37Pittsburgh, United States
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My self-summary
Building,remodeling,art,music,traveling,exploring,sewing,cooking,supernatural....passions. Ask me for details....
What I’m doing with my life
I attempt to be as eclectic as possible in life and try to keep my mind open and not hide in a comfort zone ,(metaphorically speaking...cuz who doesn't love getting comfy . )I remodel old buildings and homes and once in a while a work some band shows,as I worked for a very large music venue with well known bands for five years. Otherwise,I work on artwork,music and fill my time cherishing life and helping others when I can in the community. Sometimes, I want to simply sit at a coffee shop and sketch or read and drink coffee...sometimes I want to have an all night movie fest with food and/or cocoa....sometimes I want to sleep in a tent next to wild dogs and owls. Yep.
I’m really good at
Honesty,loyalty,communication,spontaneous adventurism....I try to be well rounded I guess... I'm really good at intelligent conversation.... remodeling homes....socializing....sewing and altering any through woods howling with my dog...camping and making my camp site look like some medieval wizard camp hahaha.....I can be nerdy for sure haha(yep I'm totally a nerd...but I'm wizardly ,so that's wise right!?) ( it is.) . I'm good at keeping those around me positive and smiling ,laughing and ...hmm yeah not sure what else to say....
The first things people usually notice about me
My style....I have an eclectic but well put together sense of fashion.....apparently....who knew?, im covered iheavily in well done tattooes ...(though I don't judge someone for having or having not) ... Ummmm that I'm confident....I'm comical and friendly. I'm intelligent....annnd that I'm a jedi master(and wizard) I suppose people notice that I am mature(trying to remedy that) and enjoy good converse,but also I'm super into fantasy and love making life an epic journey....probably that I have a very happy persona and like to laugh and playing with fire is kind of fun. (totally is)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any books/films/shows on vikings,Hagakure,books and shows on ancient cultures,spiritualism, reading about sacred geometry,Hp Lovecraft,blue grass,country, crust/death metal/black metal/post-punk/indie/folk/hiphop/grunge/90s/ music.....Indian/Scottish/Thai/Italian/Greek/Ethiopian/Chinese/Japanese food......willow/star wars/lord of the rings/workaholics/sarah silver man/Harry Potter/Eddie izzzard/Ernest/brotherhood of the wolf/pi/ the fountain/appoccalypto/Carnivale/the brothers quay/anything by jansvankmeyer ...such as Alice...or Little otik/pans labrynth/city of lost children/amelie/the avengers/lost/ancient aliens/coffee and ciggarettes/haxan/cabinet of dr.calligari/life equatic/puffy chair/waking ned devine/Dagon/cthulu/dreams in the witchhouse/indiana jones/sunny in Philly /harry potter/mad max/mirrormask/miss marple(old)sherlock holmes/twin peaks/stranger things/.....and so on. Music:Ralph stanley, kossoy sisters, bill monroe, Carter family,Earl skruggs, CCR,godamn gallows, bolt thrower/black sabbath/Caspian/dark throne/om/entombed/behind enemy lines/entombed/band of horses/avette brothers/at the gates/fleet foxes/decemberists/pj harvey/nirvana/die antwaard/kt tunstill/tayler swift/dark throne/the sword/black sabbath/neurosis/oasis/smashing pumpkins/baroness/kylesa/immortal/Wu tang/rza/gza/jedi mind tricks/riistityt/skit system/axegrinder/amebix/nausea/Tyler Ramsey/explosions in the sky/ on....wardruna
Six things I could never do without
Good friends/family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How many stale subcultures can fit into any given town whilst thinking they are the most authentic (not really...just sayn)...road I can sew and make out of unusual items ....the apocalypse?!......(hahaha)....making interesting foods...(or eating Indian food with chai annnnytime) drawing and fantasizing about the woods and what may be hidden I can actually become a super hero....(which...I already so ya know .......) in a cabin sometimes...(I do love the idea of finding a cabin somewhere close enough to the city that I could one day live in and maintain gardens and life.).... Scientific theories and discussing them...or the supernatural....big time
On a typical Friday night I am
Chilling at home after working hard maybe watching good films or TV and cooking,socializing,walking my dog,going to the woods,having a casual drink,reading.. I also am a huge I love board games and cards/dice games....epicness....etc......or...apparently sitting on this dumb site on this wonderful nice evening..shit. Aight peace. (read a book or something geesh!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm tough one.......I once did jumping jacks in gym class and my shorts just flew right off mid jumping jacks......yeah.....that was...great............played it off as though it was on purpose.......(you dont know could've been for all you know!) ....(you're the one still reading this profile here not me!) ;) nerd!
You should message me if
If youre not so easily intimidated that this section keeps you from emailing me! Intellectual stimulation is pretty alright. 👍You're not conceited ,not selfish,are honest,aren't an alcoholic but can appreciate a drink ,don't be shy I'm a friendly guy and impressed by you at least making an effort. Also if ya like board games,or to converse about life and supernatural experiences,or just like sitting and watching a good movie or sitting in the woods staring at leaves turn colors...say hey. But definitely...DEFINITELY ask me if my tattoos hurt....................cuz thats toooootally not something I get asked non stop.....oh whatever. (drops the mike...peace)
The two of us