39 Hamtramck, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a sometimes musician, an avid reader. I really like green tea. Whiskey, classic cocktails, baseball and New Orleans(where I visit often also).
What I’m doing with my life
Living it, yeah, one cheap answer, fuck you if that upsets you :P
I’m really good at
Music, listening, long conversations, cooking, interjecting random thoughts into otherwise focused directed conversations. Finding lateral relationships between things and making new and unnecessary analogies to explain just about anything you already understand.
The first things people usually notice about me
Ready smile, loud voice, unique laugh (who am I kidding, it's a cackle, you'll know it when you hear it),Did you see the profile pic? We all know it's tiny freckle on my left eyelid.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Kerouac, Brave New World, Tom Robbins novels, Chuck Palahniuk, the plays of Anton Chekov, Hemmingway, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein, Ursula K LeGuin, Robert Jordan, Hemingway, Larry Wall, David Sedaris, George R.R. Martin, Gore Vidal, Al Franken. I love books on audible too, and have favorite narrators, George Guidall, Simon Vance, Scott Brick come to mind first.

B) "Pi", "Shadow of the Vampire", "Casablanca", Akira Kurosawa, Kim Ki Duk, Kevin Smith, Ingmar Bergman, "Hero", Sergio Leone, Kirk Douglas, Mel Brooks, "Primer", "Princess Bride", Monty Python, "CQ", Jackie Chan, "Quills", Christopher Guest, Bogey, Johnny Depp, John Candy, "BadAss", "History Boys", "Army of Darkness", "Hero", I just haven't watched movies lately. I seem to read or do other things of late.

TV - Well, I have cable these days. I can't say for sure the last time it wasn't tuned to the Tiger Games.

C) Carl Craig, Derrick May, Ectomorph, Miles Davis, Gustav Mahler, Beta Band, Wilco, Belle and Sebastian, John Tejada, Ectomorph, Jeff Mills, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Roxy Music, UR, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Prince, KMFDM. I've been recently into early industrial and goth and synth pop stuff a lot too. This list never ends the folks on the list are nearly always in rotation, see me on any given week for more details. Really loving some great Detroit music like Revoir and Phantasmagoria lately.

D) Love to cook and love to eat, but my favorite things are probably pizza, Lebanese, and classic french in no particular order.

E) Comedians, Lewis Black (well, until that abysmal thing several years ago where he became a parody of all that he mocks w/o any kind of denouement), Sarah Silverman, Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, Dennis Leary (yes that's right for you comedy snobs, I like them both),

F) Artists and Art: Mark Rothko, Diego Rivera, "Guernica", Andy Warhol, Michael Basquiat, I absolutely hate and despise Kincaid. Other than that I realize that this isn't the most educated list, but hey we can't be experts at everything, I make an effort ;). Bolotowsky and Mondrian
The six things I could never do without
Let's take a metaphysical approach shall we?

A sense of purpose (what do i intend to do today, tomorrow, forever)

A sense of direction (for some, this is just a distraction)

A sense of belonging (you're only a misfit if you choose the wrong friends)

A sense of self (to thine own self be true)

Stimulation of mind and more (music, literature, cinema, engaging conversations)

Definition (something has to be real, even if it just your perception)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things I've read. I read frequently. International news, US politics, tech news, white papers on tech, programming theory, literature, literary critique, music theory, music critique, ancient history, US history. Oh yeah, lots of comic books and bad pulp fiction. So I parse these things and find lateral associations.

Music I've heard or played. See music tastes above to get some idea there, but music seems to run in my head constantly anymore. Lately I've been working on learning to better play the tunes of Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan and his contemporaries, as well as old traditional Irish dance songs on my wonderful Andelucia classical guitar, that I absolutely adore. Also, I've been working on a bit of a fusion (no, not Spyro Gyro and Weather Report) of a number of my musical influences into a live improv performance including electronic sequences. Sooner or later I'll have some samples up, writing and practice way over recording I'm afraid.

Things I'm writing. Well, that's a bit off track, more like things I'm thinking of writing, I do write sometimes, and I used to write a lot more, but I still have various ideas and right now I've got it in my head to work on one act plays for short films.

