40Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Check out the photo in my "More photos" folder. There's some guy - English bloke, I think - who moves through the world as a "Ski Instructor and Lecturer in Romanticism." In that order.

That's approximately the kind of life I'm aiming at (I already do both those things in a general sense, just not in the Alps...yet.)
So that tells you something about me, I guess.

Something more? Here's a crude sketch of my life's homebases:
CT->England->NJ->Ohio>-MD->NY-> somewhere new(?), ideally sharing the adventure with someone wonderful.

That's one way of saying I'm not completely devoted to the idea of living in NYC the rest of my life. Just in case you are. In fact, I don't even plan on living in NYC right now, though that could change. Inquire inside.

No kids nor marriages in my past, not because I don't want them (I do! Hope you might, too) but haven't yet found the right person, place and time. I've tried - and mostly succeeded in - working my life out so that health & fitness (inner and outer), friends, growth, curiosity, fun, affection and a good quality of life go at the top of my list over mindless striving and go-getting and showing off on social media and all that. I'm down with mindful striving, though.

I'm also down with being as kind, interesting, thoughtful, funny (in the right ways) and open (to others, to my own being, to the world, to change) as I can manage. I have my moments. If you like that, we might just get somewhere.
What I’m doing with my life
Test pilot, head sommelier, and activist judge.

When I'm not doing those things, I teach college.

And now that it's the middle of summer, I'm:
- sitting on my porch reading a lot
- hiking as much as I can
- making and eating all the gazpacho
As well as other such things. I live a good life.
I’m really good at
the "Rilke quotes and Youtube links" style of online flirtation, followed by the "Rilke quotes and cheeky double entendres" style of offline flirtation.
The first things people usually notice about me

(I mean, I have a great shrug)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For a long time I had something up here about the silliness of this section, which seems to be more about showing off one's breadth or hipness (or the breadth of one's hipness) than anything else. It's like everyone just wants everyone else to know they've read Murakami.

I haven't read Murakami, but I'm owning it.

Anyway, here's some stuff and people I like, stuff that's been in my ears/eyes/head lately..

Belle & Sebastian, Szymborska, Freud, Jason Isbell, Tom Jobim, Christa Wolf, Kieslowski, Adam Phillips, Hitchcock, Barthes, Pulp, Steve Earle, Goethe, Archer, Kendrick, Sturgill, Maugham, Godard, Adam Curtis docs, On Kawara, The Strokes, Thoreau, Randall Jarrell, Gram & Emmylou, W.G. Sebald, Christopher Bollas, the Avett Brothers, Jens Lekman, Andres Segovia, John Berger, ....

I'm a real mess of tastes and tendencies (but aren't we all?) - towards 80s post-punk spirit and Jet Age aesthetics, imagining life in fin de siecle Vienna and early 70s SoCal, taking in all the modernist literature, Deep French Theory, wry satire, weird art, dank old shit-kicker red dirt/outlaw country music, and good psychoanalytic essays, among other things
Six things I could never do without
Like many others here, I want to say something like "there's nothing I couldn't do without." That would emphasize my free-spirited non-materialistic nature, right?
I'd be totally deceiving myself if I said that. I like lots of things and would be loathe to give them up. At the same time, I'm not really that covetous or fetishistic. Let's just go to the next question...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things I want to write or am writing.

When I'm going to get to live abroad (in Europe, probably) again.

If not that, then which ski town I'm going to transplant myself to. Taos? Stowe? Whistler? Zermatt? Options abound.

How so many women here mention how unimpressed they are by guys who put shirtless selfies, shots of their abs, etc. up on their profiles. To which I ask - actual adult men are still doing that? I can't be bothered to go looking, so someone please tell me - is it really that widespread a thing? I shouldn't be quite so dumbstruck if it is, but I guess I still am.
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies widely.
Sometimes I'm in my living room, working on some odd little abstract painting while listening to Townes.
At other times, I'm in my living room, working on some odd little abstract painting while listening to Eno.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just don't get Snapchat style filters. There's about a 90% chance that if you've got a profile pic with an animated floral wreath or a cartoon dog face on your face I'm hard-passing.

Also, in case you're really interested in such things, my personality type is MBIB, or Myers Briggs Is Bullshit.
You should message me if
Your methods are inscrutable, and the proof is irrefutable.
The two of us