37San Marcos, United States
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My self-summary
I love:
---games (board, video, card, not into word games much)
---ground travel (feet, wheels, trains)
---speech (teaching, competitive speech and debate, talking)
---confidence and assertiveness.

I am looking for a serious thinker who is seriously funny. I especially love artsy insults (compliments are welcome, but artistically boring). I admire feminists and commitments to social justice, as well as scholarship--teaching or researching.

If you are looking for a challenge, here I am. I am not laid back. Why would anyone want to live that way? I love new experiences and new ideas, but my blunt orientation can make it difficult for new people to get to know me. I most admire passion in others because passionate people seem to have the most to share. I love travel, and I love the outdoors (but don't get to venture out there that often).

VERY IMPORTANT: I love arguing: that means that I love the free exchange of ideas, especially as warranted claims, especially when they clash with each other, especially as a devil's advocate. I think the match questions sometimes make me appear rude when I say I like to argue. When people do not want to argue with me, I listen and stop.

I am philosophical, argumentative, and snarky.
What I’m doing with my life
Getting as many degrees as possible, accumulating all the knowledge I can, and writing as an upsetting contrarian. I see injustice tearing through the human condition, and I want to fight all of it, all at once.

I am an academic studying rhetoric, the "art of character" (or, at least, persuasion). I have just moved here from Spokane to write parts of two books and I am teaching a few classes as a college adjunct. I am most interested in theories about how drama and evidence work. I am cynical and sarcastic, I'm not subtle, and I have a sharp wit, but it might be turning cheesier as I age.

I am a teacher--and damn good at it--but I'm in the academy for the research and writing. Students are fun, and their enthusiasm is a necessity for me, but my life's ambition is to start an argument for the ages (that's the "holy grail," anyway).

In the future, I hope to be living in a metropolitan area with walking access to arts and entertainment as well as employment at a college or university; I love nature as much as a city's culture, so I'd like a city with some proximity to mountains. But all of that is long-term thinking.

POLITICS: I am an aggressive left-winger (but not pro-violence in most cases). The Democrats are often too conservative for me, but I loved Obama because I didn't expect so much from him. TRUMPism: lots of Angst, still shocked, not yet sure if I will try to win over Trumpsters or fight them vigorously.

RELIGION: I am an atheist, but I've lost interest in arguing about it. I'm sure that sounds strange--but the arguments never change, no one is ever persuaded, that game just isn't fun anymore.

FAMILY-ISH STUFF: I oppose the institution of marriage (but think marital rights must be given equally--so gay marriage is a must). I (probably) don't want (young) children. I think I'm looking for a partner-in-crime type, not a family. As I get older, I understand that I need to be more open to this.
I’m really good at
Making conversation; speech is my first love. I'm an arguer: I want to dig into the reasons for something. Good interpretations are games for me.

Making ice cream; I prefer only to make flavors no one could buy at any local vendor. But I'd really like to learn the recipe for B&R's "theater popcorn."

Learning: I have degrees in rhetoric, politics, gender studies, and philosophy, and I am close to another in ancient Greek classicism. I hope to continue expanding into other fields of knowledge, including some practical ones (electrical engineering, architecture).

Teaching: I find that trying to help others learn is a great way to deepen one's own learning, so I throw myself into instruction. The collective ideas and experience of a class of students will always go beyond even the wisest professor.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hearing is terrible. I often must ask people to repeat themselves.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: non-fiction (I prefer whatever knowledge I can put to immediate use) and Gore Vidal. I am especially interested in the work of Foucault, Heidegger, and Arendt.

Film: a mix of the thoughtful and the popcorny. "The Usual Suspects" is an excellent example of the kind of balance I prefer: clever and fun.

TV: I loved "You're the Worst"--if you see that relationship and think "I want something like that!" then you and I will get along nicely.

Music: not Country, and not "Christian." Lots of newer Folk, lots of older Alternative, anything Butch Vig was behind. Classic Rock isn't bad either.

Food: Italian!
Six things I could never do without
1. Laconic humor
2. Argumentative friends and impact turns
3. A good library
4. My hat
5. Internet commentary
6. Michel Foucault
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, aesthetics, meaning, and rhetoric. Usually all at the same time.

Teaching and writing are my career, so I think a lot about style. I'd really like to learn more about changing the voice of my writing, how to adapt that voice in different ways.

After growing up as a stoic left-brainer, I've drifted toward criticism of reason in favor of emotional, intuitive, aesthetic, and spontaneous orientations. I still have a reason-argumentative worldview, but I increasingly see reason as merely the order imposed on chaos and not just occasional rationalizing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Thinking the same thing Brain is thinking.

Or I'm out with friends (but not at bars--they are too loud for me to hear), playing a boardgame (Trivial Pursuit or Axis & Allies, not Risk) or a video game (Mass Effect, not WOW), or just loafing at home reading. I also like to travel, but only by land. Trains are wonderful.

I might also be spectating at a debate tournament--if you aren't into debate, don't be surprised if I ask you to give it a look.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love to travel, but I am terrified of flight.
You should message me if
*You can have a deep conversation,
*but still show wit, show character, and have fun.
*Or if you want to have a brutal argument--I live for those.
*I expect you to be a challenging person, to keep me on my toes in thought, in games, in art, and to appreciate my reciprocation. You don't have to be aggressively coming at me all of the time--but you do have to be capable of it any time.

ALSO: Feminists only. Supporters of GLTBQ rights only. If you don't already understand the idea of basic fairness, I don't see that I will be able to get through to you. If you think racism is dead, I'm willing to argue with you about it, but I almost certainly won't respect you.

*like Ayn Rand (but I'll get over it if you went through that "stage" for a few months),
*sympathize with the "Republican" Party,
*think critics of critics are suppressing freedom of speech (they aren't: smart people call this "debating").
The two of us