59Buena Park, United States
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My self-summary
I believe that no one is perfect, and we all have our flaws. If there is such a thing as a "perfect match", it is two people who are drawn to each other in spite of their flaws, who's flaws compliment each other, and who are comfortable with the imperfection that is the human experience.

I'm a computer geek with a sense of humor and a few surprises. I'm not a party animal, don't smoke, and very rarely drink. I like motorcycles (good rider), guitars (still can't play for squat, but I can fix, modify and tune electrics), and video production (a camera guy struggling to find gigs). My paying job is with computers.

Lately, I enjoy working on old tube radios, so if you like antiquing, and don't mind me geeking out over the old radios, Victrolas and the like, then that's something we could do.

Work keeps me pretty busy, and I'm just getting readjusted after many years dedicating my time to my ageing parents. (Dad passed away in 2014, and my step-mother and I are not speaking. Long story, but I'm doing OK now.)

I'm trying to catch up on things and I'm trying also to rediscover having a personal life again (when work allows time for that).

I'm looking for someone to enjoy life with, but I'm not looking for a fast track to marriage. A long term relationship takes trust and commitment, and at our age, we should realize that takes time.

If you want to meet a genuine nice person, and if you're intelligent and geeky enough to "get me", then I might be your match!

I'm 5' 7" tall, though some guys my height call that 5' 10". If you're focusing on height, we might have issues, but I personally don't care if you're six feet or four, as long as we have that special connection.

My pictures show I'm not particularly athletic, but I'd love to find a partner with whom I can improve myself (ourselves) by finding fun physical activities (biking, walks, etc.)

What I'm looking for:
The most important trait, I think, is acceptance. Nobody's perfect and we all have our quirks and issues. If you can accept yours and mine, and we can find common ground in our tastes, we should get along fine.

My ideal mate is easy going, and not easily upset by things that don't matter, like if a trip doesn't go exactly as planned, or if one of us makes a mistake planning some activity.

Judge me by my sincerity and ethics, then accept me with all my faults if you can live with them. I promise I will do the same.

My personality is mostly a non-judgemental, live and let live philosophy, as long as you don't harm anyone.

I have certain ethical standards. (Don't be rude, don't steal, be kind to animals, that type of stuff. Don't let anger and negativity be your dominant trait. Don't bully people, including your partner.)

I tolerate and even enjoy many differences in taste such as music, movies, etc., as long as you can do the same and we can find common ground to enjoy together. Physically, I can't predict who I'll find attractive, so I'm not going to limit myself to any particular "type".

I like my partner easy going, but not afraid to dish out some playful kidding or the occasional painful truth if it's done with kindness. I like a strong sense of ethics and integrity, a joy for learning new things, patience (you accept my quirks and I accept yours), empathy and reasoning (which comes in handy during arguments). If we can kid each other about our quirks without anyone getting hurt, that's something special indeed.

The Geek Factor:
I'm at my least geekiness when I'm on one of my motorcycles. I have a large cruiser (Yamaha V-Star, it's like a Harley), and a sport bike (Suzuki SV-650, it's like a crotch rocket), and I ride both safely. I don't do wheelies, for instance, and have never gotten a ticket on a bike. Most riders would consider me pretty tame.

I'm at my most geekiness when I'm at work, because I get paid to be a geek, and I'm a pretty good one!

I live in Orange County, but work takes me everywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, from the Vallies (Not just the San Fernando one) to the Inland Empire (San Bernardino County). So, if you're in L.A., the Valley, or the North part of the I.E., I may be closer than you think. Chances are, if I'm lucky enough to be seeing a movie with friends, it's usually in Hollywood or Burbank.

I'm an animal lover with two cats. If my work hours weren't so crazy, there would also be at least one dog in the mix. (I grew up with both, so I know dogs and cats can live together and even be friends. It's just unfair to keep a dog cooped up alone for long hours if I'm working.)

Right now, my life is pretty much consumed with work (computer industry), because times are tough, and I still have a good job, which I need to hang on to. It's hard to meet single women in my age group at work, because I visit different locations in a mostly male dominated industry. I don't do the bar scene.

