41 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I'm... odd, let's face it, and I like odd people. Part nerd, part artist all awesome. I lied about the last part, I'm more like 82.3% awesome but I am working on it.

I have been described, in no particular order as: sweet, intense, animated, thoughtful, weird, all over the place, and someone once even thought I was handsome...verdict's still out on that one, mom!

Humor is super important to me an I hope it is to you.

I'm attracted to intelligent women who are passionate about their interests, but are open to exploring new things with the same kind of intensity.

I'm looking for the Simmons to my Fitz.
What I’m doing with my life
Learning. Always learning something new... I think it might be a disease. I am currently learning to play bass, coding with Processing, building VR spaces, and I just got a 3D printer, so there's that(shameless IG plug to see what I am printing @nrefzen)

I work in the digital backend of independent theater, I connect movies to internet! I also illustrate when not doing that.

I'm Involved in Public Access Television (BRiC), It's something that I really love being a part of. (, There are more episodes one with me hosting which is too awful to post here)

I spent several late nights watching a computer AI beat the world's best Go player. This is exciting and terrifying.

I am also an amateur magician! I can read minds.

Trying to spend more time out of my element.
I’m really good at
Carl Sagan Impersonations.

On The Spot Portmanteaus.

TV Recommendations.

Empanadas Both Eating and Making.


Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I really got into Scott Meyer's Magic 2.0 series it's kinda ridiculous!
Junto Diaz is pretty great
The Unnoticables by Robert Brockway almost feels like readying a cheesy 80s horror film.
Trying to get through Gormenghast.
And recently turned onto Zadie Smith

I watch Tim Burton's Ed Wood, a lot.
The Texas Chainsaw Masacre is probably on of the best films ever made. This is clearly only a crazy person would say. You should probably ask me about this.
Embrace of the Serpent was pretty great!
There was a new Japanese Godzilla movie, which was an excellent skewering of Japanese bureaucracy.

I need someone to go see: I am not your Negro, The Lego Batman Movie, Hidden Figures, and more.

Full Disclosure: I come with free access to most Indie movie theaters in NYC.

Stranger Things
The Arrowverse on the CW
Agents of SHEILD
Rick and Morty
I'm re-watching Community

Currently in rotation:
Deltron 3030
The Misfits
The Brides
Skinny Puppy
Crystal Castles
Raymond Scott
Leftover Crack
Tribe Called Quest
The six things I could never do without
I could do without a lot of things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I don't know and why don't I know it.


Where the hell did I leave my keys.

The sad state of our country after the election.

How can I make a difference.
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately 3D printing or practicing bass.
You should message me if are smart, nerdy, wear glasses. want to learn something cool together like cheesemaking, needlepoint, krav maga. wouldn't mind running away to South East Asia if Trump continues to destroy democracy. want to make out like all the time. want to spend Sundays day drinking and watching cartoons.'re looking for someone down to earth and ridiculous to spend considerable time with. want to meet over a some pho.

I like to have a few back and forth messages before I ask anyone to meet.