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My self-summary
Someone asked the question of how long I want my next love to last:

Until the stars dim and say goodnight
Until the light in my heart snuffs out like the last flicker of a candle spent
Until the sea swallows my soul and carries me to the depth of a passion beyond this human frailty.
Until I see the tears of love in my beloved's eyes

I am an intelligent, curious, emotionally available, compassionate man, who is passionate about politics, sensuality/sexuality, alternative health and nature, especially the ocean. I love to laugh and its even better when I am laughing with someone else. Laughing releases all of these wonderful biochemicals and its sexy! Being in nature, around water (I am a cancer after all! lol) is essential to me. Eventually, I would like to live by the ocean so that my first waking connection to the world is the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. That would be heaven! :). I love the beach, traveling, foreign and domestic, music, ethnic foods, quiet moments and time spent creating a life with another. It is important for me to feel connected spiritually with my lover as well as emotionally and physically.

It all revolves around intimacy for me. Commitment to developing a sustained and sustaining relationship means being open to dive into the deep waters of not just sexual intimacy but rather soul or spirit intimacy as well.

I have found that when I reveal my heart to another and likewise when I am open and compassionate in receiving that energy back, I am at my best. I do my best work as a healer, a poet, a father, a lover and a human concerned with living my life in a integrated way. I have a keen interest and passion for healthy living, particularly alternative health. My knowledge base is pretty thorough here and I would like to share this interest with my partner.


I have realized recently that i would like my lover to be a muse for me. I want to be inspired to be all that I can be...what better way to get there than through love.

One of my favorite poems from Mary Oliver:
What I’m doing with my life
I am wonderfully involved in professions that care for others and help people become more aware of themselves and empowered to heal the traumas and pain of their past. I am also a father of four and am actively supporting my children as they turn into young adults who are launching their own lives (somewhat! lol)


What secrets lie in the breeze's butterfly kiss?
What spell is cast when the sea caresses the shoreline
so sensually that we cannot take our eyes away from its hypnotic dance?
What prayer is answered when your lover places her hand over your heart
while deeply dreaming?
What hope is awakened when you see your lover's eyes open in the pale light of a new dawn?
Only those willing to risk it all,
to lose everything
have the chance to know the secrets that lovers know.
I’m really good at
Everything! Ok, ok.. maybe a tad of an exageration here :)...I am not truly handy, but I give great massages, know how to express my feelings and can listen, truly listen to people. I come from the heart in most of my dealings with people and am authentic.

Things shift gradually in millimeters
Enough so that mountains can move
I stand in joyful stillness.
Waiting for my heart to tell me it is time to come home.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my eyes. People say that my voice is very deep and sexy when they hear it. I am always flattered and a little amazed at that. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Rumi, especially translated by Coleman Barks, Hafiz, Kabir,
Whitman, Oliver, Bly, John Lee. Movies run from small independent films to ones that move me in my heart. Out of Africa, Harold and Maude, Spartacus, Sessions, Love Actually, Enough Time, Shawshank Redemption all move me in one way or another.I love...I mean love music...especially live music in small venues. Jazz (Rick Braun, Peter White, Mindy Abair), soul (Marvin Gaye), r&b (Keb Mo), reggae (Bob Marley..I miss his wisdom and his heart), rock (Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor), Van Morrison, no one writes better than the Irish mystic, Joni Mitchell, incomparable, Jackson Browne, the Band...miss you Levon!), I have just rediscovered Laura Nero (what a musical talent!), classical, folk (Dar Williams), and world (Jai Uttal, Nawang, Wolfstone)
I don't watch that much tv but I have to mention The Newsroom, after missing the West Wing for so many years, its nice to see Sorkin back with such a quality show. Absolutely love Cirque du Soleil. FOOD...ethnic foods such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Mexican are all terrific!!!, but sometimes there is nothing like a wonderful jointly prepared meal with a woman who holds my heart with her smile and plucks the chords of it with her laughter.

Let your mind go and your heart and spirit sing of places deeper than the ocean and lighter than the air.
The six things I could never do without
Love, mangos, sweetness, laugher, integrity, compassion, friends, sensuality, the ocean, cherries, silence, music, ethnic foods, travel, communication (I know..I know its more than six)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
life, my purpose, delicious food, kissing, being in nature particularly my desire to wake up with my lover and be able to listen to the ocean as the first awareness of the day, alternative health, politics, my children, friends, POETRY, the joy of being loved and loving, the innocence of love, being petted.

Love is the answer to every question,
whether it has been asked a thousand times
or it still lies unformed in our secret hearts.
When we speak for love
we speak for the highest parts of ourselves
When we seek love
we seek to see divine energy in a world that had gone painfully to sleep.
When we taste love
we taste the fruits of passions not just of the flesh
but of the very stars that we are made from
When we fear love
we fear knowing the enormity of our souls
When we cry out in love
we cry for the joy of knowing our true Selves.
When love pours through us
we are the vessel to heal the world.

The Hug

The birds chirp quietly outside my window
The rain falls without heed to them or anything else
a silent patterning of dots and dashes across the lawn
I watch content to know that I am a part of this mosaic
a part of something much larger and grander
than I can quite get my mind around
I breathe into this knowing
sighing with the awareness that even though I am alone on this journey
I am not without love
Love for myself firstly
because that is the starting place of everything else
I don't know when I realized this
if it was in a lucid moment or in a waking dream
but it has filled me with a sureness and a calm
that helps me not regret but engage
not mourn but be hopeful
not struggle but be open

Truth be told though
sometimes it would be nice to have a hug
and to wake up to eyes looking back at me that smile for knowing and loving me.

A beautiful video of Rumi as spoken by Coleman Barks


Some Thoughts on Kissing!

If there is a kissing "hall of fame" I would hope that my soul would get honorable mention. I think that there are times when kissing someone dear, everything else slows down and time seems to stand perfectly still.

Under a Thousand Moons

I saw your face in the reflection of the silent water
A pure beauty in the crystal clear mirror of a moon brightened lake
The fish, unaware of this heart stopping moment,
jumped athletically out of the water
shattering the tranquil grace of the scene
Distortion rippled through the surface of the lake
breaking up your beauty into countless tiny fragments
My breath caught in my throat as I waited for the pieces of your face to reassemble
Time stood still under a thousand moons
On a typical Friday night I am
On my way home from my office, picking up Pad Thai and going to hang out with my kids or going to hear some live music in the park.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love ketchup with eggs...I know its harsh but true...:)

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” Mary Oliver
You should message me if
...are a non-smoker, are willing to meet me in the heart space, are not so concerned about material things (is that possible on Long Island?), would be interested in dating a man who is imperfect but openly seeks god (as in spiritual) in most of what he does, are open to leaving Long Island at some point, are not afraid to explore sensuality with a conscious man, know how to touch and be touched in a loving way.

Folks, this is a free site which means that you can write anything your heart desires...well almost anything. :) For those of you who can't go beyond a wink as a communication starter...think about it...what have you got to lose?

Take a risk,
ask for what you really want,
dare to speak the truth of your soul,
for a moment let your heart be free of fear
and breathe in the possibility of love.

Another way to put this is that I simply ignore "favorites", so if you want something more...give something more!