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My self-summary
A lot of laughter deprived people in here, as most everybody in their profile is looking for sormeone "to make them laugh"
A shortage of clowns I suppose ?....
A clown strike perhaps ?

Grand entry:
To the two "glass half whatever" groups:
Use a smaller @#*@ glass !!!
We can then leave all this glassware talk behind us and move on.

This is an anti-profile written by an old AND eccentric man whom you don't have much in common with.
Moreover, (he also is) dull and boring and (at times) grumpy too.

But .... for all the "very eclectic type" ones of you out there,
there is always the guy with the sunglasses and the fish.
or ...
the one with the sports car and the gold neck chains.
(who by the way is also "living life to the fullest", SAME AS YOU DO TOO !!! .... Yeeehaa )
Your choice.

I have lied about my height .....
I am 5' 14" , not 6' 2"

Now .....
To all feminists out there:
What is the male equivalent to a feminist woman?
He is a "male-inist" !
And most likely he also is "fiercely independent" TOO, same as you are !
Really ......

*********** first, let me just say this: *********
In the beginning was the word .... no.. no.... that goes way back; lets try again.
So .... in the early days of my OKC venture (that's better) I had faith on the online dating concept plus I was looking for a relationship...... I was also dreaming.

Then came life ….and things in life change..... And then I woke up.

Came to terms with the facts of life and changed the answer to the question “what I am looking for” to now say “friends”

I have kept all the profile comments I have written posted as they do represent my views and opinions. I also have kept the account active as I visit very frequently to read and interact with whoever willing participant life brings me across whenever I am in here.

********** end of first let me just say this *********

You can go ahead and read now ..... have fun.

..... Same as most in here, "I love to be near a body of water" too.
Then lets start with washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

Then comes the other group:
They ski, they hike, they travel the world, they have great lives, amazing friends, love their jobs, active social lives, jump out of helicopters and planes, have never a "typical Friday night" ......
AND YET, they are in OKC looking for a partner ...... Yea, right.
And I, on my spare time, fly jets.

And to all rebels of you out there who list 7 things instead of 6 and brag about how they can not abide by rules, WOW….. Really?
Why don’t you try driving 70 in a 30 mile zone when you know there is a cop there with a radar to show us all how much of a “rebel” you are…..

BTW......... This section is called "my self-summary".
It means, "one" writes about "oneself" ! ......
How difficult is to understand that?
What "your friends would say about you" .... belongs in the "what my friends would say about me" section and there isn't any .....
EXACTLY !!! !! !

If "jumping in and out of black dresses" was an Olympic sport, many from in here would be up for the gold.

And I understand .... Parents have amazing kids ....
I am my mother's "amazing" son too....
BUT .... am I "amazing" ?
Would you marry me because my mother said I am amazing?
The point being .... "is someone amazing because their mother said so ?"

And the one(s) with the (very) youthful looking SINGULAR picture:
You have been displaying the same picture for a couple of years now ......
Is hard for you to post additional pictures as they can never match with the one you are showing and that is for a very simple reason:
The picture you are displaying is from some time ago (although you are not declaring that anywhere)
One good thing though?
We can all now attest that during the Carter Administration era, you looked VERY VERY good.

I had to start somewhere......
Now, after the 97.364 % rolled their eyes off, could not find the "next" botton fast enough and moved on, lets go back to our regular programming.

Proceed carefully and on your own risk.
Maybe you shouldn't ?
No refunds no exchanges.

Now ........ "my self-summary"
Right off the bat:
I am not looking for a match, I am looking for a fire.

So..... here some excerpts from my 1831.62 page biography:
(I am)
Battle tested.
Not an airhead.
Emotionally engaged.
Low key and weathered.
Concerned and considerate.
Quality over quantity seeker.

My up to now life has been a series of events and crossing paths with people that have taken me not necessarily always where I was planning to go, but many times surprisingly elsewhere..... with great lessons to be learned along the way..... painful at times...... enlightening at others.

