33Groningen, Netherlands
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My self-summary
Little did I know... when I first received a message from Catlover80, about the unexpected turn my life would take. A few messages were sent forth and back, and even though I was intrigued, I did not think it would turn into a date this quick. I wasn't eager to date. But after a week or 2 Catlover discovered something peculiar. Did he... recognise my cat from the picture? Did the girl living right across from him in his street have the same picture hanging in her living room? And had he not seen a blond girl with this same dog walk through his street? Well, as a matter of fact, he had! It turns out, we were neighbours. What are the odds! Needless to say it was then when we decided to at least meet for a minute. We did, only the minute turned into hours, and quickly into days, weeks... Now we are living together. And it is great! So even though I don't need my okcupid profile anymore, I am going to keep it. As a memory of how we've met. And maybe one day we can show our grandchildren and have a really great story to tell!

I dream about getting my own van and drive through europe one day. I like fighting in IKEA with their pillows. I like a clean house, but it's not that cosy - dilemma! I should sketch and paint more. I love it when you're at a freeparty and the sun comes up behind the speakers that you're hugging. I can stare at the skies for hours, especially when the sun goes down. Alice makes that even better <3. When other people (governments O_o) forbid me to choose my own state of being, I get angry. Also rules that forbid anything you want to do in your own house or on your own land or with your own body should be forbidden. Live and let live. Computers are great, as long as they work. Most of the time I love nerds because they're nerds, but sometimes because they fix my computer. I love my Asus eee <3. In winter I do nothing but stare at the tv. In summertime I stare at other things. Women are more beautiful than most men. I am easily happy. You should be careful with me. You should also be strong. I will walk right over you. I make funny jokes but almost nobody likes them. Making my hands dirty rocks! Or my boots of course. Smoking is gross and anti-social. I think the metro of london is waaay to crowded. When I see water drains I wanna paint bunnies. I sleep best when someone in the room is coding or programming on a very old computer. I love sleeping, by the way. Sleeping is great. I can sleep all day. Sleeeep!

Well... not that you've got an idea about who i am now.. have you? ^^

So here comes the part where i scare most guys away:

I am not your average girl. I throw the spiders out myself or let them live in my appartement. I'm not a supermodel; I've got a big ass. No I mean, really. I am boring. Like wanting huisjeboompjebeestje; yes that boring! I am not ladylike, and make blunt or sexist jokes. I don't yell when i break my nail and drink beer from the bottle. I am smart and fix my own IKEA furniture. I hate cleaning, I love pink. And sometimes i burp.

For the real men who are stll with me after reading the above, this is the part where i make up for it:

I am cute, and funny. My cooking is fantastic, and i bake too. I am very easy going. I will bring you beer when you get home from work. I don't mind you playing games or programming all night long. I give a hell of a blowjob. I hate diamonds and don't need expensive gifts. I've got big boobs. I mean; really. I will watch actionmovies with you. I can shut up for a whole day. I'll let you go to that bachelor party at Hooters. And if youre nice, i will let you fix my IKEA furniture for me, since i hate that anyway! ;)

All together I am: bubbleblei, houdsaam, and candyhappy
What I’m doing with my life
So there are a few things that give you an alternated state of mind: music, dancing, sex and drugs. I use my life to explore the different states of being, find out which I like, and wich give me the creeps. I think life is mainly about enjoying, allthough this sometimes means you need to do serious stuff as well. Not everything is fun, but it's all for the better in the end.

So i maintain that journey with my job. At the moment this means dragging myself through the hellhole of callcentrecity, but it pays the bills. I plan on absolutely not doing this in the future, allthough I've got absolutely no clue on how I wanna earn my money. Guess I'll need to marry that rich dude then ;) Thankfully my weekends last 3 days, because i work for living, and do not live for working.

In weekends I'm living life to the fullest. Sometimes this means going to parties, turn off your boundries and dance my ass off, sometimes it means having great chats with friends, enjoying good food, books, movies or music or meeting new strangers. It can also mean taking a step back, rest, and enjoy the simple, little things in life like sitting at the couch with some tea and my lovely kiki-cat. Maybe take long walks with my dog, and just stare and think, or turn off the thinking and do nothing at all. Maybe paint, or write. Look up great pictures on the internet. Daydream.

I think life is all about being. So I am. And that's what I'm doing.
I’m really good at
dancing on goa-music, petting my kittycat, cooking. Making kinda ok pictures with my pretty ok fancy camera. AH well, honestly, i don't know if i'm really good at it, i just think so myself becouse i like it :P. Reading (people as well), being happy. Training my dog or playing with her.
Also: not doing the stuff i like, REALLY not doing the stuff i must do, doing the stuff that's not important, suddenly doing a lot of stuff at once, or doing nothing at all. Or all of the above at the same time. Sometimes you just can't tell!
The first things people usually notice about me
my chubbyness - if you're a fun person it makes you want to cuddle!

Also, when i think, i put my finger on my nose and push it against my upper lip... which is weird... *huk*
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books! i wuf them <3 Just read 'City', very beautyfull.

movies! I'll name 2 random movies i love: dark horse and mirrormask. If you know and love them, you're my man for sure ;)

music.. can't live without it. Can't play any instrument though, so i enjoy parties and audacious extra extra. Often go to goa or tekno parties, but at home i like jazz, techno, rock, pop, singersongwriter, electro, reggae, punk, klassiek, ska, idm, ambient, triphop etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

and why ask about food? any food i make myself is the best food ever! Allthough I make pasta most of the time ;)
Six things I could never do without
kiki and oor (yeah thats 2, but just think of the item as 'my pets', who deserve their names mentioned seperately ;))
irc (intarwebz++)
love, allthough i was seriously considering replacing this one by ductape
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i never log my thinking, it's waaay to complicated :P
On a typical Friday night I am
not having a typical friday
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i like the way my nail file smells when i've just used it *grin*
You should message me if
you want to message me (and why wouldn't you?)
The two of us