50Ithaca, United States
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My self-summary
Okay, it's been like, forever since I've had a date, I had the long term relationship for over ten years - but that was over 2 years ago.

I got my ass kicked by the bad economy in NYC so ran to family with my tail between my legs in Schuyler County. I'd been meaning to move to Ithaca but could never quite get the funds to do it properly. I'm from NYC, meaning I never learned to drive. Ithaca is one of few places I can hold a job and have no car.

Was stuck on family farm for a bit, but have been living in Ithaca, renting rooms like a college kid because, well, am poor and rent is expensive.

About my personality, I'm a geek. Interested in Art, writing, computers, comics and games. I actually write and draw my own comics , check 'em out at I'm also interested in mysterious things occult and personal development and so forth.

Umm, what else? Politically I'm left enough to maybe look a little right wing? A little bit socialist, a little bit libertarian - some test here pigeonholed me as a 'strong democrat' whatever that is.

Spiritually my practice is a personal variation on Chaos magic and I find wisdom and possibility in Zen Buddhism. I was raised by Atheistic parents. Zen Buddhism is to me almost a form of spiritual Atheism (Buddha just so happens to have discovered something and to have set an example - a far cry from omnipotence). The Chaos magic is like a free form freestyle approach to the occult - it does work. But so too does prayer. Neither stands up to challenge much, no good way to prove a result is not a coincidence (especially when a principle I work with is that coincidence could be more rule than exception).

I was born and raised in NYC, I attended Staten Island Academy, PS41, IS70 and Stuyvesant HS. I attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art, and also have enough college credits from Tompkions Cortland Community College to almost have an Associates in Liberal arts or something.

I am Smart, Artistic, and Sardonic
What I’m doing with my life
So I'm that asshole that calls you to do a survey when you're having sex. If it's really bad sex, I get to do the survey with you and my employer is happy. It's called 'market research'.

I'd been job hunting, but really I guess i need to make my own job with the skill sets I have. So I'll be doing a weekly webcomic and freelancing my webdesign and graphic design skill sets. In addition to the market research job.

Been procrastinating and my computer died. Will do a comic that is kind of a Christian Tract satire first, then will focus on a thing I call 'American Illuminati' - which is a kind of fractal set of stories in a shared universe, part superhero, part soap opera, part political satire.

If the webcomic can make me money in a year or so, enough money to live on - then I'm travelling, because it's not a job tied to geography and because no one is dating me - I'll be truly free.

of course if someone were to date me, i'd welcome that wrench in my plans!
I’m really good at
I'm a Great artist (fuck false modesty), I write an interesting story. I admit it, I was getting fat on the farm - Now I'm in Ithaca I'm going to be walking, skating or biking everywhere, and i'm doing the vegetarian thing (milk and eggs for complete proteins, so not vegan)

I'm a good cook, not a professional cook (I improvise a lot and enjoy the challenge of cooking for restricted diets - tho I eat almost everything).

I'm a comicbook art geek, I know entirely too much about creating comics, all kinds of obscure cartooning know how. Why kolinsky brushes are better, why brush ink should be left open to evaporate and get thick, how to use rubber cement for liquid mask, how acrylic paints are so very cool and flexible -to through 'guru' expertise with all things Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I'm a web designer and keeping up on that technology (with a Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP bias) is a hobby.
The first things people usually notice about me
I used to get hit on randomly by men into bubble butts attached to someone masculine. On a date folks notice how short 5'4" really is, and that I'm a smart ass. But it's been a while - I mean isolated on the farm who's going to appreciate my ass, the Bull?

Every body type has its fans, and my stocky body and Irish face is extremely compelling, but to a minority of men (I'm gay, so I'm not sensitive to women interested in me). If I'm what you're into, I'm a perfect '10'. I have been told as much. And if you don't agree, so much for your taste in men - ha!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite book authors include, Michael Moorcock, Yukio Mishima, Neil Gaimon, DT Suzuki, Phil Hine....

If you are curious about chaos magic I direct you to google 'pop magic' by Grant Morrison, and 'Phil Hine - who has a good many e-books free for download.

Music - I like Metal, Punk, Industrial, "alternative", 'grunge', Ska, Reggae, Speed Metal, dance music, Dance metal, R&B..etc.

I enjoy food. The diet I'm on now has shifted some, as I found white flour and white potato trigger heartburn. I spent a year being October lavo vegetarian, but now am omnivorous. Actually been losing weight being heartburn free too.

I do enjoy vegetarian and vegan foods and know how to cook them well. Which is good because it helps me eat healthier, seitan is awesome.
Six things I could never do without
This is what I wrote originally: "My computer is many things, certainly more than 6. I now pay for Adobe cloud and get everything, because I promised myself I'd not steal the software if it became affordable.

And now I have lost my Mac and all the software I loved with it. again, this time my MacBook Pro is a paperweight.

Buddha was onto something - attachment is the source of suffering. Fortunately I've enough insight to not be in suffering mode.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex, I'm male and with enough testosterone to prove catalyst for male pattern balding. I'm like horny a lot of the time.

Reality Hacking. computer games have me looking for hacks and cheats to real life. Ha!

Actually on my chaos magic website,, I created a magical paradigm and labeled it 'reality hacking' - it got a LOT of shares on Facebook so seems I hit a nerve. Will expand it into a book and maybe sell it online like a get rich scheme, using clickbank.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm in Ithaca, new place, not found a job yet - so my typical friday is a work in progress. Any suggestions on what to do in Ithaca?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I enjoy cartoons, that's kinda humiliating. There's that masochism sex kink too.
You should message me if
If you're a comic creator contact me - open to collaborate.

If you're intrigued for any other reason, contact me. I need new friends. I need a lover too.

If you want to make an application as a possible lover, I am in the market. I'm a faithful monogamous slut, what more could you ask for? A brain? I have that too! And I will get a car! really. I get it, it's a necessity.
The two of us