I like smart women, even nerdy types, with a sense of humor. You don't have to be a computer geek, or a geek at all, as long as you can love one. (And I like to think I'm a lovable one! ;-)

There are a lot of types of geek out there, and I don't fit all the molds, so don't expect me to be into Cosplay, D&D or comics, but it's OK if you are.

I'm geeky about electronics (old tube radios and other stuff), computers, TV and video production.
What I’m doing with my life
In today's economy? Glad to still be working! I'm in one of my chosen fields (the other being videography), putting in the hours and effort to justify my continued employment (and constantly training to keep up) in an understaffed, tough market. Trying to hang in there until things get better, and I'm trying not to let it consume my whole life. (Although, at times, it does.)

In my spare time when I'm not recovering from a hard week or catching up on projects, I like to ride my motorcycle, go to computer swap meets, find stuff to sell on eBay, shoot video projects when they come up, and I always try to make time for charity bike rides during the year, the biggest of which is the Love Ride in Los Angeles every fall.
I’m really good at
I like to think I'm good at getting along with people and making them laugh if I can.

If you've read this far, you can see I'm also good at writing, though maybe less so at brevity.

I'm very good at fixing stuff. If there's something broken anywhere, I'll usually take a look at it even if I've never fixed one before. (Kind of a geek thing, I guess.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile? (OK, everyone says that, maybe not true for me.)

I think most people see me as sincere, thoughtful and kind.

Many people can see the geeky side of me right away, but some don't see that at all.

People tend to misjudge me, and sometimes think I'm much more serious than I am. Yet others can see the weirdness right away.

If you see me on my bike, you'd be very surprised to find a geek under the leathers and helmet. I don't think anyone would confuse me with an "outlaw" biker, though.

I also have an off beat sense of humor and way of looking at things, so some people just see me as a little weird but in a nice way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What a huge set of categories!

Books: I'm a recovering illiterate. So, a few years ago I started reading more books, a random selection of recommendations from various sources. Lately, it's been non-fiction, philosophy type books, such as "The Untethered Soul", by Michael A Singer. For a thin volume, this is a whole new way of thinking for me.

A big one from 2014: "The Road Less Travelled" by Dr. M. Scott Peck. If you're going through anything in your life (and in our age group, who isn't?), I would highly recommend this book, which I will keep and re-read from time to time.

I started my illiteracy "recovery" a while back with "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" (Yeah, might as well start off light! ;-). I'm not quite as conservative as Ayn Rand, but "Atlas Shrugged" is a good idealized view of capitalism, though I don't think our version is very idealized!

I also have a small stack of books loaned or given to me by friends as far back as the 80's, like Larry Niven's "Ringworld". (One of my early camera op jobs was shooting an interview with Mr. Niven. Don't know why it's taken me so long to read one of his books.)

In 2013, I (finally) read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I'm not really into hobbits and wizards and such, though. I know, how can I call myself a geek if I'm not into LOTR, and haven't seen any of the movies? What can I say, I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma tortilla with extra cheddar cheese!

Music: I try to appreciate all genres, but gravitate to alternative, with occasional excursions into jazz and of course, the classic rock I grew up with (60's and 70s) will always be a part of my life.

I always hunger for new music, so it's hard to name a favorite band, because there's always something new and I get tired of songs after extended repeat plays. I have an extensive CD collection, and yesterday's favorites are often forgotten only to be rediscovered later. Favorite stations: KCRW when they're playing music (eclectic), Sirius XMU (fresh college music) and Sirius Alt Nation power my commutes at work. Most stations tend to play songs to death, though, and I tend not to want to hear the same song for months on end. (Can we give Radiohead a rest?)

Food: I can usually find something I like at any restaurant, though I haven't done as much fine dining as I used to. Not too adventurous with some ethnic foods, or spicy foods, but I can usually find something I like. I like Italian, Mexican (mild, Gringo stuff though), Japanese (including sushi), Chinese, Thai (gotta watch the spices though).

