25 Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
... My name is Nathan Simmons
... I'm a musician, but I work a normal day job. It does, however, allow me to focus on music in the morning and gives me funds to purchase pieces to build a recording set up. ( if you want to listen)
...I'm a console gamer learning the ways of PC gaming. I also live vicariously through let's players on YouTube. (Markiplier, Game Grumps, Rooster Teeth, BrownMan, etc.)
...I enjoy my sarcastic and goofy t-shirts, but occasionally dress up instead of down.
...I love comics and comic book movies and anime.
...I have moved ALOT, like probably too much, but I love it. I love experiencing the life of new cities or towns.
...I'm really awkward sometimes. I promise I am smart, but first impressions are not my specialty.
...I am passionate about what I love. I'll brag on my favorite shows, as well as my favorite people.
...Sometimes I wonder if I have really matured, or did I just get older.

We are all unique individuals just trying to find someone to be unique with. Not just someone to tolerate, but someone to embrace. We all deserve to embrace the ridiculous, suspend our disbelief, and choose, just for a moment, to believe the impossible. But we don't have to do it alone.
What I’m doing with my life
I work where I do, its not who I am. I'm writing and practicing music. I'm slowly paying off my debts so I can go back to school and be who I want to be. I'm also hoping to one day sing and play guitar in a band even if its only a garage band. Until then, I will be exploring some good novels, editing my brother's stories, and catching up on my gaming.
I’m really good at
Singing and writing: I know, a life in music doesn't have a bright future, but I love it. It's my life blood. Music is what moves me, as they say. One day I'm going to use music to do something, maybe record an album, play a concert, but for now I just like singing to people who will listen. I like writing stories, even have a few chapters of my novel written, and occasionally I write poetry to clear my mind.
The first things people usually notice about me
People probably notice I'm tall, sometimes have disheveled hair, wear goofy or comic related shirts, and wear glasses that are honestly quite beat up. I honestly don't know what they see first, but these are things aren't they?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
None of these are complete, I am always watching/reading/listening to new things.

Books: Neil Gaimen(Good Omens, Sandman, American Gods, Smoke and Mirrors)Terry Pratchett (Discworld series, Co-author of Good Omens) Terry Goodkind (Sword or Truth Series) and Ted Dekker (Boneman's Daughters, Priest's Graveyard, Circle Chronicles) Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide)

Movies: Avengers, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Hitchhiker's Guide, Monty Python, Fish called Wanda, Batman, Waterboy, Longest Yard, Seven Pounds, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, The Producers, Elysium, Inception, Robin Williams (RIP), Tim Burton, Ghibli films (Feel free to ask to have a Ghibli film day; I will always say yes).

Music: Patent Pending, A Day To Remember, Daft Punk, Sleeping Giants, Dead Poetic, Fall Out Boy, Mumford and Sons, Adema, Love and Death, House of Heroes, The Almost, Icon For Hire, Flyleaf (Lacey Mosely/Sturm), Trapt, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Fun. Classic Crime, Relient K, Switchfoot, Red, Hollywood Undead, August Burns Red, mewithoutyou, RED, Walk off the Earth, Emery, Demon Hunter, Paramore, pentatonix, etc.

TV: Legend of Korra, Last Airbender, Stargate, Psych, Monk, face-off, House, Top Gear, Mythbusters, Dexter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, anything Joss Whedon, fate_ZERO, fate_Stay Night, Sword Art Online, Death Note, Attack on Titan, RWBY, One Punch Man, Gurran Lagann, Kill la Kill, etc

Games (cause it should be on here)
Cards: Magic the Gathering, Cards Against Humanity, Munchkins,
Board: standard games like Life and Monopoly, though I want to try others,
Video Games: BioShock, Metro Last Light, Wolf Among Us, Heavy Rain, Borderlands, COD, Dead Space, XCom, Final Fantasy, Persona, Mass Effect, Arkham series, Marvel vs Capcom, Minecraft, GTA, Tomb Raider, and so many others and more to come.
The six things I could never do without
Entertainment: Keeps me sane.
Music: it keeps me focused and releases the tensions of the day
Art: it clears my mind and lets me look outwards.
Intellect: I love learning new interesting things
Air, water and food: because sarcasm is important.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the Universe, and Everything. New songs. New stories. Bad jokes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Woriking, relaxing on my couch or writing music. I take walks when I have the chance (and it's not freezing). Play games. Hang with friends or family. Watch something.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have procrastination issues but I'll write more about that later.
You should message me if
You message me if you want to. I love going to get coffee with someone. I like relaxing at parks to some good music, and I want someone who will play games with me, who will embrace my love for video games. Message me if you want someone to enjoy life with or just need someone to be player two.