34Sherman Oaks, United States
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My self-summary

I'm a happy, nerdy, musical, driven, independent, romantic person.

I am a fiercely loyal friend, I love learning, having spontaneous adventures, loving on other people's dogs, fixing broken objects, and inventing new ways to say, "I love you."
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a professional singer, musician, composer and producer. I have recently realized I love to be crafty however I have very little talent in the visual arts, so I own a lot of poorly cut up tee-shirts with candle wax melted on them.

I love to run, bike, swim, do triathlons when they aren't outrageously too demanding. I love comic books and most things that any respectable nerd enjoys.

I work very hard at my craft, love new adventures, have red hair, (not that that's a life endeavor)

I love go up to strangers and tell them something that I love about them. This often makes them smile, and luckily not that often, worry I am a nut job.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for the elderly and people eating alone.

I also think giving high fives is an absolute must.

I love to travel, I love animals but I can't have any where I live so I love other people's pets with reckless abandon.
I’m really good at
making notes come out of my mouth that make you happy. flying a kite. math. (uh no, the last one is not entirely true. it's more of a childhood fantasy.) listening. having compassion for others. being spontaneous. being loyal. I'm a pretty snappy dresser.
The first things people usually notice about me
the red hair. (for better or worse.) but I promise I'm not one of those creepy looking red heads you worry is going to stab you in your sleep. whoops, have I said too much? (this is actually an old movie reference in case you're starting to worry.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
pretty much all comic books, heartbreaking work of staggering genius, everything is illuminated, the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay, anything by david sedaris, damned, anything by gregg hurwitz, the crime writer, middlesex, anything by michael chabon, Neil Gaiman is the man people! read him! Neverwhere, is the shit.

but if a gal can name a few awesome comic books I suggest you read… Y The Last Man, Preacher, Saga, Fables, The Sand Man, oh there are so many… but start with those, then let's talk turkey.

movies, there are so many...ok let's narrow it to great movies I've seen this summer... the perks of being a wallflower, startrek 2, her, hedwig and the angry inch world war z, when harry met sally, (ok that one is a bit older), kingpin (ok it's old but I just saw it at a drive in last night. still awesome. ok, maybe not awesome, but kitchy and fun.) forest jump (spell check keeps changing the spelling on that!) little miss sunshine. tv, orange is the new black, 30 rock, SNL, game of thrones, battlestar galacta- I just recently started watching this and holly hell, I just can't. stop. watching....

music. it's my life. I listen to it all.

food... I eat healthy, eat some crappy, love to cook and juice and try to appreciate the blessings of every meal. :)

and while it's unrelated to this section, let it be know to all, that I love to dance. this includes frolicking, hammer time, and booty shaking whenever possible. you don't have to like to dance, I'll just run around you like a crazy Muppet.
Six things I could never do without
my music
uh oh, at this point in the list I'm thinking, should I have listed "friends" sooner, will you think I don't appreciate friendship as much as frosting?
the ability to make lists
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
learning about the merits of the Dewey Decimal System.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
um that I'm on this site.
I love life. I mean I really love it. Sometimes that can come out sounding freaky. But think of me doing the happy Snoopy dance. That's me.
You should message me if
you're awesome. funny. kind. compassionate. patient. thoughtful. adventurous. excited about life. or you think I perchance am any of these things. :)

or just have a great day. I'm sure you're awesome. We all are for doing this. :)
The two of us