41 Piscataway, United States
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My self-summary
Well what can I say? My biggest strengths are a great sense of humor and strong loyalty to my friends. I'm a laid-back person with a weird but great sense of humor. I'm a bit on the geeky side. I'm not an intellectual but I do like a good deep conversation and I'll talk about things like Shakespeare or Einstein's Theory of Relativity any time, even if I don't completely know what I'm talking about :). It can take some time to really get to know me, but it's well worth it. I can seem shy at first, but I always warm up quickly. As the ABBA/Erasure song goes, "Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me!"

People say I'm kind of a throwback. Yes I tend to get nostalgic and I like 80s music and shun the "latest fashion", and... oh ok I guess I am.

At first I was kind of hesitant to put up a profile like this. It's not easy going back to school after several years away. At first it felt weird and a bit intimidating being around so many younger people, but I've learned to just go with the flow and fit in. I realize that I'm still kind of a kid at heart myself and I've since found several really good friends here and now I often forget the age difference completely.

I love meeting new people and hanging out. 'Nuff said. Anyway I'm always looking to meet new friends so give me a try. Couldn't hurt, right? :)

I am humorous, friendly, and honest
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm a grad student at Rutgers University majoring in Math Education. I'm finishing up my masters soon and will be moving on to an EdD (that's Doctor of Education) program in the fall. My goal is to revolutionize the world of math education! Err, ok maybe not, but I want to be a college math professor. I want to be different than all the tenured research people who look at teaching as a nuisance. I want to be everything I've ever wanted myself in a math teacher. I want to help people understand because lack of understanding is what scares too many people away from math - that, and people teaching the subject who are either lousy at their job or, even worse, don't care.

Other than that I'm living on campus at Rutgers trying to re-live my youth (hahaha) :). I was in the computer field for several years but I just wasn't happy and I knew that if I didn't make a change "now" (2 years ago) then I'd never do it. I believe it's not a sin to know what you want to do in life and go after it, even if it means going back to school at 28. Sometimes you just gotta do it! I haven't regretted a single day.
I’m really good at
Damn I hate answering this question cuz I really don't think I'm great at anything. My humility is what keeps me from getting full of myself. At a job interview once it was noted how I don't list being expert at anything. She said that she basically throws out resumes with the word "expert" in them because only a rare few are true experts at ANYTHING.

I think I'm pretty good at conversation. I'm fun to be around cuz I'm always thinking of humorous things to say and I do awesome voices! I'm also good at math and computers but why would you want to read about that boring stuff?
The first things people usually notice about me
Personality, I'd say. I'm a fairly good conversationalist and I have kind of a wacky sense of humor. I wish I could say looks. Heh, I'm working on that part. I do think I have nice legs though. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Don't get to read much these days. The last book I read cover to cover was John Saul's "The God Project" over a year ago. The guy's a master horror novelist.

B) Movies? Omg I could go on and on! I love dramas, especially psychological thrillers. Second would be sci-fi/fantasy. I like comedies too but they have to be SMART comedies (well thought-out plots, clever humor), not some ghetto/cheap jokes/Rob Schneider crap. I love movies that make you THINK. Turn-offs are shoot-em-up action movies and anything that doesn't require an IQ over 80 to understand. The following should give you a good idea:

Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars saga, Artificial Intelligence, Dead Poets' Society, Titanic, Mr. Holland's Opus, Rudy, The Cider House Rules, The Day After Tomorrow, A Beautiful Mind, Rudy, The Butterfly Effect, Back To The Future, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fargo, Sleepers, Pleasantville.

As far as TV shows, I don't get to watch TV too much, but I like South Park, Numb3rs, Law & Order.

C) I'm very diverse when it comes to music. In any single day I could go from classical to Simple Plan. Favorites are rock/pop, alternative, 80s, and classical. I'm kind of nostalgic. Turn-offs - Rap/R&B/hip-hop and death metal. And if you're a Bruce Springsteen or Erasure fan then I'm in love with you already! :)

D) Italian and Chinese. Oh and I'm Jewish so every now and then I HAVE to have matzoh ball soup, bagels with lox, gefilte fish and kugel!
The six things I could never do without
Ok this question is misleading so besides the obvious life-sustaining stuff like food, water, shelter, contacts/glasses, etc., I'd say (in no particular order): friendship, health, money (enough to live at least semi-comfortably), intelligence, my computer, and (hopefully) YOU :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Omg, again, I could just go on and... you know, just about everything. I'm a dreamer. Whether it's daydreaming or just random thoughts or planning my future. I don't want to go into anything too specific here because I just love thinking about profound topics and having deep discussions. I think about math, science, history, philosophy...

A good friend of mine put it best - I'm a dreamer. Most people my age have careers, spouses, and some even have kids. The last two are not for me, at least not yet. Two years ago I realized I refused to be stuck in a go-nowhere career the rest of my life. Coming back to college after a few years away hasn't been easy, but nothing worth it ever is. I always dream of a better life and ways to make that come true. As George Bernard Shaw once said, "Some people see things as they are and ask 'why?' I dream things that never were and ask, 'Why not?'" Yes and I love quotes, glasses
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have a fixed schedule. I could be home reading or watching TV or studying, I could be chilling at my friends' rooms, or going out with said friends. I could be anywhere. I'm like a quantized electron - you never know where I might be.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Dude, I'm GAY! I like guys. It took me so long to admit even that much, that I think anything else would pale in comparison. Oh and I'm a briefs man 8-O

And I also, for some reason, find guys with glasses to be a turn-on, especially if they're a bit on the geeky side.
You should message me if
... if you like this profile, duh :). Someone there's someone out there who's something like me. Two people that are too much alike can be boring. Diversity in a relationship is good. But you gotta look for some compatibility and commonality, no?

Please note that nothing I say here is "set in stone" - just take them as GENERAL guidelines.

I'm looking for someone who has a good sense of humor, and knows what he wants in life (I don't mean have the next 20 years mapped out, but have at least some vague goal of what it is that you want). You should be somewhat intelligent and witty. Again, I'm neither an intellectual nor a rocket scientist and I'm not looking for one. Just be reasonably mature and have a good head on your shoulders. You should like the outdoors and like doing activities outdoors. I'm not THE most physically active person out there and I'm not your "rugged outdoorsman" but I like spending time outdoors, hiking, playing sports, etc. I also work out 3-4 times a week. Just don't be a couch potato. Be able to be as comfortable with yourself as you are with others. I'm not a party animal - I love going to small parties and meeting people but I also like more intimate or small group situations.

In terms of age, I often act like 21-22 anyway so I really don't care too much about that. I do like younger guys, I'll admit it. But it's mostly because I think I have more in common with them.

Physically? Well I'm human, and being as such looks are at least somewhat important. However I have to say that what I find physically attractive may be a bit unusual. I like guys who are at least average to a bit above average size. Whether it's muscle or a bit of baby fat, I actually think a little padding is a good thing.

Oh btw I find glasses kind of a turn-on. Can't explain why, but there it is! :)