netflix. Currently watching a series about the wildlife of islands around the world. I love the Wire and Breaking Bad. So many great movies. Some movies I watch any time they are on from any point are Pulp Fiction, Pee Wees Big Adventure, Breaking Away, My Cousin Vinnie, Gattaca, the Jerk, I heart huckabees, being John malcovich, Hot Rod, and really a bunch more. I generally like movies that make you think but can definitely find value in cheesy movies that have some substance and thought in their detail.

Food: I was a vegan for about 8 years, vegetarian for about 12 or 13 but now eat meat and enjoy it. It did however take me awhile to reconcile some internal moral conflicts. I really am not picky but don't eat out much these days and am pretty much eating cave man style. I love Indian Food, Mexican, Salvadorian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian. Really, most foods I enjoy. I like frozen grapes. Update: I have been eating vegan the last few months and feel reinvigorated. I have regained my passion for vegan cooking and am having a lot of fun while just being healthy.

Not currently eating vegan.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order,
1 A drum set
2 Music
3 Books
4 Water (bodies of and drinking)
5 Basketball
6 Oxygen
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the world, my place in it, things I want to do, politics, the cyclical and linear nature of the universe.
On a typical Friday night I am
Different Fridays = different activities. Sometimes I go into a rehearsal space with a friend and play music, sometimes see live music, sometimes hang out at home playing chess on line and listening to records.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
a couple of years ago, I bought a my little pony shirt at target. It was a cool looking shirt, gray, with purple outline of a pony and lettering. I thought it was kinda funny. I had no idea at the time of the adult male pony movement, but noticed the few times I wore it that stranger guys would give me looks and smiles. One day I found the Netflix documentary and it all made sense.
You should message me if
You don't take yourself too seriously. If you like to have fun and relax, but also enjoy thoughtful conversation.
The two of us