49Waltham, United States
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My self-summary
I am warm and wise hearted, sincere, bright, (but awesomely dumb at
times too), well read and traveled; reasonably sophisticated
yet also clumsy; curious, creative, open minded and
bright-eyed; scintillating and sybaritic, sensual, sincere,
grounded but cosmic too; gentle, generous, loyal, charming,
gallant, poetic and passionate (whoa, that's quite the
string of adjectives!) I appreciate the quirky and whimsical, honor
what is noble and wise, and delight in ongoing discovery, and
expanding connections with good people. I am working on
finding/achieving balance between that which is grounded,
purposeful, and productive, and that which is spontaneous in
the moment, fully present, yet not grasped. Needless to say finding
balance and highest purpose is an ongoing process, and I have
stumbled often- but always learn from that, and then, continue on
the journey!

To list a few things that ...move me, that call to go deeper, that
uplift, that ground, and center ( or help release the spirit from
limited, narrow realities, i.e. that which nourishes my life;
visual beauty, art, music, film, literature, strength
of mind, of spirit, nature and being in the natural world,
ideas (scientific, philosophic, aesthetic, practical,
spiritual, (but not too into the very cosmic/white light style,
however- while as a Buddhist, I am not into the whole
reincarnation idea so much as I am seeking how to live this life to
its fullest, and help others to do the same-if you know what i
mean), creative, political, mystic, well, all sorts of
ideas, obviously...), human warmth, people in all their forms and
feelings laughter, kindness, and connection; fearless
honesty, flexibility, spaciousness, justice, freedom,
dedication, gentleness, and strength.

I should also say, (full disclosure and whatnot), that I can
backslide all to easily and frequently into assorted behaviors and
cognitive patterns that are, to varying degrees, dysfunctional, or
otherwise undesirable, but now, wanting to make a good impression
on you , gentle reader of this profile, 'tis not the best time to
dwell on those, eh? Just needed to say something lest the above
paragraphs leave the tone here too ... serious, or pretentious, or
In that sense I will therefore also add to above list:
playfulness and naughtyiness, mischief and mystery,
fire, dance, deep waters, and "Whoosh!...Ahhhh....", bright
light. ***
NB also : Am a wee bit older than as listed above, chronologically but it is an energetic truth that I am younger than the calendar says- a few years back when started here, didn't want to be left out of search results because of age alone when otherwise might be quite compatible; now can't change that without starting new profile. If this still troubles you, please let me know!

If you are curious, take a look at my older online presence, at
http://people.tribe.net/john_odzer because there are some lovely things people wrote about me there, lol

I am enthusiastic, empathetic, and evolving
What I’m doing with my life
LOL- still have not responded to all the questions posed in this OK Cupid format, but from the old nerve.com/ personals, there is this to report, answers to the questions they used to have there:

The last great book I read:

(Oh this needs update-these were done long ago, for an 'earlier version of this 'personal ad') 'Dictionary of the Khazars' by Milord Pavic, which is indescribable; Isak Dineson's African journals; Alec Guinesses's 'My Name Escapes Me'; Thucydides 'Peloponnesian Wars'; W.G. Sebold's works, dreamy, moving and sad and beautiful;I've been delving into some post structuralist lit. crit. of late, for a class-it's dense, difficult, illuminating. Hummm, what else comes to mind from recent reading? Margurite Yourcenaur's "L'Oeuvre au noir"(in her translation into English, that is); The poetry of Edith Sodergran; The "Ramayana" in a freely translated version; some Icelandic sagas, which are amazing; Alan First's historical novels-OK, this list is long enough!

My most humbling moment:

Watching some of my most deeply cherished beliefs and dreams come crashing down all around me, and seeing what a naive fool I had been to look at what ought to be, rather than what is. 'We are dust in pain/The light shines through us/ as through wave-spray, dust of water breaking/ or the falling rain.' (Le Guin)

Favorite on-screen sex scene:

Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange in 'Rob Roy' comes to mind. Thora Birch and Wes Bentley (whose name I had to look up just now) in 'American Beauty'
Mmm, there are so many others� I like those in general where less is more, where the heat is subtle, and thus all the more potent, though roaring, over the top passion can be thrilling too, if it is filmed well.

The celebrity I resemble the most:
The painting above was done by an artist friend (indigo ray) who does impressionist portraits of the 'inner person' The view is atop Mt Everest (from photo taken by friend-I wasn't there at the time) standing at the summit looking north into Tibet.

The best or worst lie I've ever told:

Well, without being too philosophical here, I might say the most sneaky lie is 'ok, I'll try', because that so nicely sets up the chance/excuse to then not do it-or, as Jedi Master Yoda puts it 'Try not! Do, or do not! There is no try!' Oh well, I guess that was philosophical...

If I could be anywhere right now:

Some bucolic Italian countryside drinking wine and breathing deeply the redolent airs...or some beautiful city by the shores of a sparkling blue green sea. Deep in the woods, before a roaring campfire, under stars. Somewhere in Bhutan, some little temple perched on the side of a mountain, very ancient and holy...or wandering around in San Francisco or Paris, or New York? (or Hong Kong, or Barcelona, or...)

I like bold and unconventional ideas, the ability to toss up radical ideas or entertain those suggested by others, knowing they can be viewed as a maybe, pondered as possibilities, fun ideas if nothing else, and you will only be judged positively for bold visions, not critiqued on impractical or unconventional or 'are we allowed to have that much fun?' basis. Flexibility encouraged. Likewise resilience, getting the groove and staying with it, just want to give a shout out to that as well....
I’m really good at
Borrowed this useful notice from another profile- she said it quite nicely, thanks Coille_Selkie

"if I have visited your profile multiple times but have not yet messaged you it's because I believe you are worthy of a better message than I am capable of at that moment ...Feel free to start things off."
Six things I could never do without
Five items I can't live without: ( I cut and pasted this from an old Nerve.com personal

Books, furry creatures, fresh air, music, magic, warm bright people (Just to toss a few up)

Fill in the blank: _____ is sexy; _____ is sexier:

Form of body is sexy; Flow of energy is sexier!

In my bedroom one will find:

A mess of books and clothes, papers w/ scribbled insightful notes, journal articles I'm needing to read, sleeping cats, meandering air currents, flowering plants, luminous Buddhas.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Yes, that furry hat is not actually fur of any being known to exist on this planet, but neither is The Burning Man festival exactly located on this planet either, from whence the photo hails, 2011...
You should message me if
You are: bright, kind, playful, wise, and wonderful; unconventional...interested in the mind and the spirit, in being present in this body and this moment- but relaxed not rigid, (principled, but not heavy on judgments); courageous, wounded, uninhibited, healing, still adventurous, one who has learned hard truths but who will still take risks with the heart, someone still growing, a lover of truth and beauty in their myriad forms, of magic, and open to grace.
Oh that does sound a bit too ...good?

How about...

'"Seeks loud laughing, fierce loving, foot stomping dancing fire breathing pussycat goddess super vixen tantric yogini"!


"you stand inside me naked infinite love
the dawn bell rips my dreaming heart'"


~ ~ ~ ~
The two of us