42Durham, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am an Artist I make arty things out of wood

I want to get to know other people, make a connection with some interesting folk who appreciate art politics food wine humour of an offbeat kind of way, you know the kind of person you might want to meet too, no axe murderers, psychos, the usual list of negative traits please fill in here! I would love to find a soul mate but I am slightly more realistic than that! I am happy to just connect with new people!

I have good points (well , I would say that wouldn't I). I hold doors open for people (is that a good point these days?), I can use a knife and fork, generally find my way without resorting to sat nav, I drive a car in a safe fashion, I hold a decent conversation . I am practical and trustworthy I have even been told I have integrity. I am an old romantic at heart cant do Christmas without Its a Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn. I built a house so you could say I can do DIY.

I can chat about everything even things you wouldn't expect (go on try me!) I have favourite teaspoons, I like tea , I have a slightly untidy nature, generally disorganised some might say (cruelly), I don't like paperwork form filling, bad drivers, people who have nothing to say, aubergines, eating fish with eyes and skin, people who are " bored" easily.

I don't make millions doing what I do, I don't want to, I want to experience life look at stuff, breath clean air, talk, live, I avoid places like the Metro Centre, I believe in love, trust and partnerships. Communication is essential, summer rain is fun to be in, wine is good to drink, gyms are not high on my agenda but being happy is best.

here endeth the sermon from this point I lapse into conformity yawn!

I am always, thinking, and therefore I am always an am (hmmm that makes nooooo sense but I am leaving it anyway!)

What has happened to general kindness and civil behaviour I am amazed by the number of really lovely sounding people there are populating sites like this. To this end I sometimes write a quite hello this is simply passing on a compliment, It used to be common practice you know as in "my your hair looks nice today" or " liking those shoes" or " you appear to have a kind heart" anyway I won't be passing you in the street to offer this so please dont think I am some kind of weird predator I am just impressed! Please accept it in the spirit it was intended and have a great day!

Thanks to everyone who has rated me highly. Sadly I can't see who you are so please drop me a line and say hi!
What I’m doing with my life
Most of the time I am creating artistic pieces out of wood and trying to sell them in galleries. In between these periods of artistic genius I try to live and experience things from holidays to the progression of nature through the year. I want to meet new interesting people to find out what they do, how they think, I am trying to learn new things from languages to understanding light.
I’m really good at
Doing stuff. Fixing things, talking, walking, using a knife and fork, sounding like I know what I am talking about, daydreaming, taking bad photographs, listening, being polite, exercising dogs, driving, looking at things, enjoying life, washing up, breathing, tearing my hair out trying to solve a cryptic crossword, drinking coffee, people watching .........

I could really go to town here

tying shoelaces, smelling, remembering my sisters name, buying milk, sitting in coffee shops, opening presents, knowing which way is up, recognising trees, do I need to go on?????
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea I generally forget to ask, Maybe my sartorial style, wit and humour.........erm........I can talk a lot I really haven't a clue.

What an odd egocentric question!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books about popular science fascinate me, Books about Art and sculpture work for me too! I never get time to read enough I like trashy spy novels, detective novels that kind of thing but I will read a newspaper when I can and also spend a fair amount of time looking at books or magazines that explain how to do something.

I love a wide variety of musical styles from Muse to Chopin, Jazz, Rock, Bach, I think I love classical music the best and always seem to migrate back to it over time.

As far as films I will watch most things I like a film you can come away from and discuss but on the other hand its great to go and loose yourself in a mindless blockbuster too I tend to keep sad films at arms length, there is enough misery in the world without paying to go and see more!!

Food yum! I like food mexican, thai, chinese, indian, french bistro, english pub grub the works just about not a winkle kind a guy squid leaves me cold but some langoustines yes please! all washed down with a nice bottle of something.
Six things I could never do without
I guess I could get by without most things but its nice to have some creature comforts. The ability to empathise with others is a nice trait communication skills and having arms to give sad folk a hug is pretty nice too (sounds soppy but I guess its just the way I feel) (I will edit it in a bit and put in monster truck racing or something so no worries)

My studio and tools
The ability to listen and be understanding
My Laptop/ phone and associated internet connection
Good company
Good coffee, crisps and Red wine (I class this as one thing ok)

Having looked back at this amended list I appreciate that some pedantic types could interpret this as being slightly over the six items suggested to you folk I say please feel free to contact me and discuss it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's next, the paucity of human existence, famine, war, greed, aliens, the gloom of the new government depending on the result, filling in stupid boxes, what to eat next, what time is it,

Crikey that lot sounded really miserable I think about good stuff too like where you get the best sticky toffee pudding, How cool are trees, how rainbows work, whether the dogs like the beach or the forest best, Which bottle to open next!

stuff, a lot of it similar to you probably (if you have got this far)

Edit Just shows how long it was since I last looked at this! after what seems like eons of the coalition lots of time seems to have been spent in despair at their bumbling incompetence (Tories please leave) edit to the edit this all still applies Lib Dems I am disappointed in you but will listen to your arguments. Labourites you too have some explaining to do I am not really that happy with you either! (feeling a tad disenfranchised ho hum)

Lots of time is spent thinking about different art (as an artist I guess I can loose myself in my own ideas regarding my work but its always nice to discuss things with others)

I seem to spend lots of time thinking probably too long but then I guess I need a considerate significant other to distract me the door is open.......
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something, thinking, discussing, drinking, eating, breathing, generally living life in one way or another, oh yes I generally find time to walk 2 Labradors, mainly trying to have a laugh ha ha!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am very good / bad (depending on your own personal viewpoint) at starting sentences without a capital letter) Oh and perhaps more importantly

I hate being on my own! I don't mean in terms of a long term partner just in general I like company I find being on my own isn't as fun as sharing things with people.
You should message me if
Congratulations you have reached the last box! You have my utmost respect for having made it so far! Did you resort to alcohol? did it take huge effort? Did you need a nap half way through? I accept this is a poor profile it couldn't be much else I mean what are words? How many differing meanings does each word have you can interpret this mess in a heap of different ways and never really get where I am coming from such is the disadvantage of reading about someone however if having read through this you are a) still awake and b) still mildly interested and you are up to a bit of e-mail tennis then please feel free to say hello, I mean, what's the worst that could happen you could be horrified or pleasantly surprised but you won't know unless you get in touch! Alternatively you may need to lie down in a darkened room and try to forget apologies if this is the case.
I look forward to hearing from you!
The two of us