39Harrisburg, United States
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My self-summary
New Profile Mar 31 2017

I am a computer programmer as an occupation. I am an artist at heart. I am very passionate about music (listening to and trying to play or even discussing music). I play clarinet a bit. I used to DJ in dance clubs (this was a big part of my identity at one point)... but I have almost completely given it up. I still play for friends/guests as people still find it interesting as the music I have is unique whether you live in Central PA or NYC (where I did indeed live for a while). I like painting there are some examples of stuff I have done on here. I also run a community art project that is temporarily suspended.

I really think the most fun thing for me is engaging in thoughtful conversation. No I am not trying to be uber nerdy or hipster here or sound overly intelligent (not trying to be anything). I just really like talking about all things in life from politics to religion to music to current events to history and trying to learn new things from the people around me and see how far out of the mainstream we can take things.

Oh... I don't have a gender preference. And yes this means I have dated guys in the past. It is too bad if that is a problem for you.

I guess that's good enough for now.
What I’m doing with my life
Putting it back together. Wait don't run yet... or do. I was the victim of a mildly elaborate scheme of some con-artists/criminals last year and it really set everything way back. I have no problem discussing it, but I think you can understand why I may not go into details on here. Consider this: normally I am a gainfully employed (with skills well above par) professional, and now because of what happened I have no car, am looking for a job and all that stuff. So if you can appreciate that crap happens to all of us and still want to talk great. If not then I suppose that would be the nominal response for most people in this country.
I’m really good at
Everything? Haha. I guess I am good at computer programming. I am also a decent woodworker. A decent mechanic. A decent painter. A great DJ and decent musician.

But I am really good at empathy and caring about people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ok... one or two each.

Books: I have read a bunch of fiction (but I am no bookworm). Generally I prefer reading essay and speeches and stuff compared to "books." I also like to do "research projects for the night." For example the other night I ended up reading about the Stonewall riots, and then watched a documentary on the history of gay rights. I learned a lot.

Movies: Indiana Jones, Airplane, and my all time favorite : The Imitation Game!

Shows: I don't watch a lot of (new) TV to be honest. Some shows that are out there on services like Netflix I really like. Peaky Blinders, 100, OITNB, Wentworth. More "classically" speaking I like Roseanne, The Simpsons and M*A*S*H

Music: A wide variety. It is fair to say anything but country (after ~1980). I like dixieland jazz, house music, as much 90s stuff as anyone my age... I like Elton John (absolute favorite), Kraftwerk, Enya, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys... yah... I guess I really kinda lean to the electric side of things.

Food: Pizza and sushi! What else do you need? I am not super picky about food or an enthusiast of any particular food. I will probably be unenthusiastic about going to a Thai or Indian restaurant.
Six things I could never do without
Hmmm... ok I'll play...

Straight blade razor.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lots of interesting things. Let's talk I love conversation!
On a typical Friday night I am
Just chilling. Probably watching a documentary or something.
You should message me if
- You like romance.

- You love music... this is kind of important.

- You enjoy conversation. I love talking about human behavior, current events, politics, technology, history and much more.
The two of us