What I have learned is, relationships work ONLY when there is physical attraction, emotional connection and willingness to compromise.
(All In that exact order)
(And) to make things even more difficult, even if all above is met, by the time one adds the need for commonalities, the need for compatible preferences (public or private), AND THEN, (by the time) “the big three” are put on the table (religion, politics and sex), it really does make a lot of sense why is so difficult for someone to find and pair with the “right one”.

So, because of all that, I am here to (potentially) connect with someone who thinks / acts / behaves / views life and the world in a similar way so we can make friends.

But if a woman was to walk in my life and shake my emotional world (and that does not exclude bisexual women) then I would want it to be the "mad love" type …… the kind that makes one to hitch penniless across a continent to go find her….. Where the world starts and ends in each other’s eyes.

The "version" of love I am talking about starts with crossing eyes from across a room and feeling a tingle …… is not the "version" that starts with bank account (or education degree) comparison, nor it has anything to do with who has how many stamps on their passport…..
and .... for all the multilinguists of you out there, who shove their “I am well traveled and speak five languages” at their first or second line of their profile, (like if that was a qualifying factor of a great partner), being able to communicate with people who speak different languages comes handy when one is traveling the world, but at home one does not need to be able to speak five different languages in order to hold someone's hand and say “I love you”.

What else I’ve learned is, formal education and degrees do not mean much if they are not backed by someone's solid character, humbleness and humility……. Because, diplomas hanging on walls have never comforted a partner when lonely, sick or in pain.

(And)...... I would totally understand and excuse the younger ones in their 20’s for not having gotten it yet and confusing hormones with love.
But….. I would expect the older ones to know …..
Finance based choices, (same as hormone base choices OR any other non-emotions based choices), is not love……. is an arrangement.
I guess, too may of us have gotten too comfortable.

So…. To conclude, love is about emotions, not about laundry lists of demands….. When is love, most things are negotiable.

Safe travels to all of you out there.
What I’m doing with my life
Weekdays I zig.
Saturdays I zag,
Sundays zig zag.
I’m really good at
I am "really good" at not'ing. Period

But .... I am really "decent good" at:
Paying attention.
Intense relationships.
Making and fixing things.
Solving technical problems.
Seeing things from two different angles.
Not looking for black or white in a gray world.
Weeding out airheads regardless of amount of cleavage showing.

And... I am really "bad good" at:
Snobbing the snobs...... Yea
The first things people usually notice about me
Should "the people" be noticing something?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: my car's owner's manual.
Movie: Papillon.
Show: yea.... I show up.
Music: Serpico theme.
Food: Yes. I eat to live, not live to eat.
The six things I could never do without
....all that and the smell of freshly dug-up dirt.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How easily we all forget what the most important and irreplaceable things in life are.

And how my life's plan was based on a faulty assumption that in life, "if you are focused at, and work hard for, you will get what you want", as opposed to "in life you get what you get".
(Rest assured ... by now I am all learn-ed up).


What keeps me up at night:
When it comes to sexual orientation, if one side of the coin is “straight”, shouldn't the other side be “zig-zaged” (or "curved") ?
When it comes to weight, if one side of the coin is “full-figured” shouldn't the other side be “half-figured” (or partially figured) ?

Shouldn’t the counterparts to “deodorants” be “odorants” and not “perfumes” ?

How were the Pyramids built?

Is the Brooklyn Bridge still for sale?

Why do we call “dead” people “late” ?

A "honey bee" makes honey. A "spelling bee" spells ?

If you have a bad dream daytime do you call it daymare?

Why do we say Air force, Navy and Army, as opposed to Air force, Water force and Land force?

If you like it, it is "likable"
If you can eat it, it is "eatable"
If you can walk it, it is "walkable"
If you can read it ..... shouldn't it be "readable" ?

What brainiac came up with the term "open" to describe a set of tennis games (Like "British open", "French open").
Why not "British tennis tournament"?
WHY "OPEN" ???

Shouldn't South America be called "Spanish America" and not "Latin America" ?
They speak Spanish after all and not Latin.

So confused .....
A game played by hands beeing called "football" ?
Shouldn't "restrooms" be for "resting" ?

