28Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Uugh. I decided to wipe out my entire set of OkCupid profile descriptions and start over again...because I can, so don't rain on mah parade. ;)

I'm a pretty uppity and interesting chick, which for having that weird energy can be a gift and a curse. I've always been that way at seemed. Right now I'm looking for a faithful, huggable, cooperative, creative, all around understanding chill dude. No, not a super dee duper together "chill dude." There must be too many guys these days that end up on dating websites like that but what do you expect? Once in a while there is that guy you come upon.
I'm beginning to roll with the punches and lean in towards trying to enjoy life, "carpe diem as much as I can" I like to use carpe diem as though it's a verb, is that possible? Well anyway, the moment is worth embracing, and as much as life can often frustrate the shit out of me I do what I do and be myself and be my often immature self. If you're the guy who can understand, who can bring forward, who can encourage a girl like me--because there's more to me than what is in my profile, even if I miss some stuff--then we are simply meant to be a decent, maybe perfect couple, and you never know where things can go if you just let go, right?

To conclude with me in this self summary, I have Aspberger's Syndrome--look it up if you have to--it shows up pretty damn easy once you've eventually known me, or even shortly...most likely damn fast. I've been fairly out of touch with singing and writing lyrics and coming up with exciting creative things as I tend to lay on my ass in a sort of figurative way these days...don't take that all weird if you begin to see that, or notice that I'm a little weird with my habits...I tend to sometimes think my life awfully glass half empty at times and criticize myself. To encourage that would be a shame, but I'll know if I come across a guy who's like that. I love being creative and hope to really move mountains in the way I do things, because I know I can, and I will make it happen. If you think this will work, then move it forward, and keep it forward. Think that way, know what I mean?
What I’m doing with my life
Update coming soon.
Six things I could never do without
love, music, technology, daydreaming, freedom and respect. among other things. Why six again?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think spontaneously. This is a wide open question at ze moment.
On a typical Friday night I am
in the midst of a mindstream...
You should message me if

you have asperger's, or at least have the patience to deal with it.
You know how to be a girl's best friend, and not just their boyfriend. I like wholesome, true-to-the core people.
You know how to treat a girl with respect, and you swear to god you're not making that shit up.

Do not message me with a "hi how are you" sort of stance, first impression, you know what I mean. I prefer you read my profile first.
and if you want casual sex, forget it. I won't take messages.
The two of us