31 Lawrence, United States
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My self-summary
I suck at lying(much to my detriment.) I'm looking for the full package; beauty, wits, charm, & intelligence. I enjoy making pretty things & tasty things, often both simultaniously. I care deeply for my people & it pains me to see them suffer. I'm no genius but I do know a little about alot, & try to expand the mental inventory everyday. I let my ambition at work get ahead of day to day life more often than I should. my sense of humor is too dark for most. I believe that the advent of organized religion a has been more detrimental to society than most plagues.
What I’m doing with my life
Cooking professionally 7 days a week between the most popular restaurant in town & the highest end restaurant in town. Butchering pigs. Practicing mindfullness. Volunteering for the warmest, sweetest, coolest lady over 70 I know; building a chicken coop so she has some additional income. Hanging out with my nephews. Working full-time plus. Catching as many shows as I can. Sucking up as much Porchtime as possible before the weather turns nasty. Keeping my plants alive & happy.
I’m really good at
~Thrifting/doing alot with a little & a little with alot/finding kitschy things.
~Making delicious things; e.g. Kimchee, dilly beans, home-cured bacon/sausages/salmon, blintzes, biscuits & gravy (I couldn't do a low sodium diet), Christopher Elbow-style chocolate truffles & hearty stick-to-your ribs stews
~Karaoke(actually I'm terrible but I enjoy it.
~Deadpan humor, telling dirty jokes.
~Yard games(NOT beerpong, never beerpong, I'd rather play catch with razor-shop lawn darts than beerpong).
~Bad ideas,playing with sharp things & fire.
~Also babysitting & answering the phone at 3 am.
The first things people usually notice about me
Um, Probably the zero-fade pompadour or the glasses, my attention to detail, & dry wit that's usually where my complements come from.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read mostly nonfiction relating to cooking, gardening, American history, permaculture, & preservation. Also love satire; Johnathan Swift, Voltaire. Also I'm a big fan of Jared Diamond, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Pahlanuk, Richard Dawkins, Howard Zinn, & David Sedaris. Additionally I love anything on SLG Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, & EC Comics from the fifties.

I watch a lot of b-movies, sci-fi, documentaries, foreign films, independant movies, horror, thrillers, historical dramas & the like. My favorite directors in no particular order include; Ed Wood, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubric, Gaspar Noe, Jean Piere Jeunet, John Waters, Rob Zombie, Hayao Miyazaki, Takashi Miike, Akira Kurosawa, Alejandro Jordorowski, Kennith Anger, Wes Craven, Wes Anderson, & John Carpenter. Anything that includes practical special effects I will choose over CGI. I'll take cinematography over punchy action shots as well.

In terms of television; HBO, AMC, BBC, PBS, Discovery, History. Off the top of my head; Dr. Who, Louie, Sherlock, , Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, Wondershozen, Star Trek, Nova, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Soul of a Chef, & In Search of Perfection w/Heston Blumenthal. I find most sitcoms to be utter shite, & feel that a pop culture reference does not constitute a joke.

Musically I feel Tom Waits is a God & Nick Cave is a close second...

Right now I'm listening to a lot of Psychrock, Garage, Psychobilly, Northern Soul, Surf rock(Not beach boys more like The Ventures), outlaw country, anything on the Retro Cocktail Hour, Roots rock, positive Hip-hop, anything related to the Wu Tang especially if the Rza was involved... really I will listen to anything as long as there's substance & heart to it.

The last three artists I listened to are: Chet Faker, Beach House & Strangeboys

The last two bigger shows I went to were X @ the Bottleneck & King Khan & The Shrines @ the Riot Room. Next show I'm psyched for is Nobunny at the Jackpot. In terms of festivals There are only 3 I would consider attending; Austin Psychfest, Gonerfest out in Memphis, & Winfield. I Don't know if Greaserama KC or Mods V. Rockers are actually considered festivals, but I do enjoy them.

Food wise... any food you could name I could probably make from scratch. I've spent over 10 years in professional scratch kitchens & cooking is generally what I'm doing 7-12 hours a day 5-6 days a week. I'm better at savory fare but have a good knowledge of baking & pastry, I do desserts & butchery for work when they need me to. I like knowing whats in my food. My favorite types of fare include Indian, southeast asian street food, dim sum, japanese/hawaiian ramen, Korean Barbecue, itallian salumi, some raw food concepts, soul food, contemporary american, eating seasonally, locally sourced foods, anything fermented, the ideas behind being vegan, simple elegant dishes, stuff & things. Oh, & Burgers & Pizza.
The six things I could never do without
Awesome food & access to it
Caffeine in the form of coffee
Learning new stuff
My loving family & friends
Live music
Strong Ginger Beer/Miller Low Life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New items to put on the menu, aesthetics, upcoming shows, keeping on top of my projects. The inequalities exacerbated by the spread of capitalism, & how they might be remedied. How awesome kids can be if nobody screws them up. Boobs.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing mass street bingo, drinking coffee, checking out galleries, catching a show, watching a cult film, hanging out on a porch, people watching, perusing the antique mall, hanging with friends, really whatever is fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Working on my s*it is an ongoing & never ending project. I've recently begun to curtail my vices, I have a long way to go but I am making progress. I'm not looking for a better half & don't want to be someone's pet project. I wouldn't mind someone standing on the sidelines & cheering me on though.
You should message me if
/like me if you're sick of bullshitting on the Internet & want to sit down & talk face to face. If you enjoy excellent food/drink & being spoilt with both. If you want a loyal friend & not a fuckbuddy. If you prefer live music in tiny bars, bad horror movies & pinball over canned pop music, summer blockbusters & sportsball.