31London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a musician. And a music teacher to primary school kids. I also like going to gigs and playing gigs. If you're bit of a music head - hit me up and we'll go find some grooves to jam to.
What I’m doing with my life
Molding the minds of the next generation by day and producing hit records by night. I make music to support my teaching career.
I’m really good at
Making stir-fry. And pointing out the elephant in the room. Sometimes at the same time. Particularly when an awkward situation presents itself as I prepare dinner whilst marvelling at the size of the room.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
> Murakami: I've only read "Dance, Dance, Dance" admittedly, but I really enjoyed it. Otherwise (musician) biographies and psychology, the mind is a wonderful thing.

> Tarantino: Pretty much his entire catalogue. Not just a favourite because of his witty dialogue, trademark camera angles and non-linear storylines - but the WAY he uses music in his films. I actually wrote a research paper on that very subject.

> The Mighty Boosh: B-b-because - Noel Fielding. Have you ever noticed that a coconut taste like a bounty?

> FUNK: James Brown, Parliment / Funkadelic, Commodores, Kool & the Gang, Larry Graham, The Meters, Earth Wind & Fire... that swing, that groove, it makes ya wanna mooove!! When that swing left FUNK it became DISCO. Which ain't good for anything unless it's CHIC. When I grow up I want to be Nile Rodgers.

> Tom Yum Soup: Ohh the flavours! Far more soothing on a sore throat than a pack of strepsils. It's also packed with loads of vitamins A, C & E.
Six things I could never do without
> Chilli: I like my food with personality. Like Muhammad Ali's.

> Coffee: No milk, no sugar, just BLACK. Like most of my wardrobe. Milk and sugar make my clothes smell funny.

> Classical FM: When it plays in the kitchen, it makes feel like I'm cooking in the lobby of a posh hotel.

> Piano: Preferably in tune, with 88 working keys at my disposal. Though I'm partial to the occasional honky tonk. Gives it a bit of character.

> Boots: They get me from A to B and everywhere in between, I'll die with them on.

> Conditioner: 2-3 washes a week, keeps my locks silky and sleek. Say goodbye to shampoo. You. Don't. Need it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether a hippopotamus is a hippopotamus or just a really cool opotamus... and what happened to all the opotamuses. Extinction? Perhaps. Survival of the hippest.

That I may be THE rare Unicorn in the vast wilderness of online dating you've been searching for all your life...
On a typical Friday night I am
Putting my hands up for Detroit.

Or in the studio trying to figure out why the snare ain't sitting in the mix.
You should message me if
If you can imagine waking up one day to find ourselves forever debating whether cheesecake or custard is the most appropriate colour to paint the dining room walls when ALL WE WANTED WAS YELLOW!!!

With all sincerity, give me a hola if you believe we'd compliment each like a dark chocolate and fine whiskey. If the sentiment is mutual, I'll hola back :)

You may now return to your regular programming.
The two of us