47Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Just about every time I hear the news or read a book or watch a tv show, I am constantly shouting (yes, at the radio or paper or book, I can anthropomorphize with the best of 'em) about how if people were just poly they would avoid so very many problems. Stupid Henry VIII and everyone around him (yes I'm watching the Tudors occasionally late in the evening) would have avoided so much killing and so forth if they could all just admit they are poly and be open and happy about it (I know, quit dreaming). I know for myself this realization has really helped and opened everything up.

I am a seriously big dreamer about changing the world. I feel that religion is pretty much a huge obstacle to just about everything important that needs to be changed and have minimal tolerance for anything woo-woo (but I respect people's rights to think whatever and believe whatever, I just don't really want to talk about god fantasies of whatever sort). I also see that the current social and politico-economic structure is completely flawed, and am hoping to do my little part to change that.

I really like interesting, smart people. I don't care if they're innies or outies (and I'm not talking about the navel here). I don't care what they look on the outside (without certain quite liberal and wide tolerances). I don't just want pieces of meat in my life (not that I'm against occasional indulgence in sex for pleasure's sake alone). I want people I can talk to, discuss complex and deep issues. And I want to laugh. If I can't really laugh and be goofy with people, including during sex or other "inappropriate" times, then forget it.

I like science. I have a scientific world outlook. I don't like dogma parading as science. I believe science means questioning everything, and trying to have some kind of data to back up assertions (where possible).

I am in an open relationship with ladyluck131. We talk about anyone and everyone we might get involved with physically and are very open to groups.

Oh yeah, what I'm interested in!Naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, leftist politics, health, nature, board gaming, dancing, science fiction, fantasy.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a naturopathic doctor who teaches at Bastyr University. I have a practice focused on men's health, urology, and nephrology. I am mainly interested in using herbs as medicine but psychosomatic medicine, nutrition and lifestyle change are also very interesting to me. I am part owner of a small herb company (Heron Botanicals) and a small publishing company (Healing Mountain Publishing). I do a lot of writing in my field. Needless to say I keep busy.

And I'm working on changing the world.
I’m really good at
One of my main super powers is the ability to get along with outcasts, people who aren't accepted in the mainstream, geeks, queers, and the like. I don't know why. I think it's because I am truly one of the very rare people who doesn't have a lot of prejudgements about people, or more realistically, that I have them, but I recognize them for what they are and don't let them control me.

I also honestly and truly do not have a single jealous bone in my body, so I am really, really good at juggling multiple relationships. Nobody ever believes this but it is true. I really have no idea what jealousy even feels like, except maybe occasionally with straight male friends I am interested in who talk about women around me and I wish they would realize bi is beautiful. Sigh.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm geeky and smart, kind of quiet (but I warm up when I know people and become very silly). I don't think I'm too arrogant, because I've worked on not being this way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Princess Bride, The Inheritors, Through Alien Eyes, Prince of Tides, Interview with the Vampire, World According to Garp, the entire Dune series

Movies: Brazil, The Matrix (not the sequels, gack), Dangerous Liaisons, Memento, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Trek reboot, Strictly Ballroom, The Breakfast Club (yes I grew up in the 1980s)

TV: Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Glee, The Tudors, Doctor Who (newer series), Torchwood, Sherlock (new series)

Music: Dead Can Dance, Flight of the Conchords, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, R.E.M., Mozart, JS Bach, Celia Cruz, 3 Mustaphas 3, Gipsy Kings, Toumani Diabate, Peter Gabriel

Games: Hanabi, Factory Fun, Dominion, Alhambra, Pandemic, Pompey, 7Wonders, Race for the Galaxy, Ticket to Ride

Fun: Scottish country dancing, plant walks, travel, playing games

Food: alas, gluten and dairy free. I like all food (ok not liver or parsley so much).
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical. My schedule changes every quarter due to my teaching situation. I travel a lot so often I'm in a hotel somewhere. I am often writing. Just as often I am at a movie or a show or eating out having fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Geez read the rest of this stuff, how much more unprivate could I be?
You should message me if
You are a Bi man looking to be part of a triad (maybe quad) with a BiWM and a BiWF for a long-term relationship. I am also interested in talking to poly folks of all kind just for fun and friendship.
The two of us