33Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I don't travel, I hate laughing. I take life very seriously. I'm up in the air and a stand forward guy. I hate what I do. I don't like food, don't like to step out of my comfort level and never want to try anything new. Not even once!

Yes, that was a joke people!

More seriously though, I am looking for a real relationship. Not exactly convinced I will find it here but that is what I am in search of. I'm Tired of the New York revolving door dating scene along with everywhere else in this world now too. I want to find someone I can build a good foundation of trust and friendship for a good length of time before we make a decision of starting a family. where we can get lost and explore in this world together and have to only depend on each other for support. challenge each other, teach each other, spoil each other an most of all, love eachother unconditionally.

Also, looking for a woman with an extremely flexible schedule with her work or maybe the type that can find work with a specific skill or trait anywhere we go. Most particular in Hawaii where i have a lil place and I spend a couple months out of the year to get away from that bitch of a winter in New York. Or wherever else we want to go.

Native New Yorker for many of generations. Complete mix of ethnicities with some unknown. I work as an operating engineer for the city.

I'z Nevers Beenz to no fancy ivory unibersity or Nuttin like that.
Just good old work ethic. I live alone and am sort of a neat freak. Not a disorder of any sort though. I live a pretty active life. I snowboard, surf, bmx, hike/run, Muay Thai box and even skateboard to work everyday. On the flip side I can be lazy as hell some days and not do anything. I enjoy eating clean and healthy. Most weeks it is 90% fruits, grains, and vegetables and 10% assorted delicious crap. But again some weeks it's not the same ratio and I tend to eat more junk. Balance plays a key role in my life and like jumping back and fourth on both polls in my life but always tend to linger on the healthier, more responsible, better myself poll.
Along with my everyday job, I also have a couple other side ventures I am cultivating. I recently purchased some property in Hawaii with rental units in great location and I am renting to locals now but have plans to make a vacation rental on it eventually and then retire there when the time comes. I also want to open up a auto/truck/motorcycle repair shop on the property too. I love working with my hands and fixing and fabricating things. I currently have a shop upstate at my fathers house with all my tools and equipment and of course the toys. Motorcycles, quads, jetski, mini bikes....
I also have a graphic T-shirt company that I am getting started. I'm not going to plug it here haha. I have a lot more ideas but my plate is a little full now and I also need to enjoy my time as well as work hard. I am always on a quest for more knowledge in many different fields. A lot of things that people I hang out with dont have a clue what I am talking about or don't even care to want to know. Examples like quantum physics, astro physics, alternative energy, Nikola Tesla, Sir Newton, Einstein, ancient knowledge, Historic conspiracies, the universe, the life cycle of a star.... The list goes on. I spend a lot o my free time just reading, writing, drawing and just educating and challenging myself. I don't have a TV in my apartment and don't subject myself to the brainwashing from sports, news and commercials so my mind has a lot more room to fill up on better things. I'm not a complete weirdo, I do have my lame TV shows an movies I like. Netflix is my dude!
Marijuana is in my everyday lifestyle and it has never stopped or slowed me down from anything I wanted to achieve. It has actually helped me in a lot of ways and motivates me a lot. Alcohol is the real drug problem in America. I like to get drunk too but usually only on the weekends. I'm sure that last couple sentences would weed a lot of you women out.
What I’m doing with my life
Breathing, eating, sleeping
"Living life to the fullest" .... No I'm not! Hah everyone always says that but they are really not and neither am I. Just trying to do more and more everyday.
Making enough money to do what i want.
I’m really good at
A plethora of things
The first things people usually notice about me
Damm that's a cold ass honkey
Six things I could never do without
Water, food, shelter, clothing, fire
I can't live without my radiooo
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Tomorrow, bullshit, random stuff
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm not exactly sure but usually involves whiskey and reefer
The two of us