37Grass Valley, United States
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My self-summary
I am currently in Moscow, Russia for four weeks studying Russian martial arts, tactical approaches, and Slavic boxing. And experiencing some of the extreme forms of their traditional body therapy.

I have decided to make this more detailed and long winded. I hope its enjoyable.

I also don't live in North San Juan now. I do love that area. I return there to spend time.

Well first off I don't live in Ashland or the outskirts anymore.

I go up to southern Oregon periodically to spend time with close friends in the woods who live in tipis, and to spend time in the mountains there myself. Such as trailing (following larger animal trails deer, elk). I don't live anywhere longer than any other place so I put Ashland. It's basically flip flopping between work and play. As my location says I relocated outside grass valley ca.

i aim to be truthful with myself and others, including kids and not pass on shared cultural trauma, without being too serious about it all.
I have spent much of my adult life living in the woods with other people and learning how to make it a functioning experience. In the woods in various ways, primitively, semi-prim., homesteading. Traveling around united states meeting new ecoregions and humans. Primitively as bowdrill fire only, nothing else around through north midwestern winter, with a small group of people every day. up to two years at a time. Or several months at a time. Either in a focused way or that was just it. At times I have only worn buckskin for months at a time, going out in mosquito heavy woods and starving for a week at a time early in my twenties. Living in a clan of people all going crazy together but totall 100% sober. On a trajectory that led to inside exposure living everyday many of the aspects of life that are becoming popular and connected to our history as a species. All the way to group parenting, and the kids visibly being healthy and fulfilled as an indicator we weren't fooling ourselves. Using them as the guide and co-ordinating that between parents. Neat shit, I am still quite close with many of those folks. Many of us have lived in the woods together for extended periods. Some were more interested in the primitive research into what worked and what was done. Everyone participated in the daily life that was primitive, extreme basic. THat research takes much time, basically everyday all day at most. I have put much of that on hold to figure out the necesssary parts of modern lifestyle mainly since Having kids. Since I was raised middleish class I am figuring it out. Slow start up when only having a backup and not wanting to sell my slow. We dont live together anymore. At least I don't, some do. Its nice to have a clan of people in many various ways.
What I’m doing with my life
i am obsessed with learning about ecological relationships. I like to hunt and trap, not in a macho redneck way, they are what i prefer to eat and figure its as good as wage labor but better food and relationship, skip the animal slavery.
i like to live with people that are like family, i do well with alone time but prefer to live with people, have lots of experience with living in community.
i like to figure out how the native people of wherever i am living at lived and how much of that is still possible in the given area's present state.
i tend to work and live off that money until its gone. i am active but most of my activities don't bring in the cash. Just when I decide to go out and make money, which has been more of a prevalent focus this last couple years. Stringing together work that is meaningful. At this point manual labor I do enough to use as exercise but not the primary form of income.
I have been exploring ways of doing what I enjoy and making money. It's working out pretty well. And also a work in progress. Much of what I like to do is better than money and could have a high value. The wild food brought in. The outdoor activity that current exercise trends is getting closer emulating a functional outdoor lifestyle, based on subsistence of food, water, moving, heating, building,social, crafting. Blending hunter gatherer elements, homesteading, , horticultural, permacultural. I started when I was 18 and went through enough continuous experiences while participating as little as possible in the modern world as I could manage in differing phases of my life. Living in another culture inside and out, socially, environmentally, metabolically, etc for long enough that merging with the modern america past a certain point is interesting.
I’m really good at
making various things out of wood, observing nature, splitting wood, massage, basically being usefully physical, and attentive to needs around me should be a link to me splitting wood. at the end i goof a bit, actually because i don't like being recorded showing doing stuff. some knotty chinkapin log rounds.
The first things people usually notice about me
lately when in town my blue blazer I been sporting around
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ethnology/anthropology books where the author lived with subsistence peoples
books concerning plants, mammal behavior, insects, birds,

against his story against leviathan
guns germs and steel
wandering god
Paul Shepherd stuff
Dersu the Trapper
Among the Bears
Illumination in the Flatwoods

i like movies a lot, too many to pick one

old time music, banjo as in tommy jarrell
I play the banjo
Kirtan, public enemy, Manu chau, Tinariwen, Terakraft, Ali Farka, Etran Finatwa, Bombino

real sourdough bread, raw dairy, any wild food, well almost any, i really appreciate and crave wild animal food so i happen to eat a lot of it, KIMCHI!
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to live without supermarkets, how to fix or repair whatever I am unsure how to, whatever project I am currently working on, human relationships,
On a typical Friday night I am
unless i have to, i don't care what day it is
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am missing a front tooth from a car accident the day before high school graduation, i fell asleep and with no seatbelt into a telephone pole and my tooth found the steering wheel. I had an implant for some years until the porcelain broke, now I figure I just get used to how this is me now.
You should message me if
If you want to message me. What other reasons would there be?
The two of us