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My self-summary
Chase / Cut: I'm essentially Marxist + Humanist + Futurist

I'm connecting dots and looking for the Truth, learning and developing my own theories.
[ someone challenged that all truths are relative - they are not. some truths are relative / subjective, but many are objective. do you want world history to be my opinion, or a list of verifiable facts? enough said. decide how little truth you can operate with. ] Taken to an abstract enough level, all things are relative to the point that relativism is irrelevant, so I'm not going that far off the deep end. I like footing.

Laughing and making others laugh regularly.
I ran into these...these kids are hilarious. - faster grandma - less is more or less
and this made me laugh

Spelling and grammar mistakes don't bother me; I know that language is just a tool, I'm looking for the intent / meaning. Besides, language is evolving and spelling and grammar change.

The person I'm looking for: A kind person, not just to me but to humanity. Someone who sees the not so hidden global events, and realizes cooperation is the only solution.

ps... all of the links in the rest of my profile are very informative, and I urge everyone to watch them, even if you don't agree with my world view.

Here's a short video I just ran into that exemplifies my disposition.
Here's a longer video which explains what I'm partly trying to tell people.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend time thinking / analyzing / discussing / writing, sometimes creating music, sometimes designing things, sometimes fixing things, sometimes building things, learning as often as possible. And I work a lot. In case anyone is wondering... I'm an Architect. Occupying Wall Street and the Zeitgeist Movement. - this one video summarizes everything I'm saying - long now narrative - useful as an introduction - useful as an introduction - useful as an introduction - useful as an introduction
If you agree with these, you will love talking with me. I am one of these people innovating ideas, thinking outside the box. There is no spoon.

I'm working on concepts that may become commonplace one day: theories of how society should be reorganized, how to produce sustainable energy, how the brain works, what institutions are doing to us, why Culture / Philanthropy / Profit as established are destructive, stuff like that. I have long argued for the end of work. Exalted living awaits.

The difference between me and most people is in how I define the problem and which problem I focus on.
I’m really good at
Analytical thinking, logical reasoning, articulating, perception. Asking good questions. Empathy. Knowing what I'm feeling. As cerebral as I am, I'm equally emotional.

Looking at the really big picture, the superstructure. It's the overarching pattern of how things connect, why they occur, why I care. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
All the wrong things unfortunately... ;-)
OK, it's really that I tell the truth. And in that vein... I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell the ladies something... Ladies, high heels have become a veritable arms race... taller, and taller still. Do the 5'-8" and taller ladies realize that the less tall women wear high heels to become taller... so they can approach your stature? So when 5'-10 and 6'-0" tall women wear 5" heels, you do realize you're eliciting stilts in response, yes? OK, as long as everyone is clear on that. Has anyone heard of flats / practical shoes / quick getaway? That way I might not have so many lonely nights? I'm sure your legs and the rest look great in those too. Be right back, let me check... as I suspected, perfect. O.O
I hope people recognize this is a little bit of humor, right?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In this section, long ago, I wrote about and edited out a brief explanation of why I watch movies that expose the horrors of human actions... some of the movies are still listed below. This is why. Humanity is depending on someone to save it. That someone is us. You're not living in the real world if you avoid reality all day every day. Here, watch this, it is just someone explaining how to be fully realized and fully alive.

I'll watch all sorts of movies, and I will avoid some popular ones on purpose, but I most like movies that make me think or feel deeply: The Matrix / Tears of the Sun / We Were Soldiers / A Walk To Remember / Zeitgeist Addendum / Collapse / many others

I don't read books very often, preferring instead to think for myself. If I do read anything, it's usually minds and between the lines, there's lots of information there. Actually, I read a lot of bits and pieces of things online... fragments. Everything in our world is encoded with information, and everything you encounter can transmit a lot of information, if you're perceptive (really open minded without bias, and receptive to wisdom higher than your own - i.e. humble). Think of it as the Cliff Notes of Everything. When I say I'm connecting dots, I'm connecting these bits of encoded information, because they can't be filtered to suit an agenda or impression... so they carry the truth. The trick is, to not force your observations to defend a position you already hold... you must simply observe and make note of the information... allow the mind to construct the epiphanies. That's what looking for the Truth means. The same genius that brilliant minds tap into is available to everyone, if only people would tap into it. Seriously. After you do it for a bit, you get pretty good at it, just like learning a language when you were a toddler. As for reading books, everyone should read Albert Einstein's social critiques, Buckminster Fuller's social critiques, Michael Parenti, Karl Marx, Jacques Fresco, Howard Zinn, people like that. Put down the entertainment for a little bit, there's other work to be done right now. But remember, they weren't 100% right, they were mostly right. You'll have to fill in where new information proves part of their position invalid. However, they were mostly right, just so you know.

