42Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
I may not be made of awesome, but I have awesomeness implants.

I'm knee-deep in fatherhood and lack of sleep alongside my girlfriend/wife, so I'm in a kind of self-imposed non-existent friendzone at the moment. I can flirt and junk, but unlikely to flirt using my junk...

To be honest, I don't take this or any other dating forum seriously, so let's keep our expectations low and spirits silly, shall we?

I am a fairly well-rounded individual. I love cooking, skiing, philosophy, literature, politics. I take pride in treating women with respect and compassion, while not being spineless (or prudish); I enjoy a spirited discussion of gender issues and sexual issues; that I enjoy these sorts of discussions isn't a focal point of my personality. I consider myself a Renaissance man of sorts in that I can take an interest in just about anything without defining myself by it. I also can shake my arse pretty well.

Fervently anti-racist. Trying to become anti-anything-ist, really. Everyone has a right to be respected, as long as they don't do anything to lose it. Basically, I hate haters. If you get your jollies from pointing and laughing at people, move along. Lord knows we all get the urge to facepalm because of people sometimes, but not to the point of it being a hobby. In the end, no one has the right to judge others on how they exist. What they actually do is something quite different...

I enjoy all the sensual pleasures life has to offer, especially good food and drink. But I also have some sense and take care of myself by keeping fairly active and eating well. I think I'm pretty well-balanced.

I do have a bit of a cynical side, but I generally like everyone at first. I'd summarize it as: The world is often a craphole, but the people in it are usually pretty cool (or maybe it's the reverse). I'm a bit of softie, but I'll never act like it.
What I’m doing with my life
Dadding the bejeebus out of dadhood. Seriously, I can probably recite the entirety of Frozen as a monologue and give you correlations to Jungian archetypes for each member of the Paw Patrol.

Working for the feds in media monitoring (went from reading the news once in a while to constantly), developing an expertise in co-habitation (still working on it after 5 years) and seeing where life takes me. Taking time to hit the slopes and snowshoes in winter, the bike path in summer, and going for walks (I tend to walk or bike everywhere I go).

I have great friends and a favourite watering hole (cheers to the Dominion Tavern!). Pretty much my life is complete as I see it... except for that ever-elusive unicorn.

When I'm chilling on my own, I'm usually reading, writing or out on my bike. Well, that or watching Food Network, WWE or playing PS3, but ignore those, they're not nearly as enticing passtimes.

I'm trying to work my way up the career path, but not sure where to yet. At least I have my "government stooge" pension regardless...

I'm also trying to cultivate connections, knowledge, techniques, etc. for a theoretical move into operating some sort of food service business and would love to pick the brain of anyone out there whose involved in such an enterprise. (anyone? Bueller?)

Trying to figure out where I want to take a trip in the coming years, it keeps changing. Life's pretty busy and there's so much to see and do just in Ottawa and Montreal!

Wishlist destinations: Tanzania/Kenya, Chile/Peru, Lebanon, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Iceland... and many, many more! We'll see what comes along. Hopefully some sort of a free airfare deal... and a random sack of 100 dollar bills...

I'm an organizer for the Blue Skies music festival (bonus points if you know what it is).

I'm thinking of taking up the trumpet. Eventually?

Update 2017: teaching myself the art of "garbage carpentry" - specifically building a weight bench out of pallets
I’m really good at
- cooking (specifically smoking meat and fish)
- dadding
- skiing
- listening and conversing about interesting matters (and I have few taboos, so there isn't much I won't discuss as long as you don't treat me like the guy who runs the Ferris wheel at the county fair or have sympathy for Richard Spencer)
- making a fool of myself
- being up for anything
- trying new things that don't involve high places (i.e. no bungie jumping!)
- adapting to whatever life throws at me
The first things people usually notice about me
My quirky sense of humour? My shoulders? My beard? The foot that seems to be permanently wedged in my gullet? I dunno, ask them! I've been told my eyes are pretty (they're green).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy comics, sci-fi, fantasy and wrestling. What can I say? I'm a sexy geek.

Books: Headhunter, Piano Man's Daughter - Timothy Findlay; Lamb - Christopher Moore; LOTR - Tolkien; Imajica - Clive Barker; Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut; Catch-22 - Joseph Heller; Ulysses - James Joyce (just for actually having gotten through the impenetrable bastard!); World According to Garp, A Prayer For Owen Meaney - John Irving; Harry Potter series - JK Rowling; A Cook's Tour - Anthony Bourdain; Angry White Men - Michael Kimmel

I've try to read pretty much EVERY comic book anthology the pubic library has to offer. I can't really say I have a favourite series or superhero, but Thanos is my favourite villain.

