39Poulsbo, United States
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My self-summary
I loathe summarizing myself, but I suppose if I'm to do this, I may as well do it right.
Let's see, I work too much for too little. I'm painfully shy around new people but once I get to know someone I kind of do a complete 180 and have almost no personal boundaries at all.
I can get a little jealous and clingy as well as a bit over-protective. At my age, I suspect it's part of my personality that isn't going to ever change.
I live my life to the soundtrack in my head. There is always music. (I have a tendency to hum/sing out loud despite a complete inability to actually carry a tune....)
I try to see the silver lining to any situation - or barring that, the humor.
I'm often the subject of good-natured teasing (at least, I assume it's good-natured) because I have a laundry list of quirks that are ripe for it.
I enjoy traveling, though I can't do as much of it as I'd like.
Though I am bi-romantic, I fall somewhere in the Asexual/demi-sexual spectrum. I am not sex-repulsed and am willing to come to a workable compromise with a partner, but it's not something that would happen immediately and it's not much of a consideration for me in a relationship. If you are just looking for sex, I am not the person for you.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm just getting through it a day at a time. I work and I sleep and I don't do much else.
I just got back into school. Eventually I'd like to work as a translator.
I’m really good at
...laughing at myself. If you can't humor yourself, who can you humor?

I consider myself a good writer, but I suppose that's subjective. I am a good cook, though. I'd have to be since that's kind of my job. I like to think I'm a good listener.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not a question I usually ask people, but I suppose... my fondness for the color orange?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I love to read and have rather eclectic tastes. I love authors from David Weber to Shakespeare and just about everything in between.

Movies - Star Trek. Anything Marvel. Anything with Karl Urban in it. I'm not a fan of 'stupid' humor in my movies.

TV - Criminal Minds, Star Trek, StarGate, NCIS, Eureka, Torchwood, Dr. Who

Music - My musical tastes can be somewhat random. I love Garth Brooks and Linkin Park, Loreena McKennit and Justin Timberlake. My favorite music, tends to be foreign. Korean and Latino, Japanese and Russian, a little German tossed in for good measure. I also enjoy musicals.

Food - I'll try any food once as long as it doesn't have fish in it (allergy).
Six things I could never do without
Family. Friends. Music. Things to read. my phone. shoes?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
life, the universe, and everything.
On a typical Friday night I am
at work. My job requires me to work on Friday nights. My days off tend to be more towards the middle of the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have problems with people significantly bigger than I am. Someone 6'5 and built like a brick house would probably make me flinch every time you walked up to me until I got used to you. My friends joke that my own shadow makes me jump, though, so... don't take it personally? I'm not a big scaredy-cat, nor is there any violence in my history that I'm aware of.

It's just a visceral reaction. I really can't help it.
You should message me if have an open mind and are willing to let a person be themselves. can be serious, but are willing to have fun and be silly - or at least let me be silly enough for both of us.
... you don't mind that it might be a bit before I respond back. Sometimes I forget I have this thing.
... you're interested!

Deal Breakers (i.e. types of people who shouldn't bother with me) -
1. Homophobes. Your life, your opinions, but we wouldn't get along.
2. People who dislike children. I have two and while they don't live with me, they're very important to me. And while I am not looking to have any more children of my own, someone else bringing kids to the relationship is fine.
3. Tea Party Supporters. Your life, your opinions, but batshit insane is batshit insane.
The two of us