If Monday is the first day of the week, why do calendars start with Sunday?
(And if Monday is not the first day of the week then why is Sunday part of the "weekend")

Is "wholesome" for people the same as "whole wheat" is for bagels?

When they say "oh my gosh", who (or what) is "gosh" ?

Why do they say Bull S*** ? To the best of my knowledge, S*** is S***
Why not Elephant S*** for example, which is substantially a lot more massive.

What is the subliminal message people try to relate when they (so many of them) pose holding a glass of wine?

Why OKC phrases it as "I am looking for women" as opposed to "I am looking for a woman" ?
What am I going to do with more than one woman?
Are they promoting polyamory?...... threesomes? ..... orgies?
On a typical Friday night I am
........ doing typical "Friday night" things of course.

Aren't you?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
*. I don’t like ketchup.
*. I don't care for sports.
*. I put ice cubes in my coffee.
*. I dislike ice cubes in my water ..... I know ... weird.

And after (and since) our ancestors went from fours to twos and left the caves and forests, my DNA has been severely altered to where climbing rocks and trees, hanging from ropes, or sharing sleeping quarters with bugs and mosquitoes does not really appeal to me and I totally totally leave those kind of things for Indiana Jones.

For anything more private and juicer than above, one has to wait.
You should message me if
... you are able to type in proper English (4U is not proper English)
... and if you are "weathered"...... .
... and if you are nice to people even when there is no benefit from doing so.
... and if you know how to say "please" and "thank you" to the same people as above.
... and.... let me see how you exercise your power(s) over people who have none ...


I would suggest (as I am not here to tell anyone what to do) for you not to use any of the following terms......
everybody uses them ..... be more creative:

sassy ....
grab food ..
fun loving ...
zest for life..
love my job...
grab a drink ...
a dichotomy ...
love to laugh ...
love to travel ...
multi-faceted ...
catch a movie ...
shoot an email....
a unique blend....
honest to a fault ...
a straight shooter..
a work in progress ..
hopeless romantic....
a mix of paradoxes .....
passionate about life....
living life to the fullest ...
avid this and avid that .....
the glass "half whatever" ..
travel off the beaten path ...
unwinding from the week.....
work hard and play harder....
comfortable in my own skin ...
looking for a partner in crime....
"then it would not be private"......
eclectic "this" and eclectic "that"...
never have a typical Friday night.....
decompressing from a hectic week...
embody a number of contradictions ...
enjoying the city and all it has to offer. ...
have / live a happy life and need nobody ....


Oh..... we can safely say we see things differently if:
1. You believe that education and how many languages one speaks, or how many countries one has visited makes for an integer (and classifies one as a good) person.
2. You equate schooling with knowledge of life.


And....... definitely definitely keep walking if you have or if you are:
Good at everything.
Better than others.
Mad at the world.
Self centered.
Always right.
Know it all.
Seen it all.
Bad ass.
Wise ass.
Smart ass.
(actually any kind of ass)


This is not a Real Estate forum so listing the CT house, the property upstate, and the Hamptons' mansion tells nothing about you as a person as non of those are indicative of one's character.

Donald Trump owns properties too.
I rest my case


Yea..... and a note about photographs.
We ALL looked younger in our 20s, 30's 40s ….. (you are getting the picture) and most of us were thinner too.

So..... unless your intention is to mislead us, please display CURRENT pictures first ( = 6 months old and NOT BEFORE the extra 30 lbs were added), and then going down the line, display pictures from the past, CLEARLY dated !
You think if it comes to meeting someone from here for coffee he is not going to notice that you are not who you showed you are?
Do I have to explain everything to you?

And about selfies….
It only takes a bathroom, a bathroom mirror and a cell phone to bring all the “closet” narcissists out in the open for instant gratification of how good one looks.
Ah……. Toilet seat in the background with the lid open?…. Optional.
( and priceless !!! )


Now…… about pictures and the “I am the one on the left”
You have to define if you are the one on the left as one is looking at the picture, OR if you are the one on the left as you are facing the camera.
We could be looking at the wrong person !


