34Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Who am I, really? For the longest time I found that so hard to answer. I find it a bit easier, now, so let's see...
I'm very analytical. Interpersonally, that means that I try to take everything at face value, and (sometimes stubbornly) refuse to deal in subtext. Sometimes I say things that I mean literally when I know that they might not be taken that way, just to spark a conversation. Speaking of which, I value a good conversation, sometimes to a fault. I'm happy to come up with alternative explanations or contexts, play devil's advocate, dig in or give ground, all to just talk. In all candor, some people really hate it. But some love it! So if you're similar to my friends, we'll be fine.
I work better as a partner or team member than I do alone. This applies to many things, like creative projects, or jobs I enjoy, or chores. It explains (but does not excuse) the shocking state of my apartment when I live without roommates.
I pride myself on being a kind man, the sort that can always be relied upon to give what help I can. I also absolutely hate insults, insulting language, and name-calling, the latter of which I find the worst. That being said, if it's clear it isn't meant seriously I find them among the funniest jokes.
I'm the sort of person who feels like they are perceived as much colder than they are. If that is a "sort" of person. But I feel deeply, and I'm a romantic, and my gestures feel grand even when they aren't taken as such. That is not to say some aren't unmistakably grand (See earlier comment on being a romantic).
I'm garrulous, erudite, quick, funny, intelligent and thoughtful, although my WIS score may be -1 or -2. I can think with my heart, sometimes to negative outcomes. But when I care, I care deeply, fiercely, and loyally. I can stumble into trouble easily, but identify what went wrong and how to make up for it very quickly and sincerely.
My primary goal in life is to find a partner to love, and with whom I will bring human pupae into their fully metamorphosed adult selves. Call that weird if you like!
I'm critical (often), intellectual (sometimes) and introspective (always). Extroverted, but the complete opposite of outgoing. A tough combination to live with. Interests skew strongly towards nerdy. LOVE to talk about, analyse, and share those interests; can become a geek at the drop of a hat. A person of ever-changing obsessions, will immerse myself in some cultural element (website, book series, tv show, comic books, etc.) and devour it relentlessly, until the next thing catches my interest. Unfailingly polite (often used as social armor when out of my element). Considerate and kind, except with myself. Hilariously unlucky at games of chance.
Occasionally, I can be kind of a spelling/grammar despot. And never quite happy with the way I describe myself, which makes me reluctant to contact people here, lest they read this and get the wrong impression.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Faraway lands.
How to stop procrastinating.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wasn't able to see the man in the moon till I was, like, 22.
Also I have a bit of a phobia regarding swimming in deep water, due to seeing Jaws at a much-too-young age (yes, even fresh water sometimes).
You should message me if
You like to laugh.
You can enjoy a feel-good song without irony.
You're willing to bet you can tell a better joke than my Nana (harder than you might think).
You're cool with the fact that I'm close to my family, and we enjoy sharing time together (if that sounds too cheesy, you're probably not for me).
You can sing (bonus points if you can give me karaoke tips; one million points if said tips improve my performance).
You like dogs (I don't have one but I'm pretty infatuated by my mom's/sisters'/brother's dogs).
You appreciate a guy who isn't afraid to use parentheses [correctly].
The two of us