38San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
AAArrrghh!! This is like the first day of a new class when the instructor wants everyone to go around the room and say something about themselves. Does anyone enjoy this process?

Well If i have to then here goes.. I am caring without being smothering I am idealistic without being naive. I am strong without being authoritative. I am sensitive without being a pushover.I am relaxed but rigid when it is needed. I prefer quiet to loud. I prefer to stand back and watch and wait. I love the smell of the ground after it rains on a hot day. I hate cliche's but they are there for a reason. I dont know why but i have always wanted to be stranded on a deserted island. I would give my life for any of my true friends. I LOVE DOGS!
I miss huge summer thunderstorms. I LOVE MOVIES! seriously I love movies! ( Not blockbuster Action movies or derivitave shit movies ,but truly great movies) I dont think I could ever live away from the ocean. I wish i could live in the middle of nowhere next to the ocean and be a fisherman. I prefer substance to gloss. I am very coardinated and "good with my hands". I have a very strong work ethic (thanks dad) I love to talk about current affairs. I will NEVER let chivalry die. Pleasing you pleases me. I hope you liked my stream of conscious self-summary. It seemed more entertaining than the standard summary.
What I’m doing with my life
WOAH!!! WOAH!!!! WOAH!!!!!!! What are you my parents ok cupid? lets not go there right now ok .
I’m really good at
1) Making people feel at ease when I sense that they are stressed out.
2) Taking charge when it is needed.
3) Hanging back when it is needed
4) Crossing all of the I's and dotting the T's "shit I fucked that one up again"
5) kissing!!!!!
6) pointing out the absurdity of something and lightening the mood
7) backrubs, anything massage oriented. once i feel comfortable with someone.
8) I have the absurd ability of knowing what song is playing on the radio within the first few seconds of hearing it. Either I have the most useless superpower or ive had too many jobs involving driving and being stuck with the radio.
9) throwing surprise party"s
10) romantic couples skating at a rollerdisco!
11) trying really hard to cook you an amazing romantic meal only to have it fall apart and we end up going out instead. I really wanted it to be great!!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
The funny thing about being a quiet person is that people tend to get the wrong idea about you. Ive had a lot of people tell me, after they have met me, that they thought I was mean or an asshole before we met. This could not be further from the truth. Im just reserved at first and then I open up the door and let you in. I think it has something to do with growing up in the northeast.
Im also very modest so this is hard to say. But here goes ... My eyes ( ive been dubbed Clooney eyes by friends who get a kick out making me turn red and feel awkward) and also my smile ( its not around all the time but when it comes out its great) and I got a nice butt too!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books) Anythying by Kurt Vonnogut , Stienbeck, John Berger, Sedarris, Augusten Burroughs, Chuck Klostermann, Studs Turkel, JG Ballard, Honestly as far as print goes I prefer a short story. Or an in depth article. I need to read something that makes me stop and think about the past , the present and the future

I Have a profound love for staring at a beautifully done Photobook!! I could wander and gaze at a photobook library for the rest of my life. And trust me I did when I was in art school(I skipped a lot of classes just because I was enjoying my library time!)
Or an Atlas. I love looking at maps!
Or Anatomy drawings!
Or looking threw other peoples photo collections ( That is one reason I hate computers. It destroyed the wholesome beauty of gathering around a book of photos. It's just not the same sitting around someones computer. )
For the most part I love to spend my time in front of the screen watching someones portrayal of the word come to life! And as far as that goes JG Ballards "Empire of the sun" made a huge impression on me as a kid. Something about being lost and finding your way through it all.
I could go on for days about movies but im not going to bore you with that. I will give out a couple favorites as of late though
1) Animal Kingdom! Holy Shit!! I almost watched it twice back to back
2) Another year . A realistic and soberingly beautiful look at the point in our lives that most of pop culture avoids.
3)Ace of hearts. It is the most entertaining absurdist french romantic comedy set in a small village in world war two that you will ever see. you will love it!
4) Anything by Terrence Malick!!! If you find his movies boring we might have a problem!
5) midnight in paris. I just wanted to get in that taxi with owen wilson and enjoy life.
And on the funny side: The mighty Boosh, eastbound and down, childrens Hospital, Tim and Eric, Wondershowzen, David Cross, Louis CK, Patton Aswalt. If you think Dane Cook is a good comedian then we may have different views on what makes someone a douchebag!
music: I like the good stuff. we talk about that in person.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately ive been thinking about sailing a lot. It bugs me that I love the ocean so much and I have lived by it my whole life but I dont use it. Hopefully soon I will be sailing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing my best to avoid the hell that is a friday night out. I worked in bars for a long time and you quickly realize that the last time you want to go out is on a friday night. usually a friday night consists of a few after work drinks a meal at a friends house or out and then a movie in bed. Id rather go out on a wednesday night when fools arent acting like its spring break.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The other night I was Mending a hole in my jeans and at the same time I was completely engrossed in watching downton abbey. I felt like an elderly woman and I was proud of it!
You should message me if
you are a good person who doesnt allways do the right thing.
You enjoy a great conversation. But you can also laugh at the absurdity of it all.
You enjoy a night being cozy watching movies. But also want to be lost and scared together just for the adventure of finding your way back to comfort.
** do not message me if you use the word "Like" every other word**
If you are looking for a dance partner.
By this i mean you know how (and would like to teach) or you would like to join me in learning some type of formal dance. like tango , or lindyhop or salsa or you know what i meen !.
I get really jealous when people can just tear up the dance floor in a specific style. And i dont think you are a truly well rounded man until you truly know how to dance. I want to learn! Would you like to dance?
you enjoy getting your hands dirty and want to go camping and follow me on the never ending search for the perfect swimming hole !!!
The two of us