32Denver, United States
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My self-summary
Minneapolis -> Nashville -> Tanzania -> Denver

▀ ▀ ▀ Seeking platonic friends at the moment. Thanks. ▀ ▀ ▀

If you're unable to laugh at sarcastic humor...bummer...start at ¶ #3... ▀ ▀ ▀

I'm as wealthy as MC Hammer, as graceful as a dog at a fire hydrant and as modest as Kanye West. I drink hatorade for breakfast to start the day off right. I poo poo on science…It's a tool of Satan. The cosmos is hideous like your face. TED is lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck, but a real duck actually lame from stepping on a land mine. Compassion is for weak namby pamby fairies. Little old ladies that can no longer bake me cookies should be made into soylent green.

I work as hard as your mom on a Saturday night and my ambition is like the wings of an ostrich. I can't stand hiking, kayaking, swimming, tennis or any other activity that could mess up your manicure. Wanderlust is for hoity-toity yuppie douche-bags. Sapiosexuals are pathetic impotent Missionary Mary librarians. When they're bad in bed, I give them my best sargasm. I'm a bum as tight as a snare drum…Up tight! If you don't think this sarcasm is as subtle as a butt burp air biscuit in the bath…Tough noogies… We can get together the second Tuesday of next week to talk about it.

¶ #3 ▀ ▀ ▀

SERIOUSLY... Life is school. I'm here to learn, laugh, and love. Friends say I’m a chummy, open, wholehearted, "happy go lucky" ducky that's passionate about nature, poli-sci, history, financial investments literacy, commercial real estate...

Religious??? Nope. My religion is kindness. I'm a dreamer with a starry-eyed/poetic outlook on life...often romanticizing the cosmos and radical compassion for all humanity. If you're interested chatting theology I did go to a theological University and have studied Abrahamic religions more than most.

Do you seek a playmate for yoga, hiking, caving, skydiving or a friend to enjoy a film with? Let’s enjoy a moment! Be sure and skim my profile to see all the fascinations, smiles, laughs we share!

Video messaging via phone (skype, glide, etc) and love of travel have afforded me amazing friendships at any distance. I wouldn't have some of my greatest enduring friendships had I limited my horizons to my local city! :-)
What I’m doing with my life
I'd outgrown a fantastic PC analyst career of 9 years in Tennessee. No, don't even think about flirting with me if you just want to hack into the PC of your arch nemesis. ;-) This past year I had the privilege to serve the youth of Tanzania via providing solar power computer labs with amazingly effective learning software! One of my blog posts for our organization here:

...I even met incredible people throughout East Africa via OKC! I totally had to cut a ton of Western culture humor out of my profile. ;-)

Now back in the States, I've been on sabbatical travelling with a friend across the US. I'm super excited I'm free as a bird to settle in any metro, so we'll see which opportunities and beautiful souls steal my heart as my journey unfolds!

On a serious note. When it said "doing with my life" I had a bit of déjà vu!

I'm a really self-satisfied, independent person and gravitate to others with a great sense of self-efficacy also. I endorse the following aphorisms:
▬ "We're all dating ourselves everyday...Establish you’re happy by yourself, before sharing it with someone else."
▬ "Happiness" is not a destination..."Love" is not a destination
▬ "Emotionally invest in the experiential process, not a specific outcome."
▬ "An attitude of love towards oneself, and happiness by oneself, will be found in all who are fully capable of loving others.."
▬ "You are what you love, not what loves you."

Amazing Things Seen/Done?
Spelunking Espy cave.
Synchronous fireflies.
Skin diving w/ sea turtles in Maui. Day-hiking Appalachian mountains. Hiking sand dunes. Skydiving. Polar Bear plunge. Hiking the tropical forest in Maui. Cliff jumping. Serving the Special Olympics. Psychedelic Phish at Bonnaroo. A lot of mountain peaks, zip-lining & rafting in Costa Rica. Kayaking & camping Canadian boundary waters. Swimming through raging flood waters when access roads to a friend's home were overtaken. Haleakala sunset.
Hang gliding Lookout Mountain
Rafting Ocoee River
Mountain biking Raccoon Mountain
I’m really good at
Competitive sobbing. Naughtiness & debauchery. Being a savvy PC analyst. I'm an ambivert and sure I've got many other "skillz"...MUAHAHAHA...

Friends say my strengths are:
▀ that I sing in deaf children's choir
▀ being wholehearted/ unassuming/ pragmatism/ ambition
▀ my investing acumen/managing finances

I'm in a bromance with
You can't not like the guy!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Cologne??? ‘sex kitten’ by titillating troubadour. It’s illegal in nine countries and made with bits of real kittens, so you know it’s good ;-)

Literature??? Tom Robbins, Murakami,, Sapiens, Rational Optimist, 59 Seconds, Moonwalking with Einstein, Capital in 21st Century, Catherine Fitts blog, Go-Giver, Outliers,, Freakonomics, Brain's Role in Religious & Mystic Experiences, Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, Valuing Wall Street, Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Man's Search For Meaning, Waking Up, Economic Facts & Fallacies, Pale Blue Dot, Life You Can Save, Psychology Today blogs, Stages of Faith, Millionaire Next Door, How God Changes Your Brain, Ethical Slut, Mating in Captivity, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn ...

Comedians??? Jeselnik, Regan, Robin Williams, Gaffigan, Chappelle, Dunham, Impractical Jokers Comedy Troupe

SNL, Team America, Borat, Patch Adams, Dumb & Dumber, Brazil, Lego Movie, Happy Gilmore, Kickass, Napoleon Dynamite, Shrek, Meet the Parents, Holy Mountain, Intouchables, Kung Fu Hustle, Mary & Max

Before Midnight, Waking Life, Amadeus, Gandhi, Pay It Forward, Monster, Great Dictator, Reader, Mr Nobody, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Fountain, Schindler's List, The Sessions, Network, 500 Days of Summer, Mulholland Dr

Nonlinear/confusing/abstract/puzzle films, documentaries,, House MD, Vsauce, Cosmos documentary series, foreign films

iPod??? Audiobooks, more audiobooks, comedy, podcasts, EDM, nu-disco, jam bands, brainwave entrainment, orchestral soundtracks, Piano Guys, folk, African Tribal, calypso, soca, vocal jazz, acoustic vocals, simple soulful music, ukulele, spoken word, simple Spanish vocals, Lindsey Sterling, Flamenco, Apocalyptica, Sam Lin, Clint Mansell, LOTR, nature/ocean/rain sounds, scat, lounge music, classical (solo piano & violin). Soaring strings & vocals transport me to cloud 9!

Six things I could never do without
I reject your sixocracy!
▀ Wholehearted relationships/deep sense of empathy
▀ Wikipedia/audiobooks/TED conferences/dictionary/thesaurus
Social justice activism (Kyriarchy, egalitarian, religious)
▀ Laughs & Wanderlust
▀ Investing
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...the amazing times we live in & the ever increasing precision with which we can explore the brain/consciousness/universe!

Promoting principles for self-actualization as a "happiness engineer."

Effective altruism & social sciences to a better world.
I'm enamored with:

I also enjoy reading about: Social Darwinism, behavioral neuroscience, poli-sci, priming/framing (cognitive psych), terror management theory, biohacking, entheogen therapy, genetics, noetic sciences, TDCS, pharmacology, low-cal high nutrition diet, sexology, oneirology, experimental psychology, global "value" investing, neurohacking

If you want to know more, I've amended dozens of the OKC Q&As with pensive stuff from my blog. The Q&As gush with what colors my worldview.
On a typical Friday night I am
Likely not at a bar.

TED conferences, Skepticon, music festivals (Bonnaroo, Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, Dayglow, Electronic Daisy Carnival, Burning Man, etc), OneTaste/GGG, float tanking, hiking, yoga, swing dancing, trampoline gym, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing (I'm terrible at bouldering), cycling, kayaking, spelunking, ballooning, meetups/salons, swimming, snorkeling/scuba, poetry cafe

a couple old poems of mine

meditating, museums, Nordic skiing, tennis, disc golf, exercising, roadtripping, international travel/world heritage sites, ziplining, 4wheeling, bungee, zorbing, hang gliding, playing party games w/ friends, hosting couchsurfers
You should message me if
Does one or more of the following describe you?
▀ Have burning desire to lead change you wish to see in the world??!!
▀ You're most interested in musing with mindmates & any given day eager to share the novel somethings you just learned???
▀ You're an emotional Jedi and hunger for deep, wholehearted conversation with intimates???éheart
▀ You delight psyching people up to be the best they can be???
▀ You take pleasure in serving others/making a difference with helpmates???
▀ You have a mature understanding of "privilege" and appreciate that growing "affluent" can empower positive influence just as much as not growing affluent and giving time???
▀ You love hearing me habitually say "What do you think?"... "I respect that..." or "humbly I don't know, and I'd be curious to learn that..."

▀ You seek a yoga/acroyoga/hiking mate???
▀ You seek a runningmate/tennis/swolemate???
▀ You seek thrills, outdoors, world wonders with playmates???
▀ You'd love to muse over audiobooks while roadtripping???
▀ You'd love weekend trips to mountains for day hikes???
▀ You'd love to tent/sleep under the stars in national parks???
▀ Months travel in Tanzania, Bali, Costa Rica intrigues you???
▀ You enjoy foreign, indy, documentary, psychological thriller films???
▀ You enjoy the intimacy of reading books aloud???
▀ You conduct shamelessly awkward social experiments E.G. candid camera to gather people's reactions???
▀ Modest, dreamer, well-read, great judge of character, radiate empathy, poetic, witty, generous, high-fiving???

I believe in reciprocal dating/taking turns and share Warren Buffett's prosperity mindset and ideology regarding conspicuous spending. I love the endorphins and euphoria of novel romantic interests as much as anybody AND a firm believer it takes a couple years to allow that stage to pass before considering greater secure attachments/greater commitments.

I can be very decisive and my philosophy is "different strokes for different folks" or

Sooo...Are you excitedly thinking something I've shared is complimentary and more of "who you are?" If it's an emphatic YES, I'm eager to make your acquaintance!!!

My fellow sapiosexuals out there, this will undoubtedly make you smile :-) ...
The two of us