29Cardiff, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am Fox.

I'm emotional and cerebral and passionate. I love discussing emotion, beliefs and knowledge. I love expressing myself verbally, through writing and through creating art. I love learning about others.

I am somewhere between introverted and extroverted. I'm intense and analytical but also prone to gigglefits, making dirty jokes in the right company and picking people up and twirling them around. I love beautiful spaces but am not naturally tidy, which is an internal battle.

I love to laugh, engage in hyperactivity and silliness, debate philosophy, play fight and battle with nerf swords, do aerial silks, photograph and be photographed, write, paint, collage, draw, sing (badly) watch and discuss interesting movies, play creative or immersive video games with people I like, listen to and tell life stories, cuddle, travel, buy clothes, spend time around plants and animals, light candles and eat tasty food with others.

Before, I write anything further: I am happily non-monogamous. Limiting oneself emotionally (or sexually) doesn't make sense to me and I believe one can love more than one, full-heartedly, in different ways. I am no pro hierachy in relationships, though recognise all relationships can look a different way.

However, I am not seeking anything casual. While I can find someone attractive, based on looks, there's little pleasure in sexuality for me without some sort of emotional bond. Thus, I seek friendship, foremost, whether ultimately platonic or otherwise.

Note: Many answers to my questions are in need of an update and may not correctly reflect my current stances.

[Note II: I'm currently in a state of chronic illness (ME is my current diagnosis), this impacts on my ability to do many of the outdoors above in a regular way. But adventuresome is still me on the inside. I'm more of an indoors creature at this time.]

I am sensitive, creative, and intuitive.
What I’m doing with my life
Raising a new baby cat called Neblina. Pushing myself out of comfort zones. Feeling a lot of love. Planning adventures. Working on recovery from M.E.

Seeking meaningful activity, currently. Trying to structure my days so I have learning and some variety in them as well as rest. Forewarned - I am currently in invisible illness and not employed form. OkCupid seems to reckon this makes me less ambitious. Whilst I am not money or career-focused, I do not feel that this is correct. I love making art more than most other activities. Putting marks down until something gradually appears and eventually feels right makes me happy and sustains me. Although, I am not yet that technically experienced. I make pictures and write things and am firmly intending to apply to study illustration. I am working on a book of imaginary creatures that pertains to emotional health outside of traditional relationship set ups. This book involves lizards, which is a large part of why I think about them so much. Eventually, I wish to work in psychotherapy/art therapy. I also want to take part in the revolution that I may or may not start =3

Previously, I've done a number of odd jobs. I've worked with middle school and high school students with special educational needs. I worked in retail and then as an art model in the evenings.
I’m really good at
• Remaining child-like in the way I see the world and the enjoyment I take in things.
• Seeing beauty in others and all that is around me.
• Associative thinking and rambling.
• Dark-humour
• Being open even in uncomfortable situations because I can't bear a lack of clarity and I'd rather get caught up in tangles for a while than let tangles of lies grow bigger.
• Perceiving patterns, archetypes, meanings and energies in life and enjoying turning that perception into art and writing.
• Fast-reflexes
• Not giving in to tiredness unless I want to
• Cuddling and giving massages
Photography - capturing people's energy (my camera is like another limb to me).
• Staying still for extended periods of time (Art modelling)
The first things people usually notice about me
Nervous energy. Indeterminate accent (I grew up in Belgium.) A curvy, muscular, squishy/slightly overweight body, quite hyperactive but capable of decorum. Often wearing worn clothes. Messy hair. Sometimes dark eyemakeup. It has been commented that I come across as youthful.

It has also been commented on that I come across much less seriously and more warmly in person than from my profile by people I've met from OkCupid.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read. But my reading speed has gone down in recent years and my mind is very moody with books. I'll refuse a book until it feels like the right time and then gobble it in one go:

Books: speculative fiction, dystopian, fairytale, children's tales, atmospheric dreamy books, magical realism, the odd graphic novel or fantasy and non-fiction: philosophy, sexuality, biology, ecology, politics, medicine, psychiatry, anti-psychiatry, primarily. Note: I am currently 'reading' a lot via audiobook. Good for tired brain and cuddling cat.

oryx and crake - margaret atwood, the handmaid's tale - margret atwood, the little prince - antoine de st exupery, the beauty myth - naomi wolf, stranger in a strange land - robert heinlein, fantastic mr. fox - roald dahl, the book thief: - markus zusak, the night circus - erin morgenstern two girls: fat and thin - mary gaitskill, the wind up bird chronicle - haruki murakami, moon palace - paul auster, 1984 - george orwell, hater - david moody, his dark materials - philip pullman, the hunger game trilogy - suzanne collins, the harry potter series - j.k. rowling, we3, rover red charlie, rat queens

share with me fiction that changes my world, and you've given me more than I could ever ask for.

