27 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I left New Jersey for San Francisco in 2011, fell in love with the city and started working in software engineering, fell out of love with SF as its culture began fading, and decided: I had this dream to travel the world, so why not do it?

I traveled around Asia, South America, and Europe for six months, found a job in a NYC based startup. I've been a bit unfair to New York, having grown up so close by but never truly experiencing it.

N-no New York, I didn't mean to break your heart like th- sigh.

Real talk, in the past I've tried my best to make sure there is enough on this profile to start conversations about, but lately I haven't been maintaining it very well. Let me know if I'm not saying enough here? (God I re-read it just now and I sound like I'm so deep or whatever. Where the hell are the dank memes?)
What I’m doing with my life
Tech is my career, but it is not my life. Traveling the world has been my goal, though I'm back to work now to get that money. I'd love to work incubating tech startups in Osaka (and totally make money off of them and retire before I'm 35 - you know, realistic goals).

My latest passion has been capoeira. I've had an (in my probably biased opinion) interesting set of hobbies in the past including taiko, chinese yo-yo, coding (before it was my job), and improv. Some have been shorter lived than others, but rarely have I taken them beyond casual practice. I'm still studying both Japanese and Spanish but I don't practice either enough.

Figuring out how to properly maintain facial hair.
I’m really good at
Great at some video games (Soul Calibur, Mario Kart) and terrible at others (Marvel vs Capcom 3, any FPS ever made besides Golden Eye 64).

I'm a good listener too, and great at giving advice. Basically, the one who has friends asking for advice on life when they're in a bad mood. Sometimes I give surprisingly in-depth help to other people's situations, which is rather ironic because I can be pretty oblivious to my own life. I also have been told I give good feedback on people's startup ideas.

Finding someone to crash with on a roadtrip.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes I'm really social, and sometimes I'm really quiet. Introvert trying to be an extrovert, I'd say.

That they have no idea what my ethnicity is (anyone feel like guessing?)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I absolutely love "so bad it's hilarious" movies, like Troll 2, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and The Room. Comedies, but not romantic comedies or most Adam Sandler movies, and I love any general action movie fight scene (though my favorites are from Kung Fu Hustle). Adventure movies always win as well. If I were a villain, I'd be Dr Horrible, and my henchmen would be the main characters of Attack the Gas Station.

I honestly don't really watch any shows but if someone puts one in front of me I'll be down.

If anyone has Gymkata I demand we watch it.

Most foods. No raisins or olives. You can see me physically react to the thought of eating either one. Also, an apple allergy, which is no bueno. I'm experimenting with going mostly paleo right now.
The six things I could never do without
- Intertubes
- Dank memes
- PC Master Race
- Google maps
- The realization that we were all once photons in the same singleton of a microscopic and dense universe, becoming equal matter and over billions of years somehow differentiating our living selves from non-living objects like rocks, developing a consciousness to question ourselves when the photons that make up the universe alone probably couldn't.
- Fruit, especially mangoes and bananas
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Languages, their origins, and their influence on people's mindsets. You might see German companies' job postings specifying male or female may apply, because the German words for male employee and female employee are different. There's an Aboriginal language which doesn't use left/right/back/forward, but instead specifies everything in terms of north, south, east, west, and so they know where each direction is at all times. My theory on this is that from an early age they're taught which direction is which, and are constantly tested on it until they subconsciously keep track of it at all times. And why do some languages use pluralization?

Are stars alive? I think yes but science refuses to agree with me. :(

Did you know flies drink alcohol to kill the eggs of parasitic wasps in their bloodstream?
On a typical Friday night I am
Typing with one hand.

Hatching pokemon with the other.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't drink coffee, beer (update: I started to, but recently stopped), or soda. I do drink tea, various hard liquors/sometimes wine. I don't wear jeans.

When my profile says I speak Spanish "poorly", it means I was able to scrounge up enough high school vocabulary to get me through a 6-week trip in South America. Update: Apparently OKC removed the poorly/good language distinction. My Japanese is at a somewhat conversational level while my Spanish is basically essential phrases. Thanks, Obama
You should message me if
you think you're awesome. You're probably right.

If I viewed and liked you, and your inbox is full, make some space please. :)

I'm a bit of an introvert so feel free to message me first. I don't bite. Unless you're into that.

Steady is nice. That may or may not imply relationship or even beyond platonic.

If you're willing to sacrifice a little convenience if it helps preserve the environment.

If we're not meeting in the type of scenario where wearing a hoodie is acceptable, I'll need a heads up.

Or if you're looking for someone to:
- Learn a language with/teach a language to (Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and/or Bengali)
- Play capoeira with
- Practice chinese yo-yo with
- Travel with (bonus points for off the beaten path travel, which admittedly I haven't been doing very well)
- Hike with