27Beaverton, United States
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My self-summary
Chaotic Good
Strength- 13
Dexterity- 13
Constitution- 12
Intelligence- 15
Wisdom- 13
Charisma- 14

Haha. Totally took a personality test for that jive.

"If you go home with someone, and they don't have any books - don't fuck'em."

I'm a 24 year old dude living in Beaverton. I dig old skateboards and vinyl records and stuff.
What I’m doing with my life
is also a bit abstract of a question. Most recently I've been testing videogames for a software QC company called Experis. No, I can't say what.

In my free time, I do mostly...nerd stuff. I'm on reddit a lot. My evenings are usually filled out with BSing with my roommates, playing videogames (Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and Hawken lately), smoke breaks, and usually passing out to some kind of sci-fi or fantasy TV series on Netflix; lately I'm catching up on a few zombie flicks. Big fan of Romero.

Weekends are all over the place. I'm equally likely to get up late and not do a damn thing, shop til I drop, go out to some hip bar like Momo or Hungry Tiger Too, catch some show I heard about in the Mercury, play DnD or Settlers of Catan, and sometimes go up to where my folks live in Washington and just go completely airplane mode from the outside world. Those weekends are nice. Relaxing.
I’m really good at
meeting people on their own level. I've been told that I am very 'disarming.' There's been many an instance where someone will unthinkingly confide something to me, and follow up with "...I've never really told anyone that before."
It isn't a skill or something I try to do, it just seems to happen.

More literally, I'm really good at...... singing? I just really like singing is probably more accurate. I'm really good at Tetris. I'm really good at putting my foot in my mouth. I'm really good at sarcasm. I'm really good at hackysack. I'm really good at pronouncing words. I'm really good at.....I dunno, I don't like talking myself up.
The first things people usually notice about me
are typically along the lines of "That guy hasn't said much."
I don't like being a quiet person, but I tend to have a mean-spirited sense of humor that I try to reserve for those conditioned to it in the interest of preventing tears. I like to think Aubrey Plaza would laugh at the same things I do.

Probably just my type-A anonymity spectacles.
How many Portland Police Department lineups do you think are 10 guys in a row with these same stupid glasses?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
1984, I Slept with Joey Ramone, The Invisibles, World War Z, anything Chuck Palahniuk

Wayne's World, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Taxi Driver, Krull, Conan, bad 80's action in general

The X-Files, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, Top Gear, Friends, Breaking Bad, Workaholics

(Warning - wall of music)

The Raconteurs, Jack White, The White Stripes, The Kills, The Dead Weather, The Pixies, Aesop Rock, Nirvana, Darwin Deez, Gorillaz, The Black Keys, The Strokes, The Bravery, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Die Antwoord, The Ramones, The Breeders, The Cranberries, Atmosphere, Cake, The Chameleons, New Order, The Cure, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters, Dead Kennedys, Gnarls Barkley, Goldfinger, Greehornes, Iggy Pop, Jane's Addiction, The Hives, The Killers, Kasabian, Coltrane, Massive Attack, Marilyn Manson, Matt & Kim, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Cake, My Life in Black and White (bonus points if you know them), Portishead, Queens of the Stone Age, Tricky, Tool, Radiohead, Robin Trower, She Wants Revenge, The Shins, Silversun Pickups, Soundgarden, The Specials, Spin Doctors, Talking Heads and Tim Byrne in general, The Trucks, Vandals, Veruca Salt, Weezer, Wolfmother, William Control

Throwing Shade, My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Anything spicy, and apple pie
Six things I could never do without
my computer
Djarum Specials
my specs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how people arrive at their decisions, how much I wish someone would ask what I'm thinking, the man behind the curtain
On a typical Friday night I am
having beer and pizza with the roomies
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My right eye is blind, and I've literally yet to see proof of a third dimension. Depth perception? What's that?
I also check this site 'in cognito.'
You should message me if
you wanna challenge me to 8-bit fencing. I don't jump in to Tetris with strangers.
The two of us