38Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I've built a time machine. It doesn't work tho. I guess it doesn't really matter. Now is as good a time as any. Wouldn't be different anywhere else, and I wouldn't want it toooo. I'm a realist. I'm gonna bend it into some complex origami getting smaller and smaller, and paint it into a kaleidoscope corner burning at all ends well. Maybe a dragon or a unicorn? The walls struggle to breathe. They do and will continue in unison.. I meant to put only two periods..

Who wants to start a cult? We don't have to sacrifice anything. We'll just sit around talking about the weather and drinking coffee, go biking or hiking, take pics and get tattoos:) We'll have to have matching vests, that goes w/out saying. Wait, does that make it a gang? Maybe we can have a mascot like a raccoon, that'd make us a club? We'll get some walkie talkies too. What? Summary sounds like I'm done or something. Maybe I should add over-explaining things. I should start over, just rockin' it sounds better. I'm not deaf or anything, tho i can't imagine wearing earplugs. I will start rambling about nothing. For example...

I'm a ghost in a zombie.
I'm an alien and here to probe you? That was stupid:)
I've cloned a bunch of myselfs so I'm readily available at all times and locations for you.

Or maybe...
doing a lot of artwork and have been in a lot of shows. writing a lot and self-publishing books. I have a lot (is that too many a lots?) of tattoos and am always planning my next one. People tell me I have a unique take on it. I walk regularly. I think it's more meditative than running or biking. I collect records and like going to shows, tho I never think I see enough. I like playing cards w/ friends. It's kinda nice having a planned activity on a certain day. That can go for multiple things, but being spontaneous can be good too. Idk... Shoot away, I think it says I reply frequently? I guess it probably says that for every male on here.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently trying to edit my okc profile to be shorter (at least when I wrote this), but I keep adding things. Trying to eat healthy, exercise, be outside, walking my dog. he helps w/ all that. well not eating healthy, he really likes pizza. he walks around on his hind legs jumping if he smells any. also...more tattoos to get, being more informed about things, writing books. I currently have 11. I have some idea that I wanna start volunteering. I tried to donate blood, but couldn't because they couldn't find veins in my arms. Is that normal? Well I tried. That all sounds good right? ...and murder. Jk:) that would sound way funnier if I said it in person. I couldn't even kill a spider. They're too fascinating.

My whole place often smells like oil paint. It's ok, I like the smell.
I’m really good at
Figuring out a logical order to some amount of chaos, talking myself into or out of things, being polite, staying calm under pressure, following thru on what i say i'm gonna do, making bad murder or death jokes. Or maybe I'm bad at making good murder or death jokes. It depends on the situation I guess.

Wait, I shoulda just said something like...
The first things people usually notice about me
That i'm giving the silent treatment to my imaginary vampire friend, i'm partially see-thru, tattoos that apparently might not be real but don't seem to ever wash off, smiling too close to walls, my lazy and closed third eyes in the back of my head?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- my favorite book is perfume: the story of a murderer. I also really like fast food nation, and plastic: a toxic love story. Philip k. Dick's my favorite author. I like fairy tales- the brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, Aesop, Hans christian Andersen. Other authors I generally like- Oliver sacks, Neil degrasse Tyson, etgar keret, stephen king, William kotzwinkle, chuck klosterman, mary roach.

Movies directors: Quentin tarantino, Tim Burton, Alfred hitchcock, rob zombie, Darren Aronofsky, danny boyle. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie. I think this new one they're gonna make is gonna be bad tho. I like the hellraiser movies. All of them. Well except the last, that doesn't count. It doesn't even have Doug Bradley. What else. Lately I've liked American Mary, Weekend at Bernie's, event horizon, repo man, blade runner, plan 9 from outer space, the dark knight, fear and loathing in las vegas, shaun of the dead, night of the living dead, I guess I have a fondness for horror and/ or dark movies. Sometimes the cheesier the better:)

