41Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Well, I bit the bullet and took a look at some profiles of my competition out on this site. Oh, you poor, poor ladies -- it would all be rip-roaring hillarious if it all wasn't so sad. So, I will try in my small way to raise the level of sophistication of this community with my humble post.

I think I have done pretty good job achieving balance in my life. For work, I play with big databases of numbers -- connecting key trends and insights with marketing strategies to grow sales for a manufacturing company. To balance out my strong analytical side and all that sedentary computer time, I have developed a number of interests and hobbies over the past several years: completed yoga teacher training, went on many ski trips out west, improved my golf and tennis game, spent time gardening, experimented with juicing, traveled to music festivals, and more. I can be very serious and deeply involved with my work and varied interests, but you may not guess that given my relaxed, low-maintenance demeanor and playful sense of humor.

So while my work and hobbies will continue to develop and expand, it would much more enjoyable to share these experiences with someone special in a long-term relationship -- someone with whom I share a similar lifestyle and long-term goals.

Short of this, I am relatively new to the area, and meeting new friends, sharing a common interest, learning something new, or just getting out and being social would also be successful outcomes of this online dating gig. Who knows what could develop from there.
What I’m doing with my life
I sort of cover this throughout my profile.

With interests, sometimes people have the tendency to seek out too many similarities. While you certainly don't want someone who is the opposite of you, being too similar can be both boring and stifling. I think you need some amount of variance to allow space to grow together in the relationship, as well as have areas to call your own. Initially, as long as general themes are similar, that's fine.

For my general themes, I enjoy active vs. passive and outdoor vs. indoor. And I like learning and doing new things! There has to be some commonalities between us here somewhere! Examples:

ACTIVE / OUTDOOR: skiing, golfing, tennis, hiking, gardening, biking, running, hunting, traveling, exploring.

ACTIVE / INDOOR: yoga, pilates, jazz concerts, theater, juicing, cooking, reading, researching, googling, attending lectures, visiting museums, home improvement projects.

PASSIVE (prefer to do less of): watch TV, popular culture, being served, repetitive habits.
I’m really good at
Analysis. Listening. Observing. Cuddling and Snuggling. Being patient. Being playful. Being low maintenance. Being considerate. Being curious. Being present. Giving presents. Being independent. Being clever. Awkward pose, Camel, and Rabbit. Putting and Chipping. Flying down groomed black diamonds. Looking like a Japanese ham sandwich. Making my banana / strawberry / pineapple / yogurt smoothie. Vlookups. Snuggling and Cuddling. Not keeping up with celebrity and reality TV gossip. Unplugging. Self deprecating humor. Researching. Debating. Amusing myself. Did I mention I am a really good cuddler and snuggler? Being thorough.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my cheeks or my facial expressions -- it depends on what direction you are approaching me from.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS - mainly non-fiction -- philosophy, psychology, marketing, nutrition, instructional. Would like to read more fiction, but it is hard to find something I know I will like, and I have a pile of non-fiction books I have been meaning to get to. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is at the top of that heap now.

MOVIES - I enjoying going to film festivals and popping in on some small independent movie I know nothing about and being pleasantly surprised, challenged, or made to think. I typically don't care for the big budget, over-hyped, mass-marketed blockbusters. My favorite thus far is Will Not Stop There from Croatia / Serbia -- which somehow combined wacky, original humor, with dramatic action scenes, intertwined with a touching love story. Gosh, how ironic, that sort of sounds like my dating life. Also, ironically, one of the few mainstream movies I have enjoyed watching several times is Groundhog Day.

SHOWS - I would like to explore more of the many theaters the cities has. I like Shakespeare. I am curious about opera. I am too busy to own a TV, but have enjoyed watching Seinfeld, Charlie Rose, and live sporting events (e.g. The Masters) in the past.

MUSIC - I like modern jazz (The Bad Plus is one nationally known local band I really like) -- I have gone to the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal the last two years and had a blast. I go down to the Dakota and Bunkers, and want to explore other live music venues. Classical, classic rock, R&B, and hair metal (don't worry, if you are not into hair metal like I am, it's not a deal breaker). Anything with a good bass sound. I don't care too much about the lyrics (even though I sing along in the car a lot, the words often don't make much sense to me), its more about the instrumental. I played trombone through college in marching and symphonic band. I just bought and am looking to start playing the bass guitar.

FOOD - When I go out, I like to get something I couldn't easily make on my own (e.g. not pasta). Usually I prefer exploring ethnic restaurants, going healthy, or getting a real juicy burger with fries and a Guinness. I am pro-vegetable and would like to eat even more delicious veggies, but find small portions of high-quality meat tasty and nutritious as well. I do have a sweet tooth - two cookies with a big dollop of frosting sandwiched between them is irresistible. I do a lot of fresh juicing and make smoothies at home. I have also done some fasts from time to time to explore health benefits.
Six things I could never do without
1. My juicers
2. A radio
3. The Economist
4. Google
5. access to the great outdoors
6. a sense of humor
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Keeping my leg solid, concrete, lamp post, unbroken, no knee. How I am going to spend the remaining 2/3rds of my life. What I want to accomplish, what I want to spend time doing, what I want to avoid, etc. Theories on what makes for successful long-term relationships. Convincing myself how the Indians have a chance to make it to the World Series this year.
On a typical Friday night I am
There really isn't a typical Friday night -- I am open to anything that comes up. Maybe dropping in on an art show, and then catching the late yoga class. Meeting up for a bike ride or a little tennis, or perhaps getting in as much golf as I can until it's pitch black outside. Hanging out at the coffee shop, and then meeting up with friends to catch a movie or theater show. Making a pot of chili and a dish of cornbread for the weekend, with some vintage Miles Davis playing in the background. There is always a lot to choose from to do.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My license plate is OOBHAVE. I like to spread a little mirth and good clean fun around town to brighten people's day. It is not uncommon to see people in the car behind me mouthing out the plate name to themselves trying to figure out what it means, saying it to themselves and then having a hearty chuckle a few seconds later when they get it, getting the attention of other people in the car to look at the license plate, speeding up to pull beside me honking their horn with a thumbs up saying "nice license plate!", or even getting out their camera to take a picture. Haven't had anyone drive past and flash me yet -- but maybe an idea for you if you happen to see me out on the roads. Yeah Baby! It's definitely been worth the extra one million dollars a year to get the personalized plates.

If you don't quite get it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1lJFlB-89Q
You should message me if
I am looking for an All-American girl. Someone feminine, confident, and versatile. Someone who is just as comfortable dressing up for a night on the town as they are backpacking through the woods as they are working together on a household project as they are snuggling up by the fireplace on a snowy winter weekend. Bonus points if you are a Myers-Briggs NF.

Don't be shy about sending me a note if you are farther away -- if it's meant to be, it will work out somehow.

Or just send me a fun note with a comment on my profile or a comment about a movie, book, yoga position, Halloween costume, etc. you wanted to share.
The two of us