36Littleton, United States
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My self-summary

infp. usually.

yes, i'm crafty in that way...


my desire to play with toys and do cool stuff is the driving force behind my entire professional life and most of my education. right now, that means working for a formerly small research and development firm (now swallowed whole by an enormous megacorp). where i get to do a lot of cool stuff in computer vision, autonomous robotics and general artificial intelligence geekery. somehow i need to find a way to balance this against my desire to leave the world a better place. unfortunately, most days it feels like it's easier to teach machines how to see than it is to teach people to be compassionate.

i'm easily amused.

i actually know what i want in life.

i like people with direction.

i believe the distinction between fleeing failure and seeking success is very important. i choose the latter.

i'd like to hear your stories.

stupid- and drama-free.

attracted to:

  • men with self-awareness and integrity.
  • men who are quick to smile and slow to anger.
  • men still filled with a sense of wonder at this universe we live in.
  • honest men.
  • compassion.

I am compassionate, driven, and geeky
What I’m doing with my life

working on a ph.d. part time, working full time, and as a result seriously questioning my sanity.

slowly working on my sushi-making "technique". my rolls don't usually look so great, but they have okay structural integrity and they taste good. i still need to go explore the local asian markets to see if i can find some honey ginger.

soul searching. i've reached a crossroads in my personal and professional lives and i'm trying to figure out what to do about it.

i think a lot about saying "fuck it all", selling everything i own, and taking my cats to live with me in the desert in a very generation x / dag moment. the only thing stopping me is my irrational middle class fear of poverty. there's something beautiful and pure and cleansing about the desert.

I’m really good at
computery things.

causing heartburn for the blue-shirts at best buy because i can't help myself when i hear them spout off total fiction about cables or computers. ( blue shirt: "you need this monster hdmi cable". me: "no, you don't. you can get a cable that will do exactly what you want for $10 online." b.s.: "what do you know about cables?" me: "i'm working on a ph.d. in electrical engineering. you're moving a digital signal. so long as the cable is in spec, and at 6 feet it's hard to find an hdmi cable that's not in spec, you won't be able to measure any kind of difference." b.s: "oh.")

looking like i'm supposed to be doing whatever it is that i'm doing (i've been told that this is social engineering, but that implies altogether too much effort on my part).

making plans to take over the world.

playing with my two boys.

waiting far too long to do my homework.
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm rather tall (6'2"). that or the geek runs deep in me.

some people say i look like jack black or jack osbourne. that makes me very sad.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
love pretty much everything doug coupland has ever written --- it's rather frustrating to know that there's someone out there who has so beautifully put onto paper so many of the deep things i've been wrestling with. i'm especially fond of generation x, microserfs, and hey, nostradamus!. if you catch me in an honest moment i'll admit that i've got hard covers of all the harry potter books thus far. working through some of karen armstrong's stuff on religion

in terms of movies, it's hard to decide. i really liked latter days, i like to watch people grow souls for some reason. return of the king was stunning, but i don't know that there was anything in particular about the plot or the characters that moved me as much as the stunning photography and effects. chihuly: river of glass which is a really excellent (not to mention visually stunning) documentary about glass artist dale chihuly and his international glassmaking trip that culminated in a set of "glass as performance art" installations in venice. then there's lilies... can't really say enough good things about this movie. angels in america is working its way up my list of favorite movie-esque things too. more recently, i've been catching up on inspector morse, enjoyed transformers enough that the complete denial of the laws of physics didn't bother me too much, thought ratatouille was excellent. i'm lazy and resentful that the cinemas are trying to gouge me for every penny that i'm worth so i tend watch more movies via netflix than actually in the cinemas. it works out pretty well for me --- i get my indy / doc fix for cheap.

my tastes in music are, well, all over the place. i'll admit to a certain guilty pleasure in jimmy eat world and death cab for cutie. duncan sheik has earned a special place in my world (especially white limousine), as have nick drake and dar williams. i tend to like most trancy stuff (mellow / melodic techno), in particular tiesto and chicane. i also have a fairly large collection of classical (mussorgsky, rachmaninov, and dvorak being amongst my favorite composers) and the occasional slip up (e.g: the penis song by momus... seems rather apropos ;-))

favorite food(s) are much easier. i'm vegetarian, which complicates things a bit, but i'm very fond of chinese, indian (particularly kormas), thai (yes, i know it probably has fish sauce in it, but i can pretend otherwise, damnit), italian, and french. i've recently developed an appreciation for sushi (not so much sashimi tho).
Six things I could never do without
in no particular order:

a sense of wander.

a sense of purpose.

apollo and berlios

my cell (mostly since it means that i have google maps in my pocket, which generally makes life a ton easier)

keys (i'm paranoid enough about losing keys that i start to feel desperately uncomfortable very quickly when they're not in my pocket)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how the hell did my cats manage to get up on the fridge / stuck in the cupboard / open the the freezer / etc. the universe is a much more interesting place when you have cats.

how do i get better at doing things that make me happy.
On a typical Friday night I am
usually i have my two boys (flamepoint siamese feet-seeking missiles) on the couch snuggled up with me while i watch the week's netflix haul. really, i'm open to suggestions...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
the only women i've found myself sexually attracted to are drag kings.

in spite of the fact that i tend to wrestle with my insecurities on a daily basis, i'm a reasonably confident person.
You should message me if
i've piqued your interest

i've pissed you off by blithely insulting your current home state / city

you'd like to go out for a drink some time

you'd like to share a / haiku poem that includes / "piezo-electric"

you'd like to teach me how to tango

you know how to casually push all my buttons without effort

really, feel free to message me if: 1) you have your life together 2) you are not creepy 3) you are not old enough to be my father
The two of us