51Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I’m an ex-NYer who has been on the West Coast for twenty years although I sometimes still feel out of place in LA. I love the less densely populated environment here and I enjoy getting in my car and having adventures. I miss the socialness of New York: walking down the street and running in to friends. Luckily I get to go back a couple of times a year. I work in a food related field and I’m also an artist. I spend the mornings at the computer for work and the afternoons are free to work on art and creative projects. I worked as a health professional for over ten years but I'm not doing as much of that now.
I am moderately highly sensitive by psychologist Elaine Aron’s definition of high sensitivity. Go to hsperson dot com and take the self test to find out your score. I get along well with guys who have a degree of high sensitivity.
My “love languages” lean toward physical touch and words of affirmation. Go to 5lovelanguages dot com and take the quiz. Can you tell I’m into pop psychology stuff?! Actually, it’s all based on good science and I’ve found this stuff useful for understanding myself and the kinds of guys I’m attracted to.
If I was just looking for sex I’d be on a different site but, sex is pretty important to me so, you might as well know that I’m a versatile top who loves to make out and wants to have a robust sex life with my partner. Vanilla is nice and my goal is to be making love, but kink is great too, so hopefully you are adventurous. I can be quite romantic, silly, sweet and goofy.
I’m not a jock by any means but I do like to stay physically active, go to the gym, hike and ride my bike. Would like to find someone who likes to hike.
Cant’ believe I’ve gotten this far and haven’t mentioned thrift shops. A perfect day for me would be a drive to the San Gabriel foothills for a hike, dim sum lunch in San Gabriel Valley and a stop at a thrift shop.
I’m very frugal and love deals and sales.
What I’m doing with my life
Working on two kinds of creative projects: works of art and handcrafts. Making some money in a right livelihood occupation in the food world that allows me to have time for creative work. Tending to my emotional well-being.
I’m really good at
finding good deals, discovering ethnic restaurants, restoring things, exploring the city. Communicating.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I'm quirky and a bit eccentric but also very grounded and calm. And I dress nicely.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books on art, architecture, photography; vintage interior design books, commune cookbooks.

Soul music, disco, vintage jazz singers, kooky easy listening. I have a huge collection of vinyl records. I used to have a regular DJ gig at a hip hotel. I like luxuriamusic.com

By shows, I suppose okcupid means TV. I don't own a TV. If I did I would watch Antiques Roadshow and Hoarders. I listen to radio shows. I like "On the Media" on NPR and Democracy Now on Pacifica. I listen to the news on NPR every morning. But I can't stand that show RadioLab.

Don't see too many movies but I do like some foreign films and vintage films. Especially like Japanese films (anything by Nagisa Oshima), early Altman films, British comedies. I like to go to Goethe House to see films because it's near me, cheap and they show interesting foreign films in a small theater. I can be a little agoraphobic when it comes to big, crowded theaters.

Food: Chinese (especially in San Gabriel Valley), Japanese, Canter's, Musso and Franks, healthy food. The ambiance of a restaurant is as interesting and as important as the food. At home I cook all kinds of things but not much meat. Some, but not much. I make a batch of vegetable juice pretty often. I eat/drink kefir every day. Food is pretty important to me and it would be nice to find someone who is broadminded and adventurous about food.
Six things I could never do without
There's nothing I truly need except food and water and shelter. Earplugs help a lot. Sometimes I fantasize about living with much, much less than I have.
I'll answer this though, with a desert island discs list (will add albums one by one as I think of them):
Lonette McKee: Words and Music
Family Fodder: Greatest Hits
Nina Hagen: NunsexMonkrock
Dory Previn: Mythical Kings and Iguanas
Pretenders: first album
On a typical Friday night I am
wondering if I will spend Saturday at home working on projects, or get out for an adventure that typically involves "ethnic" food, an estate sale, a thrift shop or a hike or some combination of those things.
You should message me if
You love sex and believe in maintaining a robust sex life with your partner. You enjoy being social and going to events with a guy you are dating, but also, doing "just the two of us" stuff. You have a sophisticated side and an earthy side. You are natural and unpretentious. You've done some work on your emotional well-being and consider yourself to be on a healing path. You are politically left/progressive,“alternative”. You like your family
You are a gardener, scientist, health care worker, artist, or in some other “right living” career. You return calls, email or text within 24 hours.
You are affectionate, sweet, friendly and polite.
You are financially prudent/not in debt, or at least not too much debt.
The two of us