64Petaluma, United States
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My self-summary
if you voted for trump....please dont contact me,scammers no thank you
no smokers,no drugs....sorry about the
no can do list but it seems to be important

great version of WAKE ME UP by ASHANTI this crazy violinist...a real foot tapper
new favorite music FADO...... ALABAMA SHAKES...like janis-like muddy waters-like allman-outta this world emotion and brittany singing during the levon helm tribute was stellar.
wanna make quickmatch more interesting play some blues with bonnie raitt-take my love with you....eveyone is more handsome,more cheerful,more loving TRY IT
still treading water in the dating pool...ask questions.
pose hypotheticals.propose projects.contact this alien
life form-you might live to enjoy it!

plays well with others but can entertain myself....edith ann once said "i'm not bossy, my ideas are just better".even though i can make hash out of my life at times my friends and coworkers say i am a problem solver bar none.ready to see things in a new and creative light i am always willing to help a friend or loved one recharge their batteries when they are feeling low or have an untenable situation to deal with.not so much whistling a happy tune but teasing out a useful facet of the situation that was not so apparent during a stressful time.
What I’m doing with my life
finding out more about myself being on the old okc.which is great and cheaper than a shrink!busy being challenged by the economy..
working on being my old fit self more like my young fit self-anyone
nearby that would like a workout partner to drive the hamster in her wheel!or go for a hike... donated my horses' time last year to a handicapped riding program in golden gate park on saturdays,along with my riding sponsors,what a great program. i was so grateful to have the opportunity as i will get alot of
knowledge from working with folks who have given so much.
perhaps using some old skills to maximize earning potential so that i can compete in endurance rides again or travel to places i have dreamed about-west africa and the czech republic....looking to find a special man as friend and lover so we can work and play at being our best selves.someone perceptive enough to acknowledge that they arent finished
growing,laughing,loving and exploring and want to share all that with me.
I’m really good at
massage-2 yrs of study but decided i would rather work on friends,family and horses than as a profession.horse handling-same principals work with most humans-clarity,boundaries and keep it fun,artistic expression,love to cook-put together parties for others,keeping my composure when the things go south-then finding a solution or reduction in snafu...enjoying the journey bumps and all.watercolor,catching chickens,finding things...procrastinating.
The first things people usually notice about me
how did she know 'i,the dog,the horse,the child' was going to do that....how did she get 'me,the dog,the horse,the child' to do that.i always have hay in my pockets.i rarely do what people expect and they are usually pleasantly surprised.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
robert parker,larry mcmurty,carl hiassen,rita mae brown,b.kingsolver,biographies,sebastian junger....charlottes web
gladiator,my friend flicka-roddy mcdowall version,the piano
eric clapton,allman brothers,ella-janis-billie-amy-gaga,classical,
folk,some c&w,indigenous,rogers&hammerstein
some enchanted evening
take my love with you bonnie raitt
i'm no angel duane allman
any favorites you would like to share?
no liver and lima beans or too spicy
Six things I could never do without
great horse
well made equipment
a long trail ahead of me
balanced,irreverent,sensual partner to share with
friends to keep me honest
ford truck that runs
spare tire that works on truck or trailer seven
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how much i have learned about myself-that every question i ask someone here i ask myself and sometimes the answer isnt
a wonderful happy one.
what do i want to do when i grow up
how can i be a better person
what can i do locally that helps globally
If almost everyone says they are "totally willing" to meet face to face why is it difficult to fulfill a request for beverage and conversation?even though we may be a bit apprehensive about meeting someone for the first time...with the idea of an eventual sexual encounter-oh shit performance anxiety or visions of crazed fatal attraction episode but this second step (the first step was you guys put your friends picture up...the one who always got laid even if he didnt bring the booze)is to make contact with alien life forms....i resemble that remark...
Texts are fine but life is short..
Carpe diem.banzai.just do it.
Fortune favors the bold.
Where's the beef?
Here are some suggestions for that first conversation
Write notes on your palm-it worked for that 6th math test and you didnt get caught then.
Roll play with drinking buddies-make sure they dont send the video to you tube.
Most of you seem to have interesting lives filled with family,pets,hobbies,some regrets,some dreams....great topics for conversation.
I am a great listener.
I know i am anxious/nervous(not i need this desperately) about finding someone using this venue...certainly not as easy as meeting someone in school when we faced many of the same challenges and were not hardened by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
When i was in college my h20polo
teammates asked how come i always had a dance partner...i told them it was because i asked...pretty simple.what say you?
On a typical Friday night I am
Non typical...a book.a night hike to hear the evening sounds or check the night sky.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i may never grow up....secret admirer of the GIANTS!
You should message me if
You would like to meet an inquisitive person interested in less structured replies offered in okc question section. if you are looking for a partner,you are willing to share yourself with intention and tenderness,and keep your sense of humor and excitement about the future lets connect.as good at listening not just conversing so if my profle rings a bell,strikes a chord or catches you eye....take the next step.i will.joan
come join me in golden gate park for beverage and conversation...message me for specifics.i promise to be on my best behaviour.maybe ;-)
The two of us