41 Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I can't live anywhere that doesn't evoke an earthen memory of forests dark and deep. I grew up on my great uncle's Ornamental Tree Farm, planting all sorts of beautiful trees whose names I never really remembered. The farm is closed now, but the last trees planted still live there in a giant field that you can see from the rural highway of my youth. We had Japanese Maples, with delicate frilly maple leaves, Crape Myrtles with their seasons of exploding colors and petal-lined paths from their flowers, followed by their marble-pea sized seed pod clusters that made walking the paths between the rows like passing a test of manhood against a gauntlet of cat-o-nine-tails wielding madmen.

I always thought that taking a girl to a date at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts would be the coolest date around. Jim Henson holds a place of highest honor to me, and the world is lessened by his absence these 21 years hence. I don't remember the day he died, but I remember the way he lived.

I also resonate with thunderstorms. I have always felt a sea of exhilaration walking into the waves of wind and splashing drops. Even in the times of tornado-warnings, fear cannot drown out the thrumming beat underlying each windy gale as patio umbrellas bound across the darkened ground like so many lonesome tumbleweeds.
What I’m doing with my life
Working a lot, I guess. And three weekends a month I am a grade-captain with the Hands-On-Atlanta Discovery program. I run the 5th grade sessions of 15-25 kids. It's a 1-on-1 volunteer program that I've been doing for 11 years now, and it's very easy and fun to volunteer. Just find their website, or ask and I'll give you all the info you could need. :-)

I go on vacations to Seattle and Boston every so often. I see my family every few weeks since my parents moved about 90 minutes north of Atlanta.

I'd like to get back into going to movies and concerts. Just thinking about it makes me want a bag of popcorn and one of those glow-stick rings.
I’m really good at
Computers. They were my first love. I used Firefox's great-great grandaddy way back before Google.
The first things people usually notice about me
No one ever speaks up to tell me what they notice about me. The closest I've gotten is that a co-worker commented that she thought I was "just a chill dude". I'm not sure what that signifies.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Big Trouble in Little China
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Goonies
The Fifth Element
TRON (The old one, haven't seen the new one yet, but there's a cool videogame that came out called TRON 2.0 that's like a sequel)

Doctor Who (Old *and* New)!
Galaxy Rangers
Thundarr (the Barbarian)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K!)
Stargate SG1, Atlantis [Universe?]
Top Gear (UK)
House, MD
Modern Family
Warehouse 13

Depeche Mode
Blaqk Audio
Thievery Corporation
PM Dawn
Genre-wise, I like the above and anything close to them, but I also like reggae, some bluegrass, rockabilly, alternative of various sub-genres, and of course, ambient (I always like to think of this as what we'll leave playing if we ever leave the Earth).
The six things I could never do without
OK Fine. Six things that make life meaningful for me:
1. Science - science may kill us, but if it doesn't, it may be the only thing that can one day save us. You know, from asteroids and such.
2. Belief in the goodness of humanity - if humanity is not good in the final tally, then what's the point?
3. Computers / the internet / etc - I grew up loving these things long before they were cool.
4. Diet Coke - I once gave this up for three months. At least, I think it was three months. I slept through at least two weeks of it.
5. Movies where the hero comes through in the end.
6. My insulin

Do you ever wonder how Snow White would answer this question? I just did. If you assume she keeps Prince Charming (or whatever he's called), that only leaves 5 dwarves to save. My money's on Grumpy and Sneezy getting the boot.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the laws of the universe
if there's anything in my consciousness which might unlock the secrets of the universe (not yet, it seems)
mankind's future in space, or perhaps in cyber-space
rain, or the lack thereof, and what that says about global warming

I just learned on the Science channel that as stars get older, they go from fusing hydrogen, to fusing helium, and on up the periodic table, until they get to iron. Iron is apparently deadly poison to stars. Within mere *seconds* of starting to try to fuse iron, a star dies, and gravity almost instantly crushes it down into a neutron star or a black hole or whatever else it will spend the rest of eternity being. Our own sun is thought to have 4 billion years left before it switches from hydrogen to helium. There's no part of that thought that makes you feel anything but small in the face of the universe itself.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
#1. I have a love/hate relationship with Steam game sales. I somehow ended up buying 627 of the dang things. There's NO WAY I will ever play half that many without help. Hmm...

#2. I read the little "Activity" updates on the OKC main page and try to find ones where the little ellipses they use to shorten the paragraphs cause the partial paragraphs to line up to make what the person wrote unintentionally hilarious.

#3. My timing sucks. Past experiences on this site when I've asked about meeting for coffee (after having talked for a week or so):

Some have said "You asked too soon. We can maybe meet at some point in the future like 2012 if we're still talking...".

Others have said things like "OMG! You didn't ask me in the first 7 seconds, so I had to assume you're not interested!!!".

But, I think I have figured something out at least. If you write mostly small messages, then go missing for a few days, then write a way longer one, that's your way of saying "OK, you have one last chance to ask me out, and this is it.". So, I have decoded that part, at least.
You should message me if
.. you love Mystery Science Theater 3000

.. you love PC and console games at all

... you want to have adventures not unlike those of the Goonies!

... or, completely unlike those of the Goonies.

.. you would like a response .. because I will respond! (If you include anything that shows you actually read or enjoyed my profile). Please note: I am now going out with someone awesome, so I am only really looking for kick-ass friends!