Movies: I'm way behind on movies! Lately it's been hard to find time to see movies because of my work schedule (maybe I just need the right person to see them with). It's hard to nail me down to a genre. I'm open to suggestions, and am frequently surprised by good movies I wouldn't have seen on my own.

Because of my sci fi friends, that genre is high on the list. Star Trek? Yes. Vampires? No. Action? Yes. Dragons and wizards? Meh. Comedy? Yes. Drama? Lots of different types. Artsy? Maybe! Slasher? Nah. Psychological thriller? Yes, if it's good! For some reason, I haven't seen any of the big animated movies, the Shreks, the various bug movies and stuff. Not that I dis them, just never sought them on my own. (Wait: I did see Ratatouille on DVD and it was better than I expected. So one rodent movie done.)

TV: Sometimes you just have to spin down your brain after a long day of problem solving, and I can try to practice the guitar while watching. I depend on my DVR, so I always watch shows I've chosen.

Favorite TV Shows: I tend to have more eclectic tastes, but one mainstream hit I like is Big Bang Theory. I like the offbeat shows like Community, and lesser known shows on pay channels like Rake. (See the Australian version if you can!)

Dramas: Most of the dramas I like are on "pay" channels: Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Bridge, Doctor Who... I can't think of a drama on broadcast TV I watch, though. No CSI's, no NCIS's, no 24...

New dramedy I discovered: Doc Martin (PBS).

Reality shows: Car and motorcycle shows top the list: Wheeler Dealers, Graveyard Carz, Top Gear UK. I prefer the less "fake" reality shows (except Top Gear UK, which is fake but hilarious). No dysfunctional celebrity (or otherwise) shows, no singing or dancing shows, no shows with people getting kicked off the island, out of the house, or being fired.

Classic TV I like: Monty Python's Flying Circus! Fawlty Towers (a must for any John Cleese fan), Red Dwarf (recently discovered and watched them all) and Hyperdrive. One show, "The IT Crowd", I highly recommend to any geek who works in, or is associated with the computer industry. (Seek this British sit-com out and watch, download, buy, or stream it wherever you can. If you're associated with IT in any way, I think you'll love this show. Amazon has them on Region 1 DVD!)

Oh: How could I forget the Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

The only sports shows I regularly watch are auto racing, particularly rally racing (World Rally Championship). I can watch other sports if you want, but don't expect me to keep up with stats, players or team history, though. (Well, I think you already knew I wasn't like other guys.)
Six things I could never do without
OK, lemme think about this a minute.
Oxygen, water, food, shelter... Oh, I get it. Let's start over:

The love of a good woman (Wait, I'm living without that now!)
Some place with trees and clean air

Oh, wait:
A Laptop running Linux instead of Windows.
Cat food? (To keep them from eating me!)
eBay (for selling my junk and buying someone else's junk)?
Toilet paper? (Who wants to live without that?!!! ;-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about the answer to the ultimate question, about life, the universe, and everything. (It's 42, and if you get that, you MUST contact me! You NERD, you! Some of you have contacted me and reminded me I need to re-read the source of this joke. I've forgotten everything except 42!)

OK, seriously, I wonder if it's still possible to meet that special someone late in life when we've all been through so much. Can we trust again? Fall in love again?

I also wonder if OKCupid still shows me on line when I hibernate my laptop or drift off to another tab to shop for motorcycle parts. ("Wow, that guy's on there 24x7!")
On a typical Friday night I am
One of the following;
Working late (I hope not!)
Collapsed from a long week.
If I'm feeling geeky, maybe working on an old radio or broken guitar.
If I'm feeling inspired, maybe trying to play the guitar.
Or, if I'm lucky, out with someone special, either an old friend or someone new!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've been diagnosed with hypochondria.
My doctor has prescribed placebos, but I don't think they're working!

(Ah, that's a joke. Hmm... Tough crowd!)
You should message me if
... you want to. I mean, no one's forcing you to. You know what you want, make your own choice. Live your life. Date a geek!

A coworker once suggested I use this line:
"Don't mistreat yourself, treat yourself! Talk to me, baby!"
The two of us