Movies/TV: Battlestar Galactica (remake), Star Wars, Monsters Inc. (and most Pixar stuff, but that one especially) , FUBAR, Spinal Tap, Shaun of the Dead, The Marvel movie juggernaut, The 100, Supernatural - binge binge binge!

Music: a few favourite bands/artists (not just for their music, but also for their presence): Motorhead, Fishbone, Ramones, Tragically Hip, Mastodon, Anthrax, Fiftymen, Prince, Underworld - there are many others.

Food: EVERYTHING! Particularly fond of seafood, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines. I am something of a beer connoisseur, but my palette for wine is developing as well.

As for cooking, I have a few specialties. I make a mean chicken burrito. I can gourmet up pork with a maple-cognac sauce I invented. And I make my own spice blends and Thai curry pastes (when I'm not feeling lazy). I smoke a mean rack of ribs and smoked tilapia is a personal fave! Probably my greatest feat is my vanilla-cured home-smoked bacon. I've also managed to almost nail Montreal-style smoked meat *insert self-satisfied chest-puffing here*.

I also (infrequently) write a cooking blog at www.dudecook.blogspot.com (yes, my self-promotion is shameless, but I figure plugging something in which I take pride isn't too horrible, right?).
Six things I could never do without
- a bicycle
- books
- heavy metal
- skiing
- friends
- beer

Bonus: space for outdoor cooking

Six things I could totally do without:

- tight pants
- possessiveness towards people
- UFC/MMA (I like my violence fake, hence wrestling)
- conservatism (although some traditions are ennobling)
- shallowness (the adage "fake it till you make it" fills me with rage)
- Nickelback
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything! Notably, the nature of the universe, metaphysics, interpersonal relations (especially intergender), travelling, how the people I care for are doing. I also spend a lot of time trying to organize plots for books that I will (maybe) eventually write and wishing I lived in Memphis.

Why nobody wants to "keep it real" anymore. I sometimes miss the 90s... sigh... I've been having real trouble figuring out if people's causes are genuine or for appearances. It sucks, but it's true.

Why so few people have wised up to the fact that it isn't how they look or dress that makes them "edgy" or part of the "sub-culture", it's how they think. Freakdom is all in the mind! Which is, I guess, why I can hang out with burnouts, burlesque girls and crust punks while still appearing like a nice boy you could take home to Mom.

Why I'm not smart enough to come up with a viable political-economic alternative to capitalist democracy.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at home hoping my daughter stays asleep, out with friends or working.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cry at sappy stuff, especially after becoming a dad.

I like Coldplay. Yup, I said it; I have an occasional weakness for cheesy anthemic pop/rock. And yet, I'm Metal to the core. Walking contradiction? I guess...

I don't have a 'side' in the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate.

I hate getting my hair cut, which is the only reason it's ever shaggy or long.

I have a distinctly kinky side, but I don't "live it out loud".

The ubiquity of tattoos annoys me, but I still think they're hot. But the more I see, the less hot they are. UPDATE: Now that I have one of my own, I am all the more baffled at the sheer volume of tattooed skin out there. That stuff hurts!!!
You should message me if
you want to kill time chatting on email... I'm looking for email convos, occasional friendly hangouts and the like. If more comes from it, we'll figure it out as we go!

you value substance over style and would rather have fun than look good.

you value honesty and like to avoid drama (and are good at helping others avoid it too).

you're fairly secure in who you are and not trying to gain others' approval. If you ever seriously call yourself a "hot mess", maybe you need to examine that, because I find a lot of people have chosen to accept that they're completely effed up instead of fighting to be well-balanced. This is something I have trouble respecting. I get that sometimes we have no choice in mental health, but it's not an excuse to treat people like crap.

you realize 37, 45 or 23 are often just numbers (in relation to age)

you've been to Burning Man, because apparently I match up best with Burners. I've only been twice, though and will likely not be going back until they fix their ticket issues and my daughter's old enough to handle it.

you can live without getting your way. Not because anyone else is going to get it at your expense, but because you have the maturity to know that it's simply a fact of life to not always get what you want.

you want a friend who's a boy.

I'm always up for making new friends, even virtual ones. I assure you that just because I'm polyamorous in spirit, I am not seeking to get into your pants without a whole lot of getting to know each other first, and getting the thumbs-up from my wife (because otherwise it's cheating, which is the T-Rex of dick moves).
The two of us