Ah....... about boobs:
All of those who are trying to get a man by means of displaying "them" hanging out, listen up:
(.... and by the way, this is not coming from anyone prude or close minded….. OKC has me already classified as kinky).

Unless you are looking for a “dog” (and want to be back here in OKC within few weeks complaining about how shallow-minded men are, you know, the type of men you attracted with your bait), then do not make your boobs the focal point of who you are.
Honey..... all that is so temporary and so unimportant … Just a breast cancer diagnosis could take it all away tomorrow ….
You think people on wheel chairs chose that for themselves?
You think the wrinkled old people ahead of you in the grocery store (yea, the people you complain they walk too slow), you think they were born that way?
You think it takes long for a car accident to disfigure a pretty face?
You think losing an arm or an eye or a hand can only happen to other people?
So...... grow up and wise up....... boobs (only) is not where it is.

But, (if you so insist and that is the best you have to promote about yourself to get a man) ..... think about this:
IF "boobs" are the common denominator and IF the boobs go, you think "he" will stay ?


And a note to the “I am fiercely independent” ones.
I only see women declaring that and not men...... I guess is a woman thing to be independent (fiercely or not)
So you are independent …... hm ….
Like you do not depend on a truck driver to deliver food to your local supermarket so you can eat?
Like you do not depend on a farm workers to go and pick up your organic grapes so you can have them on your table?
Like you do not depend on your employer’s paycheck so you pay your mortgage?
Like you do not depend on an airliner to take you to your skiing destination? An elevator to your floor?
Like you do not depend on energy delivery to power your car or hot water heater?

I guess men (regardless of all of our other shortcomings on various fronts) we were wise enough to understand we depend on people and things.


And a note to the “it depends” kinda of answer-ers.
It depends is not an answer, unless you say what it depends on.....
Example: Do you like going skiing?....It depends on the weather....OR it depends on the company …. OR ….it depends on available vacation time....... BUT... if it depends on something, that something MUST be part and in the same sentence to explain what the subject matter “depends” on.
Is very basic English.


To the ones with the WARNING against anyone who uses any part of their profile, threatening with legal action ........... Ha …... get real !
You think that notice will stop anyone from copying your text or your picture to be used somewhere else?
And..... the thread of legal action?.... Do you want to consult a lawyer and see what that entails and how much it will cost you?
Are you willing to stick around and fund a legal process to bring the offender to justice ? ...... remember, is YOU paying for all your lawyer's time and appeals and stuff... is YOUR money.
Are you willing to send your attorney (again, you are paying for the tickers and hotels) to Lagos Nigeria to find the perpetrator?......
Ha.... GET REAL !


To the self-declared "amazing" ones, and they are (way too) many:
You are an amazing person....
With amazing friends....
With an amazing job.....
Living in an amazing city.

And after all theses amazing things, "amazingly" you are alone and you are on OKC .... and that is AMAZING !


To all the former USSR "babes" who keep visiting back again and again: Save it !
I keep it local ............ if it takes traveling documents and airline tickets for us to meet...... well.... SAVE IT SISTA !!!


To ones who have said:
I am a good women, or
I am a singe women, or
I'm a strong women, or
I'm an easy going women , or
I am not that kind of women, or
I am a women who loves life, or
anything “blank women”,
to all the men who have checked the “I am a female” check box instead of the "I am a man" and now show up with women as women….
thank you all for all the laughs.

Some top hits:
I am a loyal and good women.
I am a happy, financially secure women
I'm a good women looking for the right men.
Gentleman, have respect for a women with class.
A women has the right to make reproductive choices.


'nuff said for now.

And a foot note:
Same as with the sun on the horizon, (where one can not tell if a day ends, or if a new one begins), all things are relevant to where one is standing at, and the viewing angle.
The same door swings "right" or swings "left" depending on what side of the door one is standing at.

And lets not forget, is always about the luck of the draw.
But then, is up to us to know when to hold them,and we have to know when to fold them as well, gracefully accepting our time and space limitations on this planet.

Best to all.