Movies: I have a special attraction to the post apocalyptic, the imaginative, and space horror.

mad max: fury road, the dark crystal, labyrinth, the bfg, sunshine, book of eli, looper, dark city, the company of wolves, moon, coraline, howl's moving castle, spirited away, the nightmare before christmas, nausicaa of the valley of the wind, the holy mountain, ghost in the shell II: innocence, secretary, collateral, into the wild, the matrix trilogy, v for vendetta, the fifth element, fight club, ghost dog, zatoichi, tremors I & II, hanna, the thing, they live, blade runner, dredd, mad max & mad max II, , gattaca, byzantium, war games, fantastic beasts and where to find them, snatch, american beauty, american psycho, a beautiful mind, how to train your dragon, tangled.

Most of the films on this list have made my heart or mind trill in some way. Talk to me about film <3

Shows: vikings, breaking bad, six feet under, game of thrones, true blood, the walking dead, dexter, lost, house m.d., outlander, daredevil, fringe, attack on titan, humanity has declined, adventure time, steven universe, ru paul's drag-race, broad city

Music: I certainly know what I like when I hear it and music has a powerful effect on my mood, but music is the area I am the least well versed in. Some things I have enjoyed: silversun pickups, shiny toy guns, tettix, bignic, nine inch nails, m83, kavinsky, perturbator, seeed, sleeping dog, azure ray, fever ray, placebo, kate havnevik, explosions in the sky, sigur ros, t.A.T.u., butterfly boucher, jewel, goldfrapp, the killers, ladytron, client, the weepies, ingrid michaelson, aimee mann, laura veirs, sia, susan enan, sarah mclachlan, roisin murphy, felix da housecat, underworld

Food: I feel quite a bit of love for most things that are not a mushroom (mushrooms are *wrong*) Above all, I like vegetables and fresh food. I am very fond of thai, vietnamese, chinese, japanese, tapas, mexican, italian - if only for all the creative pasta shapes :) I also have a special affinity for breakfast foods and peanut butter.

Games: demon's souls, the void, dishonored, shadow of the colossus, warhammer 40 000: dawn of war, men of war, terraria, sims 2 & 3, borderlands, dead island, startopia, hotline miami, zelda series, they bleed pixels, cards against humanity, ghost stories
Six things I could never do without
Love: friendships, loves, caring and feeling cared for.
Openness: clarity with others and within my head, a flow of information into and from my mind.
Hope: a sense of faith and purpose
Writing: I am at my happiest when I am able to transmit feeling to words
Something to create pictures with: if pushed to choose - an slr camera, but painting materials would be good too.
Connection: to the world and to others, through all the senses and, yes, through the the internet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about lizards more than the average person. Nihilism versus sensuality and magic. The Ego. Mental health. Non-monogamy and solutions for dealing with uncomfortable feelings that might arise within. Writing ideas, painting in my head, writing journal entries in my head, processing my emotions, the people I love, sex and sexuality, loves and lovers, my inner world, the ego, emotionality versus cerebrality, interesting awkward feelings, vulnerability, revolution, the universe and deity, recipes, noticing archetypes, seasons and characters, biology, nutrition, health, words, healing emotional wounds and breaking logical loops I get caught in. How to monetize whimsy and skulk past society. Also about whatever book I am reading and a number of games - Specifically The Void, at the moment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ideally, I'd be engaged in animated conversation or heading outdoors to adventure. In general, the more time I spend outdoors, the better I feel.

However recently, it's often snuggled up with someone I care about or reading in my reading nook under the stairs or watching one of the many films filed under 'to be seen' on my overly organised film watching list.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tend to be willing to admit quite personal things. I don't guard my stories.

For now, I will say:

I experience a certain amount of gustatory synesthesia.

I find concrete, cars and coin difficult. I'm not good at being employed for very long. I basically never have any money most of the time, so it is the cheap but wonderful things I like to enjoy with friends, mostly.

I draw strange little comics usually involving animals or shape people to help me communicate feelings. In my healthy states I journal an unusually large amount.

I'm aware my profile is more intense and in-depth than optimum but I figure it might at least deter people looking for background noise and small-talk from contacting me.
You should message me if
If you enjoy intensity.

You have an understanding or respect for my need to pace myself, for my health.

I seek intelligent beings. I'd like to meet curious and questioning people, with passion and confidence. I'd like to meet energetic people who value their madness and wildness.

I'm usually immediately friendly and open with people and I value confidence in others, but I also require space and don't appreciate presumptuousness, at all. I like people who are animal but it's also essential that they are courteous.

You're fascinated by natural sciences, botany, zoology (especially herpetology) and ecology. But you realise my interest is just a fizzing curiosity and that I'm no expert.

I am attracted to lots of different people. But it occurs to me that I seem to like Eldritch men or strangely Rustic or archetypal women who look like they don't like live in the modern world, as such and anyone in between or mix-thereof. Yeah. If you reckon you look rustic, eldritch or archetypal, I might think you're pretty. None of those are prerequisites.

Or, If you have a lovable canine I can enjoy vicariously.
The two of us