44 Shanghai, China
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My self-summary
Thanks for at least going so far as to read this about me.

My self: I'm smart :-). That's something I take pride in. So if an intelligent woman is a turn off for you, you probably don't want to waste your time reading more of this. I'm not very good at becoming fast friends with people - it takes time for me to accept a friendship, but when I do, I am a very loyal friend. I love pets, and I mean LOVE them. I've had cats, hamsters and bunnies, and I also love dogs. Though unfortunately I don't have any pet now. I love travel, but haven't had many chances to indulge myself. I'd also love to go to all the beautiful places in China that I haven't had a chance of going before I left there. I like natural beauties much more than historically and culturally significant sites. On the other hand, I also enjoyed visiting museums very much when I was roped into it by friends.

My match: I guess someone who also enjoys travel and is willing to tow me around - it'll take some effort (like constant nagging) to convince me to go out, but once I'm convinced, I usually enjoy myself quite a lot and don't want to stop. In short, I've a high innertia, so it's hard to make me start something, and it's hard to make me stop as well. My match should also be smart. By smart I don't necessarily mean good at computer/math/physics or some such thing (though I like people working in these fields very much). He could be "street smart" too, as long as he's good at something and I admire that ability. He should be someone that knows a lot of things that I don't know - will make conversation much more interesting. My date shouldn't expect me to be sitting beside him on the couch and cheering for the team he's rooting for - I might do it once or twice to try it out, but I'm generally not into sports and that's not likely to change.
What I’m doing with my life
research. biology to be specific. Can tell you a lot more about my research, but that'll probably be a bore... :-)
I’m really good at
listening - which makes me a good supportive friend, for those select few. Give me facts and I can give you good analysis + advice.
learning new things - always curious.
procrastinating :-)))
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably kinda aloof. but that's just because I'm sometimes a bit shy.