31Kitchener, Canada
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My self-summary
The more time I spend here searching for someone to spend my time with, the more I come to realize more clearly what I want and what I don't. I really do feel like it's a bit of a needle in a haystack kind of search but I stay optimistic. I am only looking for one, the right one. If I don't reply to your message it's because I know what I want. I'm not into wasting your time or mine. I hope you can respect that.

The first thing you might notice about me is...
My freckles?! My smile?! Oh, who are we kidding... guys are guys.. you notice my chesticles ( . ) ( . ), but my smile is a close second.. you should check it out!
You should message me if
You are:

- a music lover
- creative
- adventurous
- not married/separated (don't want to get in the middle of that drama!)
- willing to meet in person fairly soon after chatting, if we have a connection why waste time?! (I'm not looking for a pen pal)
- looking to date and are open to the idea of something more long term IF we happen to find that illusive connection
- intellectual and silly (sometimes at the same time!)
- interesting (at least to me!)
- animal lover (it's ok if you eat meat... I do too - tough habit to kick!)
- humorous (or at least willing to laugh at me!)
- career oriented (it's ok if your not a rocket scientist... it's a bonus if you love what you do!)
- family oriented (family isn't perfect but that's what makes family family!)
- do not believe in ghosting - this one is huge! (Being online makes it easy to not behave like a respectable person... if for any reason things change and you aren't interested just say so. I promise to understand and respect you more for at least saying it. Disappearing is lame and really is just a reflection of who you are. So don't be that guy!)

Go ahead send me a message... what've you go to lose? And please, send more than just "hey, how are you?" - this goes back to the being creative part. I look forward to hearing from you! :)
The two of us