The state of the world. This ties back into the reading thing. Yes, I'm a liberal (it's not a dirty word) and probably even a socialist. I believe that America was generally founded on solid principles (slavery being a very big exception), but much like any other principles they have been manipulated since the very beginning by the weak to make them believe they are stronger. I believe that the idea of globalisation is inherently good, but that the current method is almost entirely wrong. Global warming has no easy solutions, but the right solutions could lead to a stronger global economy from which both G8 and developing countries could reap the benefits. I believe that while religion is not my solution it is not inherently evil. The initial reasons for religion were to create sense of community and establish social rules for interaction between tribes or cities. Somewhere this was lost to the same kind of people and thinking that has lead many countries and empires founded on noble principles and ideas to ultimately fail at fulfilling them over the long run. Obviously there's more, but that's a taste.

What I'm having for dinner. Seriously, I love to cook and I love good food, a high point of every day I cook is the simple creation that is taking raw ingredients and making something cohesive (and hopefully delicious ;).
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical Friday? i try to avoid that. I like to go out to shows, touring acts local acts. I love to go dancing; I prefer techno and house etc, Other nights I'll have my friends over, I'll make dinner, we'll drink, and well do what friends do, watch the ball game, movies, whatever. I mean, really, it's cliche. We all switch it up.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I read an incredible amount of really crappy fantasy and sci-fi, and can watch just about any TV show if it's sci-fi or fantasy themed. Also, the more intelligent and interesting you are, the more likely I am to get paralyzed somewhere in the first dozen or so emails about what to say next. Oddly, I don't do this in person, IM or phone. I wonder if there's a phobia of email?

Once I see someone as beautiful it's an image burned into me. Any terrible thing that happens after that feels like graffiti on a masterpiece.

Maybe this isn't private, but if you don't have a single picture of yourself alone I tend to judge you as someone who isn't just an extrovert, but someone who fears to be left with her own thoughts
You should message me if
Yes, I'm in an open relationship. No, I'm not actively seeking additional romantic partners currently. That being said if you want to make music, art, play disc golf or any of the other nonsense below here. I'm still game.

--- Just for reading ---
There's a lot of stuff here. Really, if you have something to wear to match my personality. Then I'm sure we'll get along fabulously ;)

You like to try to be crafty or artsy. Want to play some guitar music or sequence some tunes on my over-sized collection of synthesizers. You want to ruin a good walk with clubs or discs. You like to have lunch. See above about working from home. Lunch out is a great improvement in my day. Or a visitor to enjoy a sandwich and a cup of lung ching. You want to talk about the Tigers (or watch them is awesome). You know something about the age of sail, the napoleonic wars or the 30 years wars. (those are my newest obsessions in history). I

Also I'm come to these conclusions over the massive fetishization that has developed among the most common spelling/grammar errors e.g. your, you're, two, too, to etc

"honestly, I understand the value of having these down in formal writing, and if you do have the benefit of education, but I've come to the conclusion that the fetish with these in particular is just the brittle edge of actual intellectual elitism and the fact is that having these down doesn't mean you understand the difference between affect and effect, especially when effect can be a verb, or manage to fail to understand that in general there's a huge difference in the meanings of exacerbate and provoke and I could go on, But it smacks of intellectual elitism (which I've been guilty of for a very long time and in many ways continue to be), but the fact is that once you're at one or two sigma, well, it's fine and well to consider these markers by which you can identify persons who are more likely to be able to follow your train of thought and save those conversations for those people. Otoh, there are more types of intelligence than just linguistics and I've met people through the years are probably easily past three sigma in EQ, or creative, very narrow fields etc who either don't have the grasp or suffer from common speech/reading disorders.

So, I do my best to be aware of these biases not use them as a general identifier of intellectual fitness.

After all let's face it, english grammar rules are about as arbitrary as going around judging people based on their memory of who were divisional championships in baseball through the years. Great method if you're looking for somebody to discuss baseball history, not so great if you want to have a comfortable conversation about the literary value of various Hugo award winners and how the values of the committee have seemed to change through the years."