34Mount Morris, United States
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My self-summary
I live a rather uneventful life that most people couldn't tolerate. I'm hard around the edges but super squishy in the middle. I'm a mom in most aspects of life. I'm too responsible and always on the lookout to make sure the people around me are okay. I can be fun though, really! I'll be a total goofball when you need a laugh, or a shoulder to cry on. I bake funfetti cakes in the middle of the night and have a special talent for knowing where people are ticklish.

OK CUPID--- Epic Fail! Did manage to meet the guy of my dreams here... just had to get past the 0% compatibility rating you gave us ;)

I tend to be more of a stay at home kinda person. I don't go out 3 days a week... I don't even go out once a month normally. I'm kinda a homebody (but that's okay, I live with my best friends and we have fun).I remember getting stuff thrown at me on a daily basis cuz I was the "weird girl" in highschool. I was too freaky for the nerds, and too nerdy for the freaks. I pretty much floated in the middle with a core group of 3 friends that I still have today. I'm a lot of work to get to know, but I'm worth it. I prefer to get messages from people that are longer than 5 words. If you're going to put the effort into opening up a message box, at least take the minute to write something interesting in it! I'm jaded, sarcastic and cynical but somehow manage to still care too damned much about people I really shouldn't.

I am dorky, jaded, and too nice.
What I’m doing with my life
Just moved back down state after a year in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Fife Lake) I'm living with quite possibly the two coolest people in the world.

The economy in Michigan sucks, I need to get a job soon. Life is pretty stagnant right now. I do believe I shall change that soon.
I’m really good at
Extremes... When I do something, it's all or nothing. I tend to put my all into everything I do. It can be good or bad, depending.
The first things people usually notice about me
The adorable 5 year old in pink holding onto the chain from my bondage pants. After that it's normally brite red hair and shiny pieces of metal sticking out of my face :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A. Anything by Piers Anthony or John Saul... When I have the time, I'll read anything in the Fiction Genre. Reading is escapism for me so I have a distaste for the factual.

B. The Hellsing anime series, Vampire Hunter D and The Emperor's New Groove. I also love Hackers, Doom Generation, anything with Pauly Shore, and superhero movies. I love movies, just about anything can get my attention if I'm in the right mood (minus westerns and sappy love stories without comic relief)

C. I skipped prom to go see gwar, but don't be surprised when you find a new radicals cd in my car. I love Blind Melon. My music choices tend to follow my moods. I can listen to just about anything at some point or another.

D. I decided to convert to vegetarianism in November of '08. It was right before thanksgiving, we had an awesome veggie dinner!

Other- I am a HUGE dork! I love anime, and tabletop roleplaying. I could sit and watch a guy play videogames for hours on end and never get bored (I don't play much myself, my hands cramp up after a while). I do enjoy a little bit of drunken rockband every now and then though... (okay, more than every now and then). Death Note and FMA are amazing, I also enjoyed Black Blood Brothers and am starting to get into Tsubasa Chronicles. If you know of any good anime, let me know!
Six things I could never do without
Elorah Hope (my daughter), Trees (green space is good), the thought of romantic love,my daydreams and my nightmares, and being a mother as I am... my sense of self (I have to stay sane somehow).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I need to get back to the library so I can pick up some new books. I would really like to read Ender's Game. I also would love to get my hands on some Poppy Z. Brite and Lilith StCrow stuff (she wrote the Dante Valentine series and I <3ed it) Also mundane things like what to make for dinner and how much housework I have tend to cross my mind a lot.
On a typical Friday night I am
My Friday nights are pretty much uneventful as of right now. Once I get back to work, I'm sure I will be working. Uhhm, drunken rockband? Anyone wanna come hang out and play with us?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My biggest fear is failure, followed closely by my fear of success.
You should message me if
You have the extra time and the interest. You might as well if you've read this far! Ohh yah, don't bother if you're a douchebag troll looking for cybersex. Sure, if you look at my profile it says I'm more kinky than most girls (and I am... very much so), but that is in the confines of a relationship!
The two of us