37London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I run small internet start-up company in cameras and photography. I've always fancied running my own company and this way someone basically pays me to run one, a bit Dragon's Den-ish.

I'm into travelling the world. Not in a hippy new age kind of way, but life is short so I might as well see as much as I can while I can. I took 18 months out to go backpacking round the world a couple of years back and I spend a lot of time dreaming of the next big adventure.
I'm into cycling and horse riding. A friend is trying to get me into kite boarding at the moment, and I just came back from a week's skiing for the first time. I'm also taking polo lessons from a friend who runs a polo school. I was in a big budget film once, riding a horse, which was a great in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of way.
Last year I went on a couple of holidays, one on a yacht with friends, one to Ibiza (first time, found it both thoroughly addictive and a bit seedy at the same time, can't wait to go back).
I like watching Formula 1. I like the speed, the technology and the soap opera element with cartoon heroes and villains.
I'm up for trying new things and being a bit adventurous. When I was travelling I always went a fair bit off the beaten track, even if that meant taking a few (small, well managed) risks, nightclubs in favelas, beaches in narco Colombia, that kind of thing.
I like animals. I have a cat, but he behaves a bit like a dog, following me around at heel and being very sociable. He loves it when I play fight with him or chew on his ears, he just purrs away till he drowns out the tv. I'd love a dog one day, but I live in the city so I have to be realistic.
I try to do interesting stuff with my time. I've recently been to see Kodaline live, I'm going to the see the stage play of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, and I'm trying to decide whether I would rather go to Creamfields or Reading in the summer (and also if I can get away without camping as I'm a little over that). I like museums and galleries, and also spending all night dancing to bleepy house music. I'm happy in a dinner suit or a t-shirt.
I don't claim to like everything though. I don't like hip-hop, trance, jazz, blockbuster action films, watching football or ITV, people who get your/you're wrong or pronounce "h" as "haitch". And I'm not constantly doing things. I like to be busy but I like a weekend doing nothing too.

I don't offend easily. If you don't take yourself too seriously then basically everything can be fun if you want it to be.

I am looking for someone intelligent, well travelled and educated who can make me laugh. Oh, and devastatingly beautiful too, but you're not looking for some one ugly either are you.
I like tall girls, or girls who like wearing high heels.
I'm very tactile, I don't like too much distance in a relationship.

If any of this sounds interesting then let me know.
I’m really good at
Maths, spelling, grammar, other useful academic exploits.
Pub quizzes (as long as they are proper ones with questions about current affairs, history, general knowledge, not ones full of X Factor, and soap operas *sniffs haughtily and peers down nose*).
Condescension (see above).
Using long words (see above)
Making fun of myself (all of the above)
The first things people usually notice about me
People say I have nice teeth.
Mainly old ladies say that to me actually, but you've got to get your compliments from somewhere.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like books (proper literature, not pulp) and reading, but never do it enough. I'm one of those people who reads tonnes on holiday and then says "I must read more and watch less tv". And then of course I do no such thing. Fail.

Movies: documentaries, drama, acting, foreign. Don't like blockbusters, action, horror.

Shows: Plays yes, musicals no, no, no.

Music: indie rock, house (all varieties), electro, some pop. Don't much care for metal, jazz, musicals (did I mention that already?).
I'm more Radio 1 than Radio 2, even though I'm not really that young any more.

Food: Like spicy, Asian (Indian etc), Middle eastern, Greek, Italian, some French and Spanish. Also like organic, high quality food in general. Don't like cheap, nasty food, or bland boring food.
Six things I could never do without
Physical affection
Intelligent conversation
New experiences/constant learning
Good food and wine
On a typical Friday night I am
having a takeaway and an early night after going out every week night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like tall girls. I like to have eye levels close. And I think it's sexy if she is taller than me (in heels or not). I don't find it intimidating, it's fun.
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