46Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
***Before you respond please take the time to read my profile. I probably won't respond if you're less than an 75% match as having compatible values and politics is really important to me. Also not interested in dating people already partnered up with others. Good luck out there!****

In Seattle a fire with a cruel sense of humor destroyed a city known for flooding and they rebuilt right on top of the bones of the old buildings. Now you can take underground tours. Always with cities that have crumbled we have to make choices. To root out the evidence of what has been there before, to bury it and build right on top of it or to find the parts that are strong and make them the bones of who we are now. Right now I live in Oakland on top of what used to be a refuse heap of sorts. The bald heads of old rubber tires buried in the harbor behind the building where I live peek just above the surface of the sand. The wind off the water threatens to substantiate rumors about a superfund site. You can’t plant anything edible unless you bring in your own soil and put something impermeable between you and the ground. Wherever we walk time has buried cities lost to wars and flames, booms and busts. And beneath us are vestigial selves too that have outgrown and narratives broken by . So in the I sit here looking at my glib okc page which I constructed close to 10 years ago and which has only undergone a few superficial changes and wonder what to salvage and what to leave behind.

The ruins:

Radical Leftist. Anti-racist.

Like most other people I am engaged in my own personal revolution against a self simultaneously savaged and wooed by Madison avenue. I believe most of these profiles should be red-tagged for irony violations and closed until the appropriate repairs have been made and fines levied in the amount of a whole lot of soul-searching and renovation.

update: Soul-searching and renovation in progress.

I am this and that, that and this, and the other
What I’m doing with my life
Listening to people tell me about their mothers,noodling on the guitar, writing, reading, politics, Marxism, Free Radio Santa-Cruz, indy-media, Donna Haraway Emotional alchemy, Vintage Clothing, Philosophy, Plotting Revolution, Feminism, Cocktails, Gin Mutual Mental Retardation punctuated by moments of brilliance, True compassion, Birdwatching, Gender, Primatology, neuroscience, neurology, psychology, Laying in a field watching [[shooting stars, making up birdcalls and then recording them. Being kind to you even if you annoy me. Making messes and sometimes cleaning them up (this all makes me sound much more exciting than I actually am))
I’m really good at
Listening to people tell me about their mothers, painting, reading, politics, Marxism, Alchemy, Vintage Clothing, Philosophy, Plotting Revolution, Feminism, Cocktails, Mutual Mental Retardation punctuated by moments of brilliance, True compassion, Birdwatching, Gender, Primatology, Laying in a field watching the shooting stars, Necking and heavy petting.
The first things people usually notice about me
I bump into things. I can converse about anything. My legs are longer than the list of lies the Bush administration {update: Obama administration} had been telling us.
Six things I could never do without
Books, something to write with, birds, dissent, bodies of water, gin and tonics.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Amy Goodman and Karl Marx and whether men and women can really get it together and make something workable of this life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Waiting for you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I saw two giant moths make love at night on the Amazon River. I leave crumbs in the sheets. I supplement my deficient Serotonin.
You should message me if're comfortable with complexity, you have a slight artistic bent, you are desiring of love, you have at least one eye open on what's going on in the larger world, you're compassionate, you have friends in all sorts of different places, you're intellectually curious, and, okay are capable of wielding maybe just a leetle irony to wash your sincerity down with and feel capable of dating someone who experiences a little ennui now and again.You are good peoples. Fascinating peoples. Preferably both and in that order. I am looking for people who can converse about anything. Eccentric geniuses who can't walk down the street without tripping but are writing manifestos which may never set foot outside of a desk drawer. Ideas. Inspiration. Talk. Good conversation, for me, can be as intimate and gratifying as sex. If your idea of a good time is reading with just the tips of your toes touching someone else's, if you can speculate and debate endlessly about how much of human nature is socially constructed and how much is soft-wired (and then concede that I'm right, of course!), if you are like me only your memory is better, if you are just as happy walking in the woods as hosting a cocktail party, if you will not make me feel bad if I am perpetually losing my keys or getting lost, if you know where my keys are, if you profess to appreciate irony but in private you laugh at shows with names like "Pets do the darnedest things", if you're not afraid of silences, if you can be 'real', if you can you can appreciate me as an object 10% of the time and as a person 90% of the time, if you think life is pretty ridiculous in concept and are a teensy-bit afraid of the void but, HEY, we're here aren't we so let's do it like weasels. Then you should send me a message.
The two of us