I like all kinds of music / sounds with some exceptions.

Food - I do cook. I like most types of food. Southeast Asian and French especially. I try to be an omnivore so I can eat anything, but not necessarily everything.
Six things I could never do without
I don't need anything, not even me. [Someone asked me what I might have meant by the ending. No, I'm not nihilistic. I was simply thinking lack of things does not define me, and taken further, I don't need to be defined.] Some people can't imagine not being alive... I just am alive. I have a lot of crap by the way, so it's not that my apartment is bare, no, I need to eliminate if anything. But I can walk out of the apartment and leave it all behind. That's the point.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'll tell you my secret here. As an intelligent human being, all through life, you have to reevaluate what you should focus on, what's most pressing, what needs someone's attention, what is being ignored. It's an evolving thing, ever changing... some part of a decade it might be political intrigue; some other decade it might be military intervention, or collapse of nations, or terrorist insurgents, or LIES. That's the thing I'm usually thinking about. In today's world, there is 1 extremely pressing situation that cannot be ignored, but it is being avoided, by just about everyone. Right now I'm thinking about this:

Why have the Bankers decided to buy out the Politicians, Judges and Militaries, so they can overthrow the global financial system to impoverish us all, so they can imprison us in debt slavery, again. Why? What callous demented dirt bags do something like that to other people? Who?

The impending financial / social collapse. The financial mess is a scam... Finance is overthrowing the world's governments in a planned coup which has been in the making for a very long time... actually longer. The global financial oligarchs hope to revert us back to a feudal state. We're now at the tipping point, where we all either resist across the whole globe in a show of overwhelming collective strength, or we fall prey and they win. As I repeatedly point out, to defeat darkness, we only need courage. The amount of courage we need is the same. So if 1 person is asked to save humanity, that person needs a hell of a lot of courage. But if 5,000,000 people show up, then we only need 1/5,000,000th of a hell of a lot of courage, which trust me, is very small indeed. So people have to care, and actually do something collectively. Bradley Manning was right, Julian Assange was right, Gandhi was right, King was right, they should not have had to do it alone. And as you can see, it doesn't work when we force those types of individuals to do it alone.

The never ending cycles of instability have to stop, for the sake of future generations. We can do better, there's no doubt about that. The solution to defeating the NWO / Bliderberg / CFR / IMF / BIS is not in enhanced self-interest as the Libertarian right will argue, in fact, that only feeds the black hole that is the banking cartel, greed. The true solution is extreme cooperation, sharing, building community. That floods the black hole with a virus, love.

Many people won't believe me... so here, former government officials and average citizens saying the same things I said. Listen for problems, not solutions, it's up to you to come up with the solutions. p1 p2 p3 p4

03.31.13: Not the best links perhaps, but Cyprus is here, and it's everywhere.

Would you ever want anyone to treat your spouse / children as you treat others socio-econo-politically?

I spend a lot of time thinking about HER...
On a typical Friday night I am
what are you offering?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
OK, I'll admit it: I chose to deploy my wit and charm to attract you. Did it work? Really?

Truth about me is, I'm a very laid back down to earth guy... sometimes intense. I am very normal and if it wasn't for my brain and heart, you would not be able to distinguish me from most other men... I like museums and art, obviously... I used to run cross country, I love running, but need to protect my knees; I like non-competitive tennis - volleying back and forth; i like frisbee, hiking, bicycle riding, throwing a baseball around, canoeing, rowing, sailing scares me a bit, camping, climbing, rappelling, most anything related to endurance; I want to buy a motorcycle; I want to buy some raw land in a rural area and build a home, I mean actually build it. I am very tactile. I chose my ideals over companionship. I want to find someone who I can talk with, someone who thinks the kinds of things I think. I want to find someone with whom I can share reading out loud. I want an enduring and intense romance. See, I told you I was normal. I get along best with women... I grew up with 3 sisters...but I have mostly male friends. I've always been age / gender neutral in how I address people... they're just people. I am the oldest.
You should message me if
Please feel free to message me for any reason if you're so inclined; men don't have to make the first move, that's so 19th century. I hope you don't hate emoticons because they amuse me always. I'll be pleased if you want to read to me or vice versa... even more pleased if you want to get tactile and vice versa. :-)
The two of us