44Budapest, Hungary
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My self-summary

Ancient wisdom teachs that knowledge is an illusion. I've "known" many for years, decades, only to find them stangers. Then I'll meet you and look into your eyes and "know" that I have "known" you for centuries. We have no need for facts, merely truths. The heart speaks volumes while the mind utters mere non-sense trying to sound impressive. What would you know of me? That I'm a rich man without money? That I'm free without being independant? That I'm a nocturn that loves the sun? A libertarian and a fascist? An aetheist with many gods? That I'll support both the cause of chaos and order? That I spend every second living and dying? That I live in the crossroads of Heaven and Hell? I spend my life alone in a crowd and with abundant company when on my own? Paradox after paradox it might seem... that's where knowledge gets you. Every one of these statements and so much more is true for I have ever been a paradox without contradiction. Now I seek a key to open a door that isn't locked, to free a bird that has already flown... It's a key I'll never have but never be without... it's such an obvious thing despite it's clever hiding space. These are the things you should know. Or maybe not... maybe you should never know these things... can you bear to know them? Can you live in a universe where these things can be true and still make sense? Perhaps it is better if you know merely my heart, that it is so ready to love when I find a woman ready to accept that love. Perhaps you should merely know my mind, full of patience and understanding, ready to aid you on a spiritual quest even as you aid me on my own. There is so much to know... and it is ultimately so much of nothing. Make of it what you will... These are only so many words and as much as I enjoy words, they are nothing but a means for deception and miscommunication. The heart sounds nothing but a quiet beating and that says it all. Listen to my heart and I shall listen to yours. That is all I ask for, all I want, all I need.

I enjoy making love to wonderful women and occasionally merely having sex with those who are merely beautiful; it is always best when I can combine the two. ;) I also enjoy philosophy, politics, history, psychology, sociology, religion, mythology, and any subject I can sink my teeth into for a good debate. I enjoy being disagreeable, but it should never be taken too seriously nor personally. I enjoy playing games, especially those that can really make you feel involved and/or challenge your mind. I enjoy writing about anything and everything and reading about almost as much. I enjoy drawing designs and occasionally cartoons. I enjoy designing and wearing clothing that looks appropriate to "The Road Warrior" and similar movies. I enjoy a movie or film with a good plot, good casting, and good director. I enjoy a dry, dark, and/or sarcastic sense of humour. I enjoy eating spicy foods and drinking a woman's nectar, preferably from the source. I enjoy travelling: seeing new places and meeting new people. I enjoy doing things I have never done before. I enjoy long walks and long drives. I enjoy various types of music. I enjoy the moon at night and the sun in the day. I enjoy listening to drum circles. I enjoy the company of lunatics and freaks. I enjoy a day in Washington Square, Thompson Square, or Central Park. I enjoy museums of art, history, nature. I enjoy lending my ears to whomever needs them. I enjoy lending advice even to those who will never take it. I enjoy looking at women, especially those with a full figure and a nice face. I enjoy getting lost in my thoughts or lost on the road. I enjoy everything so long as there is something to enjoy and when there is nothing, I can enjoy that too. I enjoy theatre and live performances. I enjoy Life, Love, Liberty, and EnLightenment in whatever degrees I may obtain these unobtainable things. I enjoy sharing my experiences and hearing the experiences of others. I enjoy knowing that those I love and care about are happy. I enjoy making music though I have neither skill nor talent at it. Same will billiards and darts. I enjoy both hearing and telling truth to the point where many would complain "that's too much information". I enjoy hearing lies just to see how ridiculous people can be. I enjoy carving my own path in life. I enjoy knowing that death no longer scares me even though I have no wish to die. I enjoy knowing that I have no idea where tomorrow might take me and I make no effort to find that out. Any suprize which does not kill me makes me happy.

My highest ambition in Life is merely to Love and to be Loved. It is not that I have no other goals, but rather that I perceive all other aspirations as being significantly lower. Without Love, there is... ...Nothing at all.

I am noetic, esemplastic, and passionate
What I’m doing with my life
By day, I am the "Technical Writer" for Howdy Group Kft.. Howdy Group is a startup company which is creating a revolutionary new social network software which shall be marketed through Eastern Europe and Asia.

By evening, I am the owner of and the sole teacher and consultant for Flux Szerviz Bt., which specializes in English and Information Techology services. Our [sic.] moto is "Changing Services for a Changing World".

By night, though naturally nocturnal, lately I sleep too much, but I'm currently making up for working too much. When I'm not working or sleeping, I watch DVDs, read books, write, draw, and explore the cultural wonders of Budapest. I'm also still a "recovering" internet junkie with a really bad jonesing for myspace (a.k.a. "mycrack").

