60Asheville, United States
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My self-summary
THIN, Non-Smoking, Non-Hunting, Smart, Healthy, Self-Respecting Women! ( the preceding sentence is a mutual time saver, Not an insult)

( I am ranked ENTJ for the Jung at heart.) My Cognition, Instinct, Sense of Humor, Sense of Honor, Creativity, Insatiable Quest for Knowledge are at the Helm. I was surprised how Inaccurate the OKC personality rankings were.
I am very clean & healthy (no meds of any kind/color for Me), Non-Smoking, educated, financially and emotionally stable, independent, autonomous, intense, moral, loyal, hard working, dependable, creative, very humorous, logical, scientific, high energy, blonde, blue eyed, 5' 10", 190 lbs. I do not hunt /fish, have no tatoos nor piercings. I NEVER watch team sports.
I am seeking a THIN, non-smoking (not even E-cigs), no dependent drinking, healthy, proud, moral, smart, classy lady to enhance Our life experience.
I like to communicate. Without Logic there can be no communication. I believe God made or is Nature, Religion is Synthetic. I have no problem with Good people who are comforted by religion.
What I’m doing with my life
I am searching for The woman I am waiting to see the Grand Canyon with!
Discarding clutter and enjoying the materialistic, physical and spiritual components of My being.
Basking in the Sun while swimming in a rising sea of non-sense.
I’m really good at
Metaphors, clarifying, sarcasm, & stimulating the funnybone.
Preferring solitude rather than hollow companionship.
Explaining the intangible.
Distinguishing fact from opinion.
Admitting if I do not know something.
The first things people usually notice about me
Blue Eyes. Quick wit. Very perceptive. Good at opening jars.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
I will not waste time with incorrigible fools, and those that lack mercy and honor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My cognitive inspirations: My parents, Kant, Kierkegaard, Sartre, Camus, Karen Horney, Freud, Carl Jung, Don Rickles, Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and the character James Bond. Of course a big honorable mention to the greatest teacher of all, Experience.
I appreciate when very smart super focused people take the time to explain things. I realize that it is more productive to spread knowledge to Sun drenched fertile areas than try to illuminate a dark cavern with a wet match. Not all people make lemonade out of Life's lemons, too many just become very acidic.
I eat, exercise & live very very healthy. I seldom drink alcohol but it's ok in moderation.
I love Indian & Mexican food. I do not eat seafood and Never will. My favorite music (mostly 70's) Jethro Tull, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Dregs, CSNY, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Waylon J., Hendrix, Bobby Sanabria Ascension, Santana, Joni Mitchell, ELP, King Crimson, Stones, and Motown.
Pulp Fiction, Deer Hunter, Training Day, Good Fellows, Top Gun, Gangs of NY, Rocky #27, Early James Bond films even though they are unpolished & a little hokey. Carnival of Souls (original) defines Eerie. Love the spot coloring over B & W in Sin City. Funniest line in any movie was in a Pink Panther flick.
Breaking Bad was the best series (any genre) I have ever seen. Seinfeld was the best comedy. Hell on Wheels, Boardwalk Empire. The Carbonaro Effect, Game of Thrones, O'Reilly The Factor, Judge Jeanine Pirro, CSPAN, Gotham, Ray Donovan, Homeland, Fargo, Vinyl, Billions, Big Bang Theory, Alaskan Bush People, I NEVER watch team sports. I do not find the loud cheering in a sports bar conducive to a soothing dining experience.
I never placed value in superficial hollow camaraderie. I do value at the highest level trust, love, loyalty and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
Six things I could never do without
Physical, mental health & strength. Creative expression.
The current updated manual for My pet rock!
Realizing that logic, standards, decency & morality can not be eroded with
clouding of relativism. ( News Flash: Cannibalism is Non-Sustainable.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How many 2nd hand thinkers there are.
When it comes to people talking, there is usually an
inverse relation to knowledge & volume (dbs)
How I usually know what a person is going to say, like a good Chess
player who is many moves ahead.
On a typical Friday night I am
Thinking that:

Being a Super Hero isn't what it used to be.

Too many People choose sides, rather than right from wrong.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I made it this far without You!
You should message me if
You are a healthy, non-smoking, smart, thin, great woman that deserves to be with a stable, fun, funny, considerate, intelligent, multi-layered, insightful, honest, strong, kind, loyal man.
The two of us