30Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm Nathaniel. I'm 28, and I am making my way through life as best as I can while enjoying it as much as possible. Currently, I live in my own apartment, and I just finished grad school. I also have a part time job working with cheese and beer. I'm nerdy and active and enjoy spending time with my close friends.

I'm nerdy. I go to Dragon*Con every year, but I usually don't dress up, although I would if I got my hands on something awesome to wear. I enjoy craft beer, often finding myself at the Porter or HopCity checking out something new to taste, but I usually limit my intake so I can drive home. Lately, I've started performing improv comedy and experimenting with stand-up, and it's become a very valuable and enjoyable outlet for me to get up and do something every week.

Other hobbies include a nice hike, catching up on the latest TV dramas and comedies, and on a good day, a little reading. I'm really trying to get back into reading. I listen to podcasts to pass the time while driving or hiking so I can learn or laugh while going through otherwise solo activities. I'm also a world traveler, seeing and experiencing new places whenever I can.

I'm on here in hopes of finding someone to spend time with, to have a good time, and to enjoy every day with. If that might be you, let's chat! I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.
What I’m doing with my life
I recently, after almost two years with my employer, reached my dream position. Let's just say I sold beer to the public, and I loved it. I have considered going down the beer career path, but at the moment, I am pursuing something "a little more real"... actuarial science. So I went back to grad school and cut my hours at work. I'm very happy where I am right now, but I make sure to always be looking forward as well.
I’m really good at
Well, I like to think I'm really good at the comedy thing, but I'm not going to make that claim myself. I'm working on it. I am also a pretty decent homebrewer, but that's a constant quest to getting better. I'm also a pretty decent math tutor, and I use that to make extra money from time to time.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably the beard. I'm bearded.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm just getting back into books. Usually I read stuff with a bit of a genre flare, but not the super-thick fantasy stuff. I really enjoy Stephen King's work, especially the non-horror such as The Dark Tower. The Hunger Games trilogy was a fun read, and I just finally read Ender's Game and Jurassic Park. I'm currently working on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but DON'T PANIC! I've listened to the audio drama that originated the whole franchise.

I don't watch a lot of movies. Most days, I just don't find I have the two hours to sit down and do that. However, I really like quirky indie stuff with little to no plot, like the mumblecore movement and the works of the Duplass brothers. Don't know them? Check 'em out, most of their films are on Netflix. My favorite classic films are the Bill and Ted duology and Titan A.E. Random, I know. Oh, and Die Hard. All of them.

Television used to take up a huge chunk of my time, but lately I've been cutting down. I still have a good number of favorites on the air, though. Fringe is probably my favorite show on the air in recent years. It's some really cool sci-fi. I also enjoy Doctor Who when it's on, and the Walking Dead is awesome both for its on-screen elements and because it films here. I also enjoy many of the sitcoms on the air right now.

I used to listen to a lot of music, but lately I've only listened to a little bit of new stuff. My three favorite bands are We Are Scientists, Speechwriters LLC, and Bishop Allen, and I also enjoy the Decemberists. But the one album that has affected me more than any in a very long time is fun.'s "Some Nights." Something about that album gets to me.

I enjoy all sorts of food from all around the world. I love pesto, curry, tomato sauce, soy sauce… so many options! I eat everything, but I have had some seriously good vegetarian and vegan dishes from time to time. I do try to eat healthy when I can, so that I don't look back later in life and wish I had. Now is the time for me to establish those habits that will be with me for life. But man, when a pizza is good, it's really good.
Six things I could never do without
Off the top of my head: friends, comedy, the internet (man do I wish I could break that one), a dishwasher, the outdoors, and changing seasons.

Ask me more... I'll elaborate!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The life ahead of me. I wonder what it will be like. I hope I'll find a successful career, but man, I really want to have loads of fun while I'm still young.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out at a comedy show or enjoying a craft beer. As an improvisor, it's fun to see my peers perform, and my troupe has our monthly show once a month on Friday. As for the beer, well, I like the taste, and I love trying new ones.

Other hangouts include Little Five Points, the Westside district, and the Smyrna-Vinings-Cumberland area. I also love checking out new hang-out spots! Nothing too clubby or packed, though. I like to have fun and talk to friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Deep down I wish I was a hippie.
You should message me if
you're willing to take things old-school slow. Courtship, but in a modern, fun sense. I want to get to know you and enjoy the ride!

At the end of the day, I love to meet and talk to new people, and I'm sure we'll get along great. I do my best to respond to every well-written, thought-out message that comes my way. Let's have a real conversation!
The two of us