this next part is long, obviously feel free to skip over anything you want...
maybe i'll have to make a zombie movie w/ bill murray and johnny depp? they'll be brothers, but one is a zombie. maybe michelle rodriguez can be another sibling:) is that too much of an age difference? i guess it doesn't really matter. or maybe bill murray could be the dad who is a zombie. johnny depp and michelle rodriguez have to put him in a zombie home because they can't take care of him anymore. then a bunch of crying and arguing about money and not visiting enough. oh and some laughs along the way too. this practically writes itself. jk:) maybe there will be some wizards or sorceresses too. at least some mole people. and i'm not opposed to product placement/ endorsements. i'm thinking dodge and levi's? like all denim that is. and only some good dodges, a lot of like old dodge shadows. we don't get a shoe deal so no one is ever wearing shoes for some reason. maybe at the end it's found out the zombie retirement home is corrupt and ran by evil cyborg aliens. it's found out the mom was a witch and that's why johnny and michelle aren't zombies. maybe the mom could be too young. like maybe we could license to use dora the explorer or something. not a person acting like her, i mean using the actual animated character. they use their good powers to fight the evil aliens. they're from the future too, but they don't like it or being cyborgs is why they're set on utter destruction. also in the future we have trouble getting rid of the zombies because they won't stay dead. we send them to an uninhabited planet, but intelligent life quickly evolves but also have problems w/ the zombies. that's why so many are cyborgs. they hear stories about a time w/out zombies tho it was never true. later one of the good guys gets pregnant by one of the bad ones also. we have to leave room for the sequel, and who knows what will happen then. perfect. wait that could be the title- "just perfect." then "even better" could be the sequel. man was all that unnecessary

TV- it's always sunny is like the best show. well it's up there. the addams family too. then futurama, bob's burgers, brooklyn nine nine, fringe, married w/ children, I have some strange interest in the price is right also. I generally can't keep up w/ shows. I don't really like to have to watch shows one after another, I'd rather be able to watch a random episode from time to time.

Music- someone said something to the effect that ten percent to a genre's good. I think people label themselves too much to genres. Saying that I like- the cars, the kills, Hank 3, tricky, kid cudi, asteroids galaxy tour, pink floyd, aphex twin, nine inch nails, nirvana, jack white, the black belles, depeche mode, deftones, michael jackson, the rolling stones, guns n' roses, lacuna coil, in flames, janelle monae, rodrigo y gabriela, tv on the radio, cage the elephant, buddy guy, mastodon, queens of the stone age, early wu tang, the lonely island. I feel that wasn't as diverse as I was hyping it up to be:) oh well... the last time i saw cannibal corpse i broke a rib. that's fairly metal right? actually i wasn't doing anything intense, someone in close proximity to me was acting a fool and eventually got knocked over. he knocked over some people, i was close to this railing and just hit it wrong.

Food- cinnamon toast crunch is the best breakfast cereal. Idk why I felt the need to name drop there. as a last meal I'd do it party style, catered that is. Fruits and vegs, cheese and crackers, organic wine, maybe oktoberfest beer. Wait, coconut milk too.
Six things I could never do without
Pen, keys, sunglasses, radio, magnets, incense. I'm pretty sure I don't need air:) I mean it's alright.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The numbers behind things, spiders, which me is which, the color black, starting sentences w/ the word "it"
On a typical Friday night I am
Helping old ladies cross streets, rescuing cats stuck in trees. Howling at the moon and chasing my tail? Jk, I don't have a tail I promise. Chasing tales may be more fitting. Time keeps speeding up, and I try to stop and smell the flowers. I tell myself that at least.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I see treasure trolls somewhere, I'll probably buy them. Also furbies. I have a lot of both.
You should message me if
If lines cross, but don't have to. If nights tell shadows why not. If days are short and short all depends on perception of things that don't matter in the first place. If fragile eyes are about callous. It's always an if, and a yeah (probably not wrong).
The two of us