However, as I return to equilibrium, I hope to devote more time and energy into music, drawings, and writing.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at many things. Boasting isn't one, but neither is modesty.

Computer Science and Information Technology is my bread and butter. My talents with infernal machines were observed at a very young age (at least, by the standards of my peers; today kids probably start younger). However, while my early life was largely devoted to programming and telecommunications, after my first year of college, I'd learn to hate them, and long for more creative and social activities.

I have dabbled and shown a talent for both design and music, but while I am proud of my abilities, I admit my skills in these areas are undernourished.

I consider my forte to be creative writing. As time allows and inspiration hits, I write autobiography, fiction, stageplays, screenplays, philosophy, literary criticism, random essays, and the mandatory bad poetry (and occasionally some good poetry too). I don't currently have any books out though I have numerous pieces ready for publication, including two stage plays and two screen plays. However, I have a poem published in the National Poetry Society's "Mists of Enchantment" and I will have an philosophical essay published in Rakasha Books forthcoming "Sanginomicon".
The first things people usually notice about me
Until recently, the first thing people used to notice was my spiked leather jacket. However, not being the peacock I used to be -- and often coming and going directly or indirectly to or from work --, I don't wear it so often.

Still, I have long hair and am a bit of a dandy in style, usually wearing chains and leather boots, even with a suit and tie.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books:

Sometimes I'm a complete bookworm... other times, I haven't the attention span to make it through a page. When I read, my interests are ecclectic: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Historical Fiction, History, Sociology, Psychology, Politics, Religion, Magick, Mysticism.... Favorites include (but are not limited to) Roger Zelazny's Chronical's of Amber, J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Frank Herbert's Dune, George Orwell's 1984, Dave Wolverton's On My Way to Paradise, Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn, Dan Simmons' Carrion Comfort and Hyperion, James Clavell's Tia-Pan, Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power, Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law, and Satprem's The Sanyassi.

Favorite music:

Too much to list here -- moreso since I'm feeling lazy. I like a lot of old heavy metal, old punk, old gothic, old industrial, classical, blues, next wave... really anything where the musicans are creative and putting their heart into it. But some of my favourites are:

* Souxsie and the Banshees
* Einsturzende Neubauten
* Killing Joke
* Sisters of Mercy
* Black Sabbath
* Deep Purple
* Judas Priest
* Alice Cooper
* Nine Inch Nails
* The Cult
* The Cure
* The Ramones
* Sex Pistols

I also make some of my own music. Check out Nil von 9wo at Acid Planet.

Favorite movies:

Again, too much to list, but some of my favourites are:

* It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
* The Producers (the original)
* Falling Down
* Star Wars (original saga)
* Fifth Element
* Marx Brothers
* Monty Python

Favorite foods:

* Japanese
* Korean
* Thai
* Indian
* Persian
* Ethiopian
Six things I could never do without

* Air
* Water
* Food
* Shelter
* Clothing
* My Neck


* Intelligence
* Creativity
* Passion (especially Love and Lust)
* Dreams (without which, we have no future)
* Humour (what's the point without pleasure?)
* Adventure (repetition breads a bordum which makes death interesting)
On a typical Friday night I am
I prefer not to have "typical" nights.

All the same, of recent, I've been reclusive, catching up on sleep or in front of the infernal machine.

I am HOWEVER, eager to change this pattern and am open to most non-self destructive suggestions (at least so far as they may fit within a modest budget).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to admit many things, but there is nothing I feel the need to disclose and I'm not looking to shock anyone (not that anyone with a reasonable amount of life experience would be shocked by).

So, I'll save the private things for discrete moments with those who truly desire and/or deserve to know.

All I'll say for the moment is "I'm not a saint. I don't even play one on TV".
You should message me if
* You can inspire artistically.

* You can challenge me intellectually.

* You can be someone to love.

* You can be someone to lust for.

* You will requite such affections.

* You will make me feel vital (in more ways than one).

I am looking to make new friends and acquaintences here, before I shoot of for parts yet to be determined. If a bond is formed so strong as that I might stay, well, so much the better.

I'm an adventurous sort, so my definition of activity is fairly broad and open minded. However, not being inclined towards decadence and falling squarely within Plato's "most unfortunate class", it does have limitations. But those are things we can discuss.

Mostly, I am looking for someone to inspire me. As an artist, I'll work with most any medium: drawing, writing, music -- just give me a muse. (Allow me to say I consider making Love the highest art, but few women can inspire me such.)
The two of us