44 Evergreen, United States
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My self-summary
I’m originally from Chicago, and know very few people out here so I'm completely open to using this site as a means to create platonic friendships as well as a potential “Match”. I love to meet people who think outside the box (free thinkers), live for new experiences, and love to both challenge and be challenged by other people. From a romantic standpoint, obviously physical attraction is important. It tends to be the initial attraction, but it can't sustain interest by itself. Intelligence, self-awareness, sense of humor, insight/intuition, empathy, open mindedness, sense of adventure, and health consciousness are a few characteristics that come to mind. Ideally, somebody that is completely comfortable and secure in her and my independence, but with whom that borderline feeling of infatuation is shared when we have the opportunity to spend time together.

I always find that it's tough to talk about and describe myself without being asked specific questions but it's part of the process: I can be very witty and playful. I'm mentally/intellectually/cerebrally oriented. I tend to love complexity (not to be confused with "drama"). Whether it's music, movies, humorous situations, or even people, I find that the more complex they are, then the more fascinated and interested I am. I guess I'd put it like this: If I hear a song and I get it right away, even if it's from my favorite band (TOOL), then chances are that I'll tire of it fairly quickly. But if it's complex, deep, and layered, and it takes me a while to figure it out, then I know that it will grab ahold of, challenge, and stimulate me, and I'll continue picking up nuances that I wasn't aware of initially. Consequently, it will have staying power and sustainability. The same could be said for a humorous situation or comedy. Was it an easily anticipated joke and/or a mildly funny situation? Or was it something that completely caught you off guard with it's depth, and became more and more humorous the more you thought about and analyzed it? Same with a movie. Could you predict the plot/outcome? Or were you completely outsmarted and surprised by the quality of the writing and the ending (think Sixth Sense/Fight Club/Usual Suspects). I tend to want to be challenged/enlightened/educated rather than just entertained. And the same applies with people. How much depth/substance is there? What type of adversity have they dealt with, and what is the resulting character that has been built (or more accurately, exposed) because of it? How self-aware are they, and how does that translate into how they interact with their surroundings and with other people? I love it when I meet people who possess the following phenomenon: The more I know, the less I know. What I mean by that is that the more I learn about them, the more I realize how little I know about them, because I realize that every bit of information learned is only like becoming aware of a tip of an iceberg where there is still a ton of stuff to learn and figure out about them. I love solving the human puzzle. I like people who possess spontaneity, without being reckless. People who have a playful maturity to them. People who possess a calculated/measured rebelliousness to them.
What I’m doing with my life
Raising my 6 year-old daughter to be the most amazingly grounded and self-aware woman that she can possibly be….
I’m really good at
People watching, observing, and analyzing. I tend to be very intuitive, and can generally break a room down and come up with a working narrative for just about everyone in it within a relatively short period of time. I tend to be fascinated by people, even if they're not always likable.

I'm also pretty skilled in the kitchen. I love to cook, feed other people, and of course, eat.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tough to say since I'm not in their shoes. But it's probably something physical as it usually is with everyone. But that quickly fades if we're fortunate enough to bypass the bullshit, small talk chit-chat, and get into a real conversation. Although I love a good witty, playful banter almost as much….
The six things I could never do without
1. New experiences

2. The gym/exercise

3. Access to a kitchen/cooking/eating

4. The mountains where I live

5. Internet/my laptop (we're on here, right?)

6. The NFL ............. (geek alert: Fantasy Football)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human (other people's as well as my own) motivations, inhibitions, and insecurities.

Took one of the personality tests on this site (INTP), and although it is consistent and accurate with other sources, I find that the site listed below is a much better site for personality analysis:
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Admittedly, there was a temptation to shave a few years off my age to prevent being summarily dismissed, or excluded from searches, due to having reached some arbitrarily-gauged societal perception of how long I've been alive (yeah, that was an endorsement of the cliche', "age is just a number"). But I'd rather let my appearance cause you to doubt my age, than have a misrepresentation of my age cause you to doubt my honesty/integrity/character.

I played small college football, and still work out six days a week. Two relevant philosophies that I try to live by are:

- If you always do what you did when you were younger, you stay young longer…...


- I know where the Fountain of Youth is; It's in the gym, and it's on my plate.....
You should message me if
Don't let the deep/heavy stuff fool you. Although I'm big on depth/substance, once that's established it's open season for sarcastic sh*t talkin'. Nothing better than sharp, witty, playful banter. Especially if it's a struggle to keep up with you....