35Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
Want to conquer your fears and overcome your inhibitions? Me too. ;) Life is short, but maybe we can share a few interesting moments.

Things you should know up front: I'm a vegetarian atheist biker (the pedal kind) who likes Buddhism, but doesn't believe in reincarnation. I think most things are possible if you work hard.
What I’m doing with my life
I realized a few years ago that working a boring job five days a week was equivalent to throwing away the best years of my life, so I built a little business instead, and now working's not really an issue anymore.

So, what am I doing with my life? Well, I guess I'm still figuring that one out. Maybe that's why I'm here, writing this...
I’m really good at
Photography, music, drawing (maybe? I'm working on it), anything related to computers or the internet, long-distance cycling (I like to do Ottawa to Kingston)...
The first things people usually notice about me
My nose? Really, though, I have a big nose. Just thought I'd get that out there. ;) Also, I'm relatively tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm really into music, both listening and creating. I enjoy everything from Radiohead and Arcade Fire to Aphex Twin and Godspeed You Black Emperor! Not to mention Pink Floyd and Supertramp... Modest Mouse, Hot Chip, Nick Drake, The Who...

Favorite movies? Some classics: Blade Runner, The Godfather, Ghost World, Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day... and if you know Battle Royale, Evangelion, or GITS, you're automatically awesome. I don't watch a lot of TV, but Breaking Bad and The Wire were pretty great.

Food? Anything that can power me through a long ride up the Gatineau hills. I'd love to learn how to really cook, but for the most part, I'm a pizza and pasta kind of guy. I also love Indian food, and vegetarian stuff like Ottawa's Green Door.

Books... If you know William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, or Iain M. Banks, well, I love you ;) Fahrenheit 451, Thich Nhat Hanh's No Fear, No Death, Jack Kerouac, Catcher in the Rye, Kurt Vonnegut, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Dan Simmons, George Carlin...
Six things I could never do without
1. A modern smartphone, with email, internet, a camera, and GPS maps. I like to stay connected while traveling around.

2. My MacBook Air. Which goes hand in hand with...

3. Starbucks. It's nice to have somewhere outside the house I can go to get work done. Even better if that place has a constant supply of caffeine and snacks.

4. An awesome bike. I have a few bikes, and I'm always thinking about getting another one. I ride year round. -20c and a foot of snow? I'm out there and loving it! :)

5. Somewhere convenient to work out. Pullups, pushups, free weights... an indoor gym is totally on my list of things I want at my next place. It's right up there with a view of the sunset.

6. Hm, do I really need six of these? I guess love and attention could round out the list ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I should do next. The tradeoffs between working hard to reach your goals and having a social life. The chance that I might miss out on something or someone amazing if I don't try harder to overcome my introversion... :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a tendency to focus too much on achieving my goals while ignoring my social life. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of things other people take for granted. I'm trying to change that.

I think it'd be fascinating to have a relationship with someone who was into total honesty. Maybe that's naive.
You should message me if
You read this far ;)
You're bored and wish your life was more interesting.
You want to quit your day job and need